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"Call me selfish, call me faithless, call me an incorrigible traitor or whatever fanciful, phony-baloney derogative you could think of; but I'm telling you, all of us are the same, its all just a pitiful excuse of covering our hides. The Order? The Templars? It's just a whole lot of them doing what I said. "
―Griffon to Edgar Snow in Yan'an after the Burmese Campaign, 1945.[src]

Jonathan Griffon

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Biographical information

21 October 1911
St. Louis, Missouri, United States


12 August 1986 (aged 75)
Shanghai, China

Political information

Communist Party of China
Nationalist Party of China
Office of Strategic Services

Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Turbulence
Assassin's Creed: Division

Voice actor

Alexander Adler

Jonathan Stewart Griffon Jr. (1911 - 1986), also known by his Chinese name Ge Yun (Ge of the Clouds), and courtesy name Qingji (Clear and Silent), was a member of the Chinese Communist Party, the Office of Strategic Services, and the Chinese Brotherhood of Assassins . A former mercenary pilot of the "Flying Tigers" under the command of General Claire Lee Chennault, he became involved in special affairs and shortly after, joined the Chinese Brotherhood after injured in combat. He is also the maternal grandfather of Chen Yisun.

During his time with the Order, he assisted the Mentor Zhou Enlai in undermining the Japanese and the Nationalists during the Second Sino-Japanese War , where he developed a cynical and jaded perspective about both the Templars and the Assassins. His actions had helped consolidate Communist power in China, who were allied with the Order at the time, leading to the defeat of the Templar-associated Nationalists during the Chinese Civil War.

An opportunist, Jonathan was a first witness to the atrocities committed by both organizations during the bloody conflict and over time had changed allegiance with a handful of factions. This, combined with his association with Li Shiqun, had lead many of the Order to consider him a traitor. His efficiency and talent, however, was nevertheless valued by the Assassins and his personal friendship with Zhou made sure he would not be made enemy to the Order.

Tasked with secretly undermining the Japanese Occupation in Shanghai, Jonathan had, by accident, come over with a series of documents recording a secret project that revealed the location of the second Sword of Eden. The discovery had lead him through a grueling race against factions to find and secure the piece before the Japanese could use it to turn the tide of war, piting him against the leader of the Chinse Rite of Templars Wang Jing-wei and his associates.


Early Life[]

Unlike many of the famed assassins of past, Jonathan was born with clean ties with both orders: His father Jonathan Stewart Griffon Sr. was a veteran of WWI, having served with the Devil's Dogs on the eastern front and participated in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. His mother came from the rural countryside of Missouri. At one point, Jonathan had received training as a pilot, and was already skilled at operating aircraft by the age of 21.

Jonathan grew up to be daring and rebellous and was not content with the rather bland life of living in the confines of a sheltered life. In 1938, he joined the 1st American Volunteer Group, also known as the "Flying Tigers", under the command of General Claire Lee Chennault, and was shipped to China, where he participated in airborne operations against the Japanese in Burma.