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"My whole life I've been chasing dreams, thinking I could make a difference. But now, I sit at my desk thinking, did I really change anything?"

-Jonathon Scott

Jonathon Scott
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Assassin's Creed: Eagle

Jonathon Aquila Scott (1160-1248) was an assassin born and raised in Alamut. He was trained as an

assassin when he reached the age of 10, although he has always known of the creed. He lived in alamut and was sent on missions throughout the surrounding area. He served as a master assassin in his order from 1202-1228 he served as their mentor from 1228-death.

He was born to assassin parents but never knew his father as his father abandoned the creed shortly after his birth. He didn't have a strong bond with his mother since she was always on missions and died in 1169. His father, Donad Scott, became a templar shortly after abandoning the creed but then left the Templars due to Jonathon's persuasion. 

At the age of 20 he was tasked with being his father's partner. Watching him and making sure he did not return to the templars. Late 1170, Donad was captured by the Younde, the leader of a large gang who fought both assassins and templars. Donad revealed the secrets of both orders. Jonathon rescued him and helped him escape onto a ship and go across the sea. This action earned the mentor's respect and the rank of assassin.

After many missions Jonathon was sent with two elother assassins to a templar hideout. The two other assassins were captured and one was executed. Jonathon saved the second assassin from his execution and returned to alamut and gained the rank of master assassin.


  • Jonathon is shown with pistols but never uses them or references them.