"When I return, this house is mine; then this house will serve as firewood."
―Iscariotte's last moments before his death, 1789
Joséph Iscariotte
ACIII-Samuel Adams V
The Bureaucrat
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July 1759


May 1789 (aged 30)

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Assassin's Creed: Changes

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Honoré Le Franc

Joséph Iscariotte was born in wealth in the city of Versailles. Iscariotte was the younger twin of Philippe Iscariotte – the twin did however died when he fell in a well when they both were two years old. Iscariotte's parents was a part of the Templar Order, so it was inevitable that Iscariotte became a part of the Order. His sexual orientation however as a LGBT individual however he held to himself.

When Iscariotte came to his age of 26, he traveled to Calais on behalf of his parents to collect a commission who was supposed to make the study back at home better. He lived close to a lady that called herself Murat, and through her Iscariotte embraced the fact that he was a bisexual. When the parents get their hands on this fact, they froze Iscariotte out of their house and family. The lady of the house died of the shock; mister Iscariotte leaved the country in shame – and sold the house to some prostitutes.

In 1785, Iscariotte was recruited into the Templar Order by François-Thomas Germain – he did not care of their sexual orientation. As a Templar, Iscariotte controlled the streets of the rich in Calais. He was a master in words, and owned a social club, form where he got money to hire brutes. These brutes controlled Calais, and made trouble for the law; they did however served as bodyguards for him. With his moneys, Iscariotte controlled lives of all the citizens of Calais.

In 1789, Iscariotte was killed by the Assassin Marie Anne Étienne while he held a party for he Templars in Calais.

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Memory corridor 2

Memory corridor 2

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