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""I have hunted the men that killed my family for many years, and I still have come no closer to understanding what it was all for.""
―John Lilcoin on his hunt for the Templars that murdered his family.[src]
John Lilcoin
Biographical information

13 october 1752[1]
New York, New York


18 June 1834 (aged 82)[2]
Oneida Village

Political information

Oneida Village
Assassins (1770 - c. 1823)

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John Lilcoin was born in New York in 1752,his parents were Richard and Bethany. When he was eight years old his parents were killed by bandits on the road to Boston. He became an Assassin in 1770 when he was 18. For the next 47 years John would fight the Templar's and search for the truth for the reason his parents were killed. John died in 1834 of old age at the age of 82.


Early life[]

John Was born in New York City on October 13, 1752, he was the only son of Steven and Susan Lilcoin. His family was poor and had a small home in New York. In 1760 Steven got a job in Boston as a Blacksmith. While riding there in a carriage with his family, John's father got into a fight with attacking bandits. John and his mother hid in the back of the carriage during the fight. During the fight John's father was shot and killed. When John stuck his head out he saw his father dead on the ground. His mother was taken out of the carriage while John ran into the surrounding woods. He ran into a group of Indians who fought off the bandits and took John to their tribe. He then spent the next ten years there learning how to hunt and fight from the Indians. He then left the tribe to join the Assassins.

Training to become an Assassin[]

In 1770 John traveled to Boston to join the Assassins. He met with an assassin who would train him to become an Assassin. For six years he trained beside his mentor, after his training was complete he was given his first target.

The hunt for Templars[]

In 1776 John began to hunt Templars, among them the Templar that had his family killed. The first Templar was a captain named James Bentloine. He followed a messenger to his target, when he got to where he was going he handed a letter to a guard. With other assassins John sneaked in disguised as soldiers. John killed his target aboard his ship, he then blew up the cargo hold and escaped.

The Piece of Eden[]

Two years later he began hunting another target, his name was Dakota Cainen. This time the Templar was a colonial solider, he was in a camp. John would infiltrate it and kill any solider in his way, and then his target. After making his way though the camp he found his target. Before he made it to the target, a cannon ball killed the two soldiers with him and injured the target, he then finished Dakota off. In his hunt, John met General George Washington, who he got his next target from.

His Next target was not a person but an object. He was to collect an ancient orb that glowed that Washington called a Piece of Eden. On his way though the woods he met a women who was lost. After talking and bringing her back to town John began to make his way to the location of the Piece of Eden. Once he arrived he climbed though the blue maze which activated when he put his hand over a weird pedestal. When he made it to the middle, John grabbed the Piece of Eden and left the temple. He would then find out what kind of power it held when it showed him the future of America. He would then hide it for many years until his ancestor Aaron Bentley would find it in 2012.

Marriage to Mary Devurnay and death of Mary and hunt for killer[]

In 1781 John married Mary Devurnay, an immigrant from Canada. They would be married until a house robbery gone wrong killed her in 1782 a year after they married. John would then hunt the thief down killing any one who got in his way. After a week of chasing him down, John finally got to him inside a camp of thiefs. The thief then gave him a name, Thomas Mcgillian, Johns next target.

Trip to Masyaf[]

After Mary's death, John traveled to Masyaf to kill a Templar that was hiding there. The boat ride was long and dangerous, fighting off storms and pirates. John was in the crows nest through the trip and was the first one to see land. When he got off the ship, john made his way to Masyaf by horse. After two weeks of travel, john arrived in the village of Masyaf. He would the sneak undetected to the castle and kill the Templar there. Once he killed the Templar he found another Piece of Eden but didn't take it because a "phantom" told him not to because it was for someone else. John fought his way out of Masyaf, he would then go to Constantinople to help the Assassin guild there rescue their leader.

In Constantinople[]

In Constantinople John helped the Assassin's there rescue their leader. Once he did that he stayed their for a week until he chartered a ship to take him back to America.

The hunt for Thomas McGillian[]

From 1782 to 1792, John planned an assault on the fort that Thomas McGillian was in. He would train people to become Assassins and get help from George Washington with his army. In 1792 after ten years of preparing John and George Washingtons army attacked the fort. After the spy that infiltrated the camp blew up the ammo depot, John and the other Assassins climbed the walls and attacked.John and McGillian then fought and John came out victorious. When John opened the front gate the army marched in and took it over. He then looked at Thomas McGillian's lifeless body and walked out of the fort.

Hiding the Piece of Eden[]

After the death of Thomas McGillian, John hid his Piece of Eden in the woods near Oneida Village. It would be there until Aaron Bentley, an ancestor of John, would retrieve it in 2012.


John is an independent person who fights for justice and at times revenge. When he was young he had the usual childhood and was happy until his family was killed by the Templars. After that he had a burning anger inside him until he married Mary Devernay which returned soon after he death.

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