Chinese Female Assassin
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c. 89 BCE


60 BCE
Rong Hsu's fortress, outskirts of Shanghai

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Assassin's Creed: Civilization

Jing was a Chinese Assassin operating in the Rong Hsu's fortress. She and her twin, Fen, worked alongside their brother Guiying. Their task was to train new Assassins in the skills of fihgting and stealth. Jing went under the pseudonym The Pixiu, which she obtained after killing three Templars on her own – preventing the death of an ally of the Brotherhood who lived at the royal court.

Biography Edit

Little is known of Jing's origins; at some point, however, she joined a social club in Shanghai. Here she became known with people who was a part of a secret society. Jing and Fen were transported to a fortress in the jungle. Here they met with the governess: Rong Hsu.

After serving the Brotherhood for two years, Jing and Fen decided to help their brother – who had fallen from his high horse, and now lived only for alcohol. The twins contacted Guiying and brought him to the fortress – saving him from drowning in his love for the drinks.

When Rong Hsu traveled to Egypt for obtaining an orb from The Sicilian, Jing and her siblings were tasked to train the remaining Assassins and mercenaries even harder than before.

A few weeks prior to Rong Hsu's arrival, the fortress were attacked by some sneaky assassins. Jing thought it was some kind of turncoats, but it seemed to be very skilled Templars. When one of them was going to execute her brother, Guiying was awaken and threw the attacker away. Jing and Fen were awoken also, and they attacked her. The rest of the camp's Assassins had been murdered – in the courtyard at least. The agressor awaited for the attack. It didn't take long before Fen ran towards the agressor – but were quickly killed by her, slicing Fen's chest in two. "Your turn, commander Guiying," the woman said. Guiting screamed in anger before running up to the woman. "For Fen!" She jumped over Guiying. Jing ran towards her. The woman turned, saw her and ducked – dodging the Assassin's strike. Jing fell in the same direction as Guiying. "Your'e alright, Jing?" She nodded. The woman grinned: "Time to die, Jing and Guiying."

Her brother ran up to the agressor, but she jumped over him again, slicing his back. Jing ran up to her, but she spinned around and cut up Jing's leather-armor. Now attacking, the woman ran up to the two, kicking the commander in the chest, jumping over to Jing. The Assassin screamed in agony as the woman placed her sword within her head. The Assassin fell to the ground, with Guiying remaining. "The last one standing, I see." Guiying lifted his sword and mocked her: "A coward will just stand by; a warrior will attack me." The woman dropped the sword, stating: "And a hunter kill the prey." With a quick movement, she pulled out the dagger and threw it into the left side of the commander, aiming for his heart.

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