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Jerome Thierry Cassette (1782-1853) he was a member of the Haitian Brotherhood of Assassins who served under Eseosa, Adewale's grandson from their unión in 1798 until his downfall in 1804.

In 1805, a year after the fall of the Haitian Brotherhood, Jerome traveled to Italy to help the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins, which at that point was on the brink of bankruptcy due to Templar rule in the country.

In 1812, after completing his mission in Italy, Jerome set sail for France to train a new generation of Assassins with the French Brotherhood. Three years later, Jerome became a Mentor to the French.

Unfortunately, in 1823, Joseph Lavandre, a member of the brotherhood, ended up betraying Jerome and murdering a large part of his companions, causing the decline of the French Brotherhood. After that, Jerome isolated himself from everyone until 1846.

In 1846, Jerome received a visit from a young slave in the field where he lived. His name was Leandre Jossaint, and Jerome made the decision to train him as a member of the Assassins to assassinate the remaining Templars in France, causing the hope of peace to return to him.

On November 3, 1853, a month after the defeat of the Templars at the hands of his new apprentice, Jerome died in his mansion of a heart attack. Before dying, he decided to inherit the house and all its contents to Leandre, stating that he had restored hope to an old man with fear.

A day later, Leandre buried Jerome in the courtyard of the mansion with the help of the other new members of the French Brotherhood. After that, he declared himself a Mentor of the order.


Early Life (1782-1798)[]

Jerome Thierry Cassette was born on March 10, 1782 in the Haitian city, Jacmei. His father was Edmun Thierry, a Haitian Assassin, and his mother was Jaqueline Cassette, an American model.

Jerome had an older brother, Adrien, with whom he shared everything for as long as he could remember. They were inseparable. Unfortunately, his death in 1794 at the hands of the Templars affected him greatly, causing changes in his way of thinking about people. Becoming aggressive and rude to most people, including his family.

Jerome got into street fights with a gang in 1795, doing all kinds of things to get money and get better at fighting. Luckily, his father managed to stop him and incited him to join the Haitian Brotherhood of Assassins in 1798, which he rejected without hesitation.

Days after rejecting his father's proposal, he and his mother were hanged on charges of treason by a politician, who was secretly a Templar. Charles Donovan.

The death of his parents left Jerome devastated, who, realizing that he had no other family, joined the Haitian Brotherhood to make his father proud, making a promise never to surrender until he finished off the Templars.

Early years as an Assassin (1798-1803)[]

A month after joining the Haitian Brotherhood, Jerome went on a mission to Port-au-Prince with Eseosa, Adewale's grandson to search for his first target: Vedomir Osen, a slave trader who was helping the Templars in their mission to end the Assassins.

The job was not easy, as both Assassins had to infiltrate a strong Templar. And while Eseosa gave Jerome a free way, she found Vedomir and killed her with her hidden blade, ending her life.

In 1799, after having assassinated multiple allies of the Templars such as Adam Finnes, Jones Flinning, Gustav Allen, and Aaron Buller, Jerome welcomed a new apprentice: Elliot McCalister, who was sadly hanged in 1801 on false treason charges.

In 1803, after learning from a contact where the leader of the Templars was, Jerome went to Eseosa to devise a plan. The defenses of Fort Jolein, the Templar ships guarding the seas, and the immense troops of soldiers made of the plan an impossible mission to assassinate the Templar Master: Wayne Leviatan.

Jerome and Eseosa's plan was to ambush the Templars with the help of the army, while the two of them and the other members infiltrated Fort Jolein in order to assassinate the remaining Templars.

Fall of the Haitian Brotherhood (1804)[]

Unfortunately, this plan did not work, since in 1804 the Templars discovered this plan and used it against the Assassins. The army ships were sunk by the Templar ships, who bombarded Fort Jolein while the Assassins infiltrated. The Templar troops took advantage of that to kill most of the Assassins, but Jerome and Eseosa managed to infiltrate the Templar Master's room in the fort, being killed by Jerome.

Killing the Templar Master to no avail, as most of the Haitian Assassins were killed during the attack, bringing the Haitian Brotherhood to the point of extinction. After this, Eseosa and Jerome separated and took different paths: Eseosa traveled to the Colonies to see Connor Kenway, mentor of the Colonial Brotherhood, and Jerome traveled to Spain to spend a year without being recognized.