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The Chinese Nationalist Party Central Executive Committee Special Affairs Division Operations Headquarters, or more commonly known by its address as Jessfield No.76, or just Section 76 in short. Is the headquarters of the military intelligence department of Wang Jing-wei's Reorganized Nationalist Government.


Built in 1939 on one of the extra-settlement roads built by the British Concession, just across the headquarters of the Kempeitai, after the occupation of Shanghai, agents of Section 76 are some of the most notoriously brutal intelligence agents operating in China, conducting over 3,000 cases of assassination and kidnappings between 1939 to 1943 alone. Jessfield No.76 has a terrible reputation of hanging the decapitated heads of the executed on lamp posts outside their main gates to terrorize the population.

After the dissolution of the division at the end of WWII, the address of the building had changed several times and is currently 435 Wanhangdu Road, now housing two community schools.

Jessfield No.76 is a major landmark in the Shanghai section of the map in Assassin's Creed: Turbulence, located on the border of Jing'an and Chang'ning District. It is one of the spawning locations of secret agents and Kempeitai soldiers, all guards within the compound are automatically hostile towards the player once entered, and the player will gain level 5 notoriety once discovered within the compound. There is a View Point east of the location.