Jeremy Kaultz
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3rd of January, 1949


25th of June, 1986

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Templars Abstergo

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Name dropped in ACFanon: Assassin's Creed: Bow Down

Jeremy Kautz was born in New York in 1949, he was raised by a poverty stricken family that were insulted because of the tone of their skin. While growing up this made Jeremy want peace.

In 1972 Jeremy was living on his own in Manhattan, the number of racism against his people had greatly dropped but still remained. Jeremy was passing through the night street when he was attack in the commiting of a hate crime, but he was saved by Clyde Vernado.

Clyde was a member of the Templar Order and shared Jeremy's visions of unity, this resulted in Jeremy's induction into the order in 1978, at the age of 29.

Jeremy and Clyde were high ranking Templars and began to bring unity and control over Scotland in 1983, but they were stopped when Laura Elya and William McLeod killed them in their office while discussing stratergies.

Early LifeEdit

Jeremy Kaultz was born in New York in 1949 to a African American family, he lived inside a crowded apartment with his mother, father, grandfather, 1 brother and 3 sisters. This resulted in him sharing a room with his grandfather and brother where he would usually discuss his ideals of unity to the others before they went to sleep.

Jeremy and his family were constantly slandered when they walked through the streets, this resulted in his mother's paranoia of the outside world meaning that only Tyson, Jeremy and their grandfather would go to buy groceries.

When Jeremy was 23 he had made his home in an apartment in downtown Manhattan, he was greatly pleased by the drop of racism by 1972 but was disgusted that some still did it. Jeremy worked as a Janitor at a local high school so his job mainly consisted of night shifts.

While walking to the high school one night he was pulled out on the street by 2 racists commiting a hate crime. They threw him against a pile of trashbags that alined the side of alleyway and they taunted him with a knife before being both shot in the head, even after one pleaded for mercy. A figure appeared before Jeremy and helped him up, this figure being Clyde Vernado.

Clyde Vernado shared Jeremy's ideas of unity as they walked him to his job. Before Jeremy entered the high school Clyde wrote down a phone number and told Jeremy to call if he was interested in the order.

in early 1973 he made that call and was greeted by Clyde who told him to come to his local Abstergo offices. When he arrived he was booked a flight to Scotland and told to meet Clyde at Edinburgh centre's local Abstergo offices.

When he finally met Clyde he began his training and was inducted into the order in 1978.

In the OrderEdit

Jeremy climbed the ranks of the order with the support of Clyde, eventually becoming a Master Templar in 1983 with Clyde. When 1983 came along Clyde and Jeremy began the operation dubbed as 'Unity Kingdom' where they began to erase the Assassins from the UK and spread Abstergo's influence in major cities such as Edinburgh, London, etc.

In 1984 they attacked Training Camps in the Skye Isles and in early 1985 killed the Master Assassin, Stan Elya.


Jeremy was discussing stratergies with Clyde in his office, the two were enjoying cake when the door flung open. A young Laura Elya appeared quickly being followed by William McLeod who was attempting to stop her, Laura Elya then snatched the large kitchen knife from the cake and pounced on Clyde stabbing him many times to death, when Jeremy tried remove Laura from Clyde he was stabbed in the side of his throat by William's hidden blade, ending his life.

Personality and CharacteristicsEdit

Jeremy was a man of his word, and many times encouraging to those he liked. His greatest friend in life was Clyde who, unlike Tyson, did something about his ideals of unity. Jeremy was blind to the Templar's wrong doings as they shared his ideals that he had held strong since birth, this is what made Jeremy such a strong Templar.

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