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Jonay Jimitiraque
Biographical information

Tamaran, Canary Islands


31 June 1492
Sacred Temple, Titeroygakat, Canary Islands

Political information

Guanches (? - 1492, his death)
Guanche Assassins (1483 - 1492, his death)

Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Aborigines


Ryan Woodward

"The Canary Islands, 1492. Us Guanches lived in peace and harmony for many years, until Christopher Columbus came with his Spanish ships. He slaughtered many villagers. Burned down many houses. My duty is to stop these invaders. I, am Jonay Jimitiraque. And like my ancestors before me, I am an Assassin"

- Jonay's opening narration in Assassin's Creed: Aborigines.

Jonay Jimitiraque ( ?-1492 ) was a Guanche assassin from the ancient Canary Islands and an ancestor of medic/engineer David Adams, who enters the Animus to relive his memories.

Not much is known about his early life or birth, but what we do know is that Jonay was born into the ancient Guanche tribe that lived on the islands for generations. Some time in his mid-adolescence he was inducted into the Guanche Assassins, the reason why he joined them is also a mystery.

Invasion Of Columbus[]

In 1492, explorer Christopher Columbus and his Spanish fleet arrived to conquer the Canary Islands before setting off to America. He came there to search for a Piece Of Eden that was hidden there, while his right-hand man, Admiral Centellas, slaughtered many of the Guanche people and burned down their homes. Jonay vowed to defeat these invaders and send them back home.

One day, while Centellas and Columbus were talking in a village, Jonay assaulted them. He easily killed all the guards, but Centellas and Columbus escaped, not before accidentally dropping a note containing their entire plan: for Centellas to become guanarteme ( ruler/king ) of Maxorata , so that Columbus could easily take the islands. Jonay foils their plan, and assassinates Centellas at the Benesmen Festival, where he was to be coronated.

He confronts Columbus at the Sacred Temple in Titeroygakat , but Columbus kills Jonay by impaling him through the chest with his sword after having a long conversation.