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Jennifer Croft
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May 13, 1993

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Caribbean Assassins

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Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Purge (present day)

Jennifer "Jenny" Croft (born 13 may 1993) is an Assassin living in modern times. She is a descendant of the Templar-turncoat Eric Rackham and in 2016 relived the memories of his ancestor using the Animus for kidnapping by the Abstergo Medical.

Early life[]

Jennifer Croft was born May 13, 1993 in the outskirts of Dublin in Ireland. Unlike his brother Jennifer remained in the parameters of the law while his brother Edward Dust that he had taken the surname of the mother raised her as a criminal fate. Jennifer was less than two years to Edward and when she was still very young his mother had taken her and her brother traveling to America to escape his father that he was a violent man. Jennifer grew so without a father raised by his mother and his brother. In 2002, Jennifer's mother remarried another man that Jennifer did not like at all. Jennifer on the other had a good education. In 2007 his brother ran away to California and Jennifer suffered much for this but bethought realized that Edward had to follow his path. Jennifer ensued studies such as computer science and in march 2016 he graduated and two years after taking a job as a researcher in a office.

Abstergo Medical[]


Jenny has always played very well his work as in the office at the headquarters in City of the Messico, however, as he felt something in the air. On 3 September 2016, Jennifer left the office and went to the parking lot where his car was. Jennifer opened the car door and got behind the wheel, after putting in motion Jennifer drove for a road to his house. At one point Jennifer felt something strange in the machine like a wheel jumped and ruined the car heavily. The car went off the road picked up a stone and flung into the air by rolling several times. Jennifer took several shocks and blows to his body up as the car finally stopped. Jennifer hurt and upset he lost consciousness. After a bit 'in no conscience, Jennifer opened her eyes. He saw the face of a man. "You made us take a nice" scare the man said. Jennifer did not understand and immediately stood up looking but immediately took great pain to the whole body. Jennifer wondered what had happened to him, and then he remembered the incident like almost dead. Jennifer wondered where he was and the man told him he was inside a building called Abstergo Medical in Tulum.

Mark Danes

Jennifer asked why she was there. The man said he was there for rehabilitation, but for another reason. Jennifer also told him to tell him the other reason but the man said that everything would come in due course. Jennifer spent the next week to recover from the accident, however, the man who was with her was called Mark Danes and September 31 last came the second reason why he was there. Jennifer was called the same day by Danes and told him to follow him. Jennifer on a wheelchair followed Danes for a lift. Danes led Jennifer to a private room, at a table sat the office altogether Director: Jaye Verdict. Jennifer stepped forward by Danes to Jaye, the two shook hands as Jennifer suffered Nonsi trusted Jaye. Jennifer asked the man why he was there still, she had come to care so why still held there against her will. Jaye told Jennifer to calm down, she was important was the key to keeping the Abstergo Medical. Jaye explained that the company was about to be closed by November of that year, and they had to stop it due to Jennifer. Jennifer asked how she could help her in this. Jaye said that Jennifer would have relived through a machine the memories of his ancestor who had exercised a Piece of Eden during the 18th century. Thanks to that could stop everything would have from the closure of Eden and would have a result more from their side. And then Abstergo/Templars needed funds and could not afford to quit.

The Animus[]

Betty Clark

Jennifer was stunned by his words and tried to say something but could not, Jaye said that tomorrow would start with work and then they would be seen but for that moment would have been a prisoner. Two guards took Jennifer strength and took her away. Jennifer was put in jail, and now he could even walk again. Jennifer was upset and confused about what had happened. The bastards were keeping her there against her will and moreover should have work for them! Jennifer could not believe it and then decided to rest a little. Jennifer that night he slept little and badly and woke up the next morning, a guard took the force and took her aside. Jennifer tried to resist but it was all useless. The guard left her in a room with a man in a white coat and a nurse's. The doctor introduced himself called Ali Thespian while the young woman was Betty Clark. Jennifer sent to hell Thespian and he laughed and said not to complicate things as if they were already. Thespian told him that now he would have explained a bit 'the Animus. Thespian so he said that the Animus was able to revive the memories of their ancestors through the DNA of the subject is that reproduced them. Jennifer would have to relive the memories of his ancestor lived in the Caribbean about 300 years ago. His ancestor's name was Eric Rackham. Jennifer was made to roll out Animus and began to relive the memories of Eric. Jennifer relived the early years of Eric filled with pain, anger and shameless for his father as he died. Jennifer also saw the meeting between Eric and Mr. Charles and how Eric became a puppet of the Order Templar and was made to train like one. Jennifer relived the first murder of Eric, as Philippe François de Bullion, Claude Gaultier, Chevalier de la Vérendrye and Edward Read. Jennifer saw how Eric ruthless and stupid in taking control in this way by the Templars without knowing anything of the ideals of the two factions as indeed was the same for Jennifer. Jennifer was made to exit the Animus as well as for that day had ended, she was made in his room and spent the rest of the time in there to think about what he had seen. Unbelievable!

Second Day[]

Jennifer October 2 was made to call as he had spent the day before in the cell without doing anything, and the guards had given him only to eat. A guard entered the cell and told him to follow him but Jennifer did not move, the guard took her forcefully by the arm but she gave him a punch in the face and then grabbed his arm and crashed to the ground. Jennifer was struck by what he had done as if it was already a feeling that had been made. Jennifer saw two more guards enter, a guard tried to take it but she gave him a punch in the face and then was blocked by the arms of the other guard. Jennifer kicked him in the balls to the guard and it fell to the ground as he screamed a little. He entered a fourth guard with a stick and slammed him face to Jennifer, she went dizzy and was taken to the Animus room quickly. Jennifer was incurred linked Animus and the last thing she heard was Thespian say "Upload the sequence of memories". Jennifer found herself in a city like throwing up against a wall in Eric. Was in Nassau to spend a hangover,

The modern Caribbean Templars

Jennifer relived the memories of Eric where he killed Mr. Thomas and Carlos Blanc. Jennifer did not understand how Eric at that time could never do what he was told the Templars and was amazed to still have not heard anything about the Pieces of Eden. Jennifer confusing thing she wanted from the Templars, maybe train her as an Assassin, but for the Templars as its ancestor. No! She would never become so, working with the Templars better to die. Jennifer relived the memories where Eric went to the Brotherhood of Assassins going to Great Inagua and how he stayed with Concord that was the new Mentor. Jennifer also relived the decline of the Brotherhood as they lost possession of the fruits of Eden and the death of Concord, and the immense pain of Eric. Jennifer was eventually dumped Animus. Thespian helped her out gently with Betty. Jennifer jerked, a feeling, that the Thespian pushed and hit in the chest. Thespian fell to the ground and called Betty alarmed the guards. Jennifer did not understand what had happened to him and began to speak in Spanish (one of the many languages ​​he spoke Eric). When Jennifer saw he was shocked. The guards went roofs lean against as one of them was strangling her from behind. She beat him in the stomach and then ground, she turned to the ground with his leg and dropped another guard. Another guard tried to beat her in the head with the stick, but she cut him off his arm and punched him in the stomach. Jennifer stood up on the floor with the guards who had defeated, around her there were other guardians who pointed their rifles. They took it and brought it to power in his cell. Jennifer did not understand anything and at some point he saw a hallucination of Eric standing in front of her. Towards evening he entered his cell Jaye Verdict. Jaye said to Jennifer, who had done much damage and what he should do with her. "Kill me, so I will not become your slave" the Jennifer said. Jaye said that she would become you or not. Jaye left the cell and Jennifer went to sleep.

Final Day[]

Angelica Concord

The next three days passed without that Jennifer did anything just to eat and stay in his cell as he had more than Eric visions fighting French soldiers. October 6, Jennifer was brought back into the Animus room, there Thespian who was still mad at Jennifer told him to enter the Animus. Jennifer, however, said he first wanted to ask a few questions, Thespian told him to speak. Jennifer spoke about visions and voices that felt and how he had learned the fight and could not speak in Spanish. Thespian said there was a side effect caused by too stay Animus called Bleeding Effect. Jennifer was impressed and after he entered the Animus. She was afraid. Jennifer relived the memories of Eric how he had killed Shalin Yangming, Francesco Malfetti and how he rebuilt the Brotherhood. He testified his trip to France, the murder of Augustin Rouen and his last days. When Jennifer came Animus saw armed guards everywhere who aimed against guns. Jennifer said that eventually the Templars had not found what they wanted and now the Abstergo Medical would be closed and everything would fail. A woman passed between the guards and said it was also over for Jennifer, the whole world knew that Jennifer had died in that accident and Abstergo Medical her had brought her here from them so Jennifer did not exist for the world. Jennifer completely shaken by those words and fainted. Jennifer slept. When he woke up he was 7 October.


Dipper Franz

Jennifer waited in his cell until October 10. That day Jennifer was in his cell when he entered the room a black man dressed in black, he had a gun in his hand and was covered in blood on the clothes. Jennifer asked who he was and the man said that there was no time for explanations, and that was to follow him if he wanted to get out of there. Jennifer even if he did not trust the man followed, the hall came out 6 Abstergo guards. The man fired on four guards while Jennifer beat a guard in the face and then threw it against the wall. The other guard was about to hit Jennifer but the man stabbed the guard in the back. Jennifer saw that her rescuer had a concealed knife. Assassin! "You are an Assassin," said Jennifer reportedly stunned man. The man said it was true and that his name was Dipper Franz. They entered the elevator and waited to go down in the parking lot. Dipper pulled out a concealed knife and handed it to Jennifer, saying it knew that the use very well if it was the Animus. Jennifer took the knife and put it. The elevator stopped abruptly. Dipper swore and opened strongly the elevator door and told Jennifer that they would continue on foot so it was not long. Three guards emerged from the corridor, Jennifer jumped at them and stabbed one in the throat. Dipper shot in the head on one and then Jennifer grabbed the last and held it up in the air and then throw it on the ground. The two went down the stairs and went into the parking lot. 10 guards came out were all armed with electric batons and guns. The guards ran on Jennifer with the stick, Jennifer lowered, rolled it up again and then stabbed the guard side. Another attacked her, but Jennifer blocked his wrist and used his body as a human shield on a guard who shot him. Dipper extended his hidden blade and cut the three guards chest then kicked a stabbed another under the chin. Jennifer extended its blade hidden, parried a shot and then planted the knife in his chest to the guard. Dipper grabbed a guard by the shoulders and threw it on a machine. Jennifer was hit in the back by a stick and the last guard came from behind to finish it. Jennifer, however, gave a kick to his shin, got up and stabbed him in the chest. Dipper took a car we went up and ran from the building.


The Caribbean Assassins

Dipper led to the refuge of Assassins and while traveling in the car Jennifer rested and thought back to their escape. He had killed people. He was only 23 years old and already a murderer, Jennifer was hoping not to be never become but instead it was and something told him that it would not end there his misadventure. Eventually they arrived at the shelter and went for it. The two entered the shelter that was sort of building that looked abandoned instead was working and just outside the city of Kingston. Dipper made its way to a large room where a man was in a wheelchair to a computer. Dipper presented briefly to Jennifer the boy who was Zachariah Oneco. Other men came out like Dipper offered them as the Neon-gang consists from Beatrice Streisand, Ethan Homecome, Yusuf Acre and Meryl Toast-Rock. Dipper showed how a few other members who all had about a 30 people. Jennifer Dipper asked what would happen to her now. Dipper said that if you wanted you could always join the Assassins, Jennifer said that the Templars did not like because they wanted to control the world. Dipper explained to Jennifer that the assassins instead defended this freedom and wanted by all means to stop the Templars. Dipper asked Jennifer if Jennifer was on their side, but there had to think a little before accepting. Dipper told him to take all the time he needed. Jennifer spent time socializing team members and understanding the purpose of the Assassins and the Assassin-Templar War. Here Beatrice and Oneco thought to them, with whom Jennifer was particularly fond of. Oneco was gay and Ethan's lover, that did not scandalize Jennifer for nothing. Jennifer agreed with many of the Brotherhood's principles and was sure to be an Assassin. On October 12, 2016, she was ready to enter the Brotherhood. That night all Assassins found themselves in the main building lobby to start Jennifer, the Order. Jennifer entered the room as all Assassins put his arm on his chest as a traditional method while Jennifer approached Dipper. They marked the left ring with the Assassins symbol after having received it verbally. Jennifer was finally happy to have found an important purpose, she hoped out and waited for her first mission.

First Mission[]

Abstergo Industries

In November 2016, Jennifer was commissioned as his first mission to infiltrate a suspicious Abstergo Industries building where they were doing something and the Assassins wanted to find out what, in the city of Washington. Maybe the Phoenix project. Jennifer traveled by plane to the city and finally came to the Abstergo building area. She walked around the building, seeing that there was a fence, making Parkour climbed over the fence and hid behind a box of room, Jennifer picked up the cell phone with which I would hack the cameras. Jennifer left his hiding place, put his hood and went to the service door on which no one was on guard. She tore the door and then walked into the building. Jennifer found that he was in the semi-basement, and saw a ladder he had to bring upstairs. Jennifer walked into a corridor to reach her, but after two steps he was attacked. Jennifer found himself on the wall with an Abstergo agent who blocked him, Jennifer kicked him in the chest and the agent fell to the ground, Jennifer extended the hidden blade and stabbed the man in his throat. Jennifer hurried down the stairs and came to the ground floor. Remaining hidden, he saw several guards around. There was something big there that was safe. Jennifer saw a lot of white-collar men climbing the upper floors and there Jennifer knew he was standing on the floor. Jennifer stealthily walked through the area and walked through the corridors stealthily, every time he met someone Jennifer killed or stunned him and then put him in a hidden place.

The laboratory

Eventually, Jennifer came to the entrance of a large lab and saw that there were a lot of people around, Jenny walked openly into the lab and found about 6 scientists and 2 Abstergo guards. Jenny stabbed a guard at his chest and then flipped across the face before he could take the electric stick, the guard rose again to dodge Jenny's blow and then hit the stick on his side. Jenny took a step back, but then grabbed the agent's arm and stabbed him to the abdomen. Jennifer closed the door and took his gun pointing at the scientists and asked him what they were doing. Nobody said anything. Jennifer shot in the face of a scientist, and then said that if they did not say what he wanted, he would kill all of them one by one. Jennifer killed another. In the end a woman told Jennifer to stop her but Jennifer said she first wanted the purpose for which they were there. The woman started talking but a scientist grabbed a gun and was about to shoot him. Jennifer killed him, then pointed the gun to the other two and put them on the wall, and the woman began to say they were working on the Phoenix project. The Phoenix Project is an initiative by Abstergo Industries, with the aim of sequencing the triple-helical genome of the first civilization and exploring the genetic memories encoded inside through Animus. The project began at the end of 2013, following the death of Sage John Standish. After examining her body and discovering the DNA precursor, Abstergo sought to identify the genetic registers of both the past and present Wise, to use their high concentration of first-class DNA as a basis for the cloning of the return of the ISS. They also hope to better understand precursor technology. The leader was Carlos Alvarado along with Álvaro Gramática, a member of the Inner Sanctum and the kidnapping of Griffin Hynes in 2014. Jennifer was pleased with what he had learned and thanked the woman. Soon after, however, Jennifer heard the barrel of a gun on his head and heard a voice threaten him, Jennifer snapped open the gun barrel and threw it away, instantly squeezed the hidden blade and stabbed the man in his face. As the man fell Jennifer saw other Abstergo agents armed with rifles and guns ready in front of him to face him. Jennifer did not think of a second. He threw a smoky bomb and as the shootings filled the room, Jennifer ran fast to the window and made a Jump of the Faith. Jennifer landed in a dumpster and then fled the area to hurry back to the Assassin Den.


Henry Liman

Jennifer on December 2, 2016 should have killed Henry Liman, an acquaintance of Alvarado and deceased Warren Vidic. Henry Liman was one of the primary sponsors of the Phoenix project without him being a tough hit. Jennifer had a kind of list of Templar members to be removed, including Juhani Otso Berg, Kendrick Godwine, Violet Da Costa, Melanie Lemay, Carlos Alvarado and Angelica Concord. On December 2, 2016, Henry Liman had gone to an Abstergo branch office in Mexico City for a meeting. That day Jennifer was there. She went to the Abstergo building to kill Liman and accompany her there was Mentor Dipper Franz and Ethan Homecome. The mission was quite difficult but in 3 Assassins they could do it. The 3 Assassins went to the Abstergo building. Jenny, Dipper and Ethan ran acrobatically between benches and bins all over the city until they got to the building. The place was completely guarded and the three went back where only 2 guards were. Ethan walked over to them and then threw a smoky bomb. With the favor of smoking, Dipper eliminated the two, Jennifer buried the door as Ethan was looking at. In the end the door was sold out and the three entered. They walked a little for the corridors until they got to the elevator. They entered and pressed the button 8, the floor where the meeting was being held. Eventually the elevator came to the floor 8. When the doors opened in front of them there was a researcher, the man tried to give the alarm but Jennifer stabbed him to his throat and deposited it on the floor. The three Assassins proceeded quickly to the floor corridors killing anyone they met. They came to the door of the room where the meeting was held. Ethan extended the hidden blade. Dipper prepared his rifle. Jennifer took the hidden blade. Ready. Dipper broke the door, Ethan ran forward and killed a guard as Jennifer did the same. Liman was standing with other Abstergo executives. Dipper fired at random by killing 4 of them, Ethan attacking two guards as Jennifer walked toward Liman. Liman's guards came forward, blocking Jennifer's step. Jennifer removed two knives and threw them to the guards, the knives stuck in the chests of the guards falling to death ground. Dipper killed two more guards as Ethan did the same, the last guard attacked Jennifer. Jennifer dodged all the shots and stabbed him to his chest. Liman took a gun and fired for Jennifer, but only hit the guard guard that Jennifer was using as a human shield. Dipper fired on Liman's hand, letting him lose his gun. Jennifer fired a hand at Liman. Liman retreated, but then turned his punch. Ethan made a leap to Liman and kicked him in his chest and sent him against the wall. Jennifer took advantage of it. She stabbed him straight to his throat, killing him on the blow.

Assassin Cell[]



Kevin Rockson

After the Liman's assassination, the group escaped from the building and returned to the shelter. Dipper then took off Jennifer and told him that he had a major mission for her and Jennifer asked what. Dipper told him that there in the Caribbean, Assassins were stable, while in other regions of America, the Assassins were little or nothing present. Dipper told Jennifer he was supposed to put on an Assassins cell-team to hinder Omega's project. Jennifer said she was right for her. Dipper told Jennifer to go to Phoenix, Arizona, there he would find a lone Assassin named Michael Hanlon, a former Dipper friend who had been trained together. Dipper said he could form a team starting with him and Jennifer thanked him. On December 27, 2016, Jennifer took a ferry to New Orleans and arrived the next day. Between December 28 and 30, Jennifer took a car and traveled with some breaks to Phoenxi, decided to reach it. On December 31, New Year's Eve, Jennifer stopped at a service station to eat something. Jennifer entered the service station, went to the counter and ordered something to drink. The bartender brought what he had asked and Jennifer drank quickly. The bartender asked Jennifer what a girl did to her at that hour at night, all alone and Jennifer looked at him contemptuously, saying they were her business. Jennifer left the station and went back to the car park, where he found a group of boys who were beating a boy. The boys noticed Jennifer and told him to leave if he did not want to be robbed. Jennifer said they were wrong people if she wanted to fuck her. That being said, Jennifer threw himself on the boys and hit their heads closest to each other. Jennifer grabbed a boy's arm and threw him on the hood of a car, a boy swung a fist at Jennifer's head, scratched him and slammed a dick on his neck and then kicked it on the ground. The other boys quickly escaped and left their victim on the ground. Jennifer helped him get up and put him in his car. Jennifer said that the beaten guy was hurt, so he decided to take him with him. The next day, Jennifer came to Phoenix as the boy had woken up. Jennifer talked to the boy, who was called Kevin Rockson, she discovered he was a former alcoholic and had been in a recovery center from which he had recently escaped.