Jewel of Eden
The Jewel of Eden-0
Vital statistics
Type Piece of Eden
Effects Speak with Consus

Knowledge (through Consus)

Locate materials for building a Site

Source French Assassins
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown
The Jewel of Eden (often referreated to as The Jewel or – by the First Civilization – Consus' Channel) are an item created by the First Civilization. The meaning behind it's creation was for the Isu craftsman Consus to let his legacy live on.

Constructed by the scientist Consus, the Jewel was created to aid the humans during the war between the Isu and the human beings. Consus aided the humans by telling them how to create their own Precursors Sites – such as a golden armor. But since the Triad not had to know about the Jewel, he used the birds of Odin – a member of the First Civilization – to send it.

At the end of the Human-Isu war, Adam hid the Jewel for other humans to find it. By doing this, other humans would maybe take up the fight against the Isu. When the Earth was struck by a solar flare however, the Jewel were lost.

During the French Revolution, the Assassins Marie Anne and Pierre Étienne found a vault under a Palace in Paris where the Jewel was located. It was found, however, after the death of the lieutenants in the Saint Vierge and their leader Marguerite LaVenduz. Upon the reveal of the Jewel, a hologram of Consus appeared. He told the Assassins that he hoped they had come for seek knowledge for the greater good, and not for evil. After the Assassins told this was true, Consus disappeared. When the siblings touched the Jewel together, they entered the Nexus. Here, they were schooled by the Precursor Consus. He told them that he was ready to aid the humans in their fight against Juno and her acolytes. He could help them prepare for the battle, but only The Prisoner of the Dark Temple could be the one who could stop Juno.

When the siblings escaped the Nexus, they chose to take it with them to the Council. Their decision was final: to not let it be used until they understood what it could be used to. Also, they would send Pierre to locate this "Dark Temple". He would be sent to the Ottoman Empire, first to bring down Grand Master David al-Djin, Black Cross Joa DafourMaster Templar Lantz Jancuxz and Templar-scientist Vilma Olk – but also to find the temple. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood used their puppet Joseph Fourier to try solve the enigma of the Jewel. After centuries of trying to find out the meaning of the Jewel, the Brotherhood decided to lock it away. One day, they maybe would solve it.

When Eric Cooper set up an assassin headquarters in Paris in 2014 to help infiltrate a data hub for the Helix, he was presented for the Jewel. Eric promised to take care of it when he brought it back to the British Brotherhood. Along with them, he made contact with Consus. They later contacted Dipper Franz, trying to get the Neo gang on their team to find the Black Temple.

Known wielders of the Jewel Edit

These are the known First Civilization and/or human wielders of Cubes.

  1. Consus (Greek, Frist Civ, first wielder) (Prehistory)
  2. Adam (Christian, human hybrid, second wielder) (Prehistory)
  3. French Brotherhood
  4. British Brotherhood
    • Eric Cooper (Scottish, human, seventh wielder) (2014–present)
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