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John Starrick was the fourth Grandmaster of the American Rite(Formaly the Colonial Rite) of the Templars in the early 19th Century. John was also the eldest son of the wealthy British Grandmaster Templar Richard Starrick and brother to Charles and Robert Starrick

John Starrick
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1758 London, England

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John Starrick was born to Richard and Mary Starrick in the city of London. John's father Richard had became Grandmaster of the Templars after the murder of Reginal Birch. Over the years John's parents had two more children such as Robert Starrick the middle child and Charles the youngest witch looked up to John.

The Templars[]

During their late teen years all three brothers were apart of the Templar Order. John was always jealous of his brother Robert because he was his fathers favorite son and became a high Ranking Templar in no time while John been in the Order longer and was not ranked as high as his younger brother.

Sibling Rivalry[]

In the 1780s the rivalry between the brothers John and Robert grew. The brothers always fought over who should be Grandmaster of the Templars after their fathers death. John's youngest brother Charles was on John's side of the rivalry. One night in the August of 1786 John's brothers Robert and Charles were fighting amongst themselves. The fight was in fact about the rivalry between Robert and John himself. John didn't interfere because he knew his father would blame him for the fight and take his brother Roberts side. So John stayed the night in a nearby Inn and would come by the next to see how the fight turned out. The next morning John came back home, he walked in to see if his brother Charles was still there. He shouted in the house to see if anybody was home but there was no answer. So John thought his brother was still sleeping so John went upstairs and only to see a horrific sight. His brother Charles was brutally beaten and stabbed to death, at first John expected that the Assassins did this. But John knew that the Assassin's don't kill their targets in a manor like how his brother was killed.

But then he soon realized that Robert his own brother had murdered Charles. All evidence pointed to his brother committing the Crime but when he told his father he didn't believe because Robert had already told him lies about how Robert himself had left before his death and Robert also said that he thought he saw an Assassin sneaking in the House. John's father believed that the Assassins did kill his brother but John will always belief the true about what Robert did for the Rest of his life.

The Plan[]

In 1787 John knew eventually his brother Robert would be Grandmaster after their fathers death. He also knew if Robert became Grandmaster he would suffer the same fate as his little brother Charles. John not wanting to see his brother become Grandmaster made a plan. He heard that the Templars in America were crippled and without a Grandmaster John would journey to America and take control of the Templars there.


Once John made it to America in 1788 he sought out to find the remaining Templars. He managed to find them in a old Fort. To his surprise the Templars already had an Grandmaster Shay Cormac.