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Joe(1763-Unknown) was one of the most controversial Assassin during his time. Being a mercenary, a psychopath and member of the American Assassins at a young age is what made him one of the well known American Assassins during his time


Joe lived was a orphan for most of his live. One of his care takers Mr. Wilcox was often very cruel and often beating him as a young child making Joe's mental state worst over the years. But their was one caretaker who was very kind to him, often tending to his injuries by Mr. Wilcox who he only known and rembered as Mrs. Wilcox. Mr. Wilcox would also beat on her too. In 1779 Mr. Wilcox beated on Mrs. Wilcox for the last time accidently killing her in anger. Joe very angerly beated him with a hatchet brutally murdering him basing the hatchet against his skull until blood flooded the floor. Joe later burned down the house and relocated to New York to enforce his so called justice.

Bringing Justice to New York[]

Once Joe had arrived to New York he saw a man trying to rape a woman in a alleyway. Joe then attacked the man. The two engaged in a very short brawl but Joe had enough and grabbed a large hook and stabbed it in the mans throat and then ripped it out. Blood covering the alleyway the woman horrified ran to the guards, pleasing them to help. Joe knew that if the guards caught him they would hang him. So Joe ran and hid in a abandoned store. The store would serve as his hideout. Joe wanted to bring more justice to the people of New York but he didn't want to be caught so he covered his face as a mask and only operate at night using the hook as his signature weapon. Over the years he started to also operate as a Mercenary for hire, but still enforcing his so called justice.

The Assassins[]

In 1784 Joe had tracked down a man who had a bounty on him for quite sometime. He managed to kill him in a alleyway. When Joe started to loot the body for valuables a strange man wearing a hood approached him. The hooded man said that he's been following and tracking Joe witnessing his skills. The man said that Joe could use his skills for true justice. The man revealed himself to be Connor Kenway the Mentor of the rebuild Assassin brotherhood. Connor offered him a chance to leave his old habits behind and join the Assassin Cause. Joe wanting to bring real justice accepted Connors offer.

The Assassin Purge[]

During the Assassin Purge Joe had left the Assassins temporarily and during his years without the brotherhood he reverted back to his old habits once again. But this would change when Connor sends him a letter requesting to rejoin the Assassin Cause once again.