Josèphine Ossau
Josèphine Ossau
Portrayed by Grey DeLisle
Biographical information

1 January 1962



Political information

Abstergo Entertainment

Josèphine Ossau was born in Montréal, Canada. She was an individual who She showed interests of theatre in his early years. As young he did therefore worked at the Théâtre St-Denis, Montréal, and at some point she worked with Olivier Valldery.

As a 22-years old in 1984, Ossau was at auditions for movies in USA, and she got the roles – one after one. Under the working of a movie in 2016, Ossau had a vision of golden cities and bulidings shining as bright as silver, and a name: Juno.  

At her Facebook-profile, Ossau told of these visions, and one of her friends mentioned this to his boss: Mélanie Lemay. Lemay asked Ossau to come for a few weeks, and under this Lemay got the hold that Ossau had the same Helix as one Abstergo Entertainment's former employers: John Standish. Lemay offered Ossau to be the voice of Marie Anne Étienne in their upcoming video game: Behind the revolution (a codename for the Assassin's Creed: Changes). Ossau accepted, and at the E3 in Montréal that happened in 2018 she was allowed to present the audience for the new video game with her co-worker: Olivier Valledry.  

When the game was released in July 2020, Ossau was offered to be an employee of Abstergo. She refused, but Abstergo did not wanted to let her go, so at the order of Laetitia England, Abstergo kidnapped her, and after that no one have seen her.

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