Johannes van Duyn (Born 17 December 1963) is a Dutch businessman, the chairman, president and chief executive officer of Van Duyn Pharmaceuticals, which one of . He is the member of Van Duyn family, older brother to Frederick, and a high ranking member of the Templar Order.

Born on December 17, 1963, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. His father, Hendrik, had been the chairman of Van Duyn Pharmaceuticals. He and his brother Frederick graduated and attended from University of Amsterdam. After his father's retirement, he became the successor of his late father's registered public company and shareholder of Van Duyn Pharmaceuticals. His brother Frederick became a virologist. He and his brother Frederick joined Templars during the 2000s. His company produce the vaccine and medicine.

After a lot of girls received the company's cervical cancer vaccine, their health deteriorated drastically and became unsettled after a few months. They claimed they had paralyzed side effects after being vaccinated.

When World Health Organization announced a massive outbreak, some children died after few months vaccination.

In order to earn tens of billions of dollars in the vaccine business, his company disregarded the health of citizens. Citizens have serious side effects after vaccination, he and the government claimed that those serious side effects are not related to those vaccine. 

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