Josiah Advisor

Josiah Advisor

Cay Warric

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April 1732


June 1776 (44 aged)

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Caribbean Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Purge

Assassin's Creed: Ashes (mentioned)

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Neil Napier

Josiah Advisor was a LGBT Assassin, and one of the lieutenants in the Caribbean who obeyed Templar-turncoats Lady Concord with: Delaware Dinsmore, Songui, Condor Apito and Ruby Travers. As a lieutenant, Josiah was the overseer of the town of Port Royal, when the Assassin regained power in 1773 - after losing in 1770.

But they lost again to the Templars in 1776 when he was killed by Madeleine François de Bullion.

Early life Edit

Josiah Advisor was born April 1732 in Montréal from a respectable family of Anglo-Irish immigrants in Canada. Josiah's mother was a maid in the house of the governor of Montreal while his father was a soldier in the British Army.

Josiah received a good education including the military training he received from his father in sword fighting. Josiah was very united with his father and loved him very much, for he was her hero and greatly admired her mother.

At the age of 18 years, Josiah lost his father in a clash with the Native Americans at the border between Toronto and New York. Josiah after his father's loss went straight into the fray, passing a lot of time drinking and fights with other customers of a tavern. Shot 20 years Josiah left Canada and traveled to the Caribbean in search of his true path.

Joining at the Brotherhood Edit

Claude Dimanche

Claude Dimanche

Josiah in the Caribbean found work as a longshoreman from merchant ships passing through. Thus they passed another two years until 1754. Josiah was walking through the alleys of the city and saw a man who was carrying a drunk woman in an alley to abuse it. Josiah went became established in the alley by the shoulder the man forcing him to turn around to show it in the face.

Josiah took the man and slammed against a wooden crate. The man was no longer moving and the woman ran away from the alley calling the guards. Josiah immediately ran away but eventually found himself in front of a gun barrel. Two soldiers grabbed Josiah, and brought before a British officer. The officer said that Josiah wanted to abuse the drunken woman but a man came to testify that Josiah had done nothing contrary had defended the woman.

The officer believed him and let him go Josiah. Josiah saw that her rescuer had a strange white dress with hood, Josiah asked why she had left to help. The man introduced himself as Claude Dimanche. Josiah repeated the question, and replied that he wanted to join him Dimanche in an order for his good heart for defending the girl. Josiah asked the name of the group and Dimanche said they were Assassins and told him their principles and what the Templars were going to do. Josiah asked Dimanche because he had to trust a well and Dimanche said there would save him if not. Josiah said that he was right and decided to join the cause. Once transferred into the den of Great Inagua, Josiah took training as an assassin in combat, stealth, and sabotage including the special use of the blade hidden in combat.

Seven Years' War Edit

Caribbean Assassins Brotherhood

Caribbean Assassins

Josiah trained as a serial killer for the Order of Assassins and his training lasted long enough for it to become a war machine. Josiah had many outbursts of anger and that he feared him to control himself in the battles would have lost him and would have made a killing. In 1756 Josiah learned that he was a war broke out between France and

England, and this had led to the rescue every country in the world in the war.

Josiah wanted a ship to hit the ships of the English Templars during the war and one day in Havana saw a ship anchored in the harbor. The brig was easy to use and was very fast. Josiah saw that there were some pirates or criminals who were prisoners on the ship and thought that if he freed them would follow. Josiah boarded the ship and killed the guard who was on the bridge, Josiah came to the helm and murdered the other two guards. Then Josiah freed the prisoners on deck. Josiah knew there were many more below deck and he went down.

Josiah in the hold assassinated by guards the guardians present there and later freed the other pirates. Once cleaned the ship Josiah brought out the ship from the port and sailed to Tulum. I went down to Tulum, Josiah met with Mentor Dimanche he did congratulate Josiah for his work as he had procured a new weapon for the Brotherhood. For the following months, Josiah used the ship, which he called the Golden Phoenix, and sank many British ships attacked the Templars. One day Josiah was called by Mentor. Dimanche was serious and told Josiah he wanted to entrust an important task. Josiah told him to tell him the mission, Dimanche said he wanted him to go to North America to help the Mentor Colonial branch Achilles Davenport to fight the Templar of the New Grand Master Kenway. Josiah was excited and honored for the job and accepted. Josiah prepared his luggage put on the Royal Phoenix, Dimanche said goodbye and set off for North America.

The Colonial Brotherhood Edit

ACRG Achilles render

Achilles Davenport

After a week of traveling Josiah arrived in New York. Josiah was amazed by the city and saw how similar and different from that of Kingston or Havana. Josiah knew that the city there was a gang of criminals led by a woman Gioven Assassin but he did not know the name or how to find them. Josiah patrolled the roofs and saw at some point of the criminals running through the streets below. Josiah decided to follow them and took him straight to their headquarters. Josiah was on the roof when he heard behind him "Stop right there or I'll blow your head." Josiah lifted his hands and slowly turned around to see a criminal-sniper bet a rifle. Josiah said to be a friend but the sniper said that this would have told the boss.

The sniper Josiah brought in a big white homestad. The sniper was ushered along with Josiah by guards, who looked suspiciously Josiah. The sniper Josiah brought in a kind of office where in the middle there was a table at which sat a woman of the same age as Josiah with a robe of purple

rose assassin. The woman looked into her eyes and Josiah Josiah was amazed by the beauty of the woman. The woman asked Josiah who he was and he replied "Nothing is true, everything is permitted." At

these words the woman said quickly to the sniper to leave Josiah and she apologized for the treatment that his men had received. Josiah said he did nothing and stood. The woman said her name Hope Jensenwho was the head of the Assassin band that protected New York. Josiah said he had been sent by Dimanche and Hope told him to follow him. Soon after Josiah was made up of a carriage along with Hope and traveled to a destination unknown to him. Josiah asked halfway where they were going and she said that they were going to Davenport Homastad. Once there, the two descended from the carriage and went on the estate. A 46 year old man stood in front of Josiah and told him to be Achilles Davenport. The two shook hands and Josiah told why he was there. Achilles thanked Josiah saying they had much work to do.

Josiah was made to investigate the death of an ally of the Brotherhood known as Le Chasseur. The Assassin was found dead in his office in Fort Phoenix during a clash between the British and the French who saw the British captured the fort. Josiah went to infiltrate the fort to collect information. At the scene of the crime Josiah saw that there had been a clash there, seeing the remains of various barrels destroyed. Triggering the eagle way, Josiah saw the various stages of the fighting that has cost who killed Le Chasseur had to have had a training as an assassin. Josiah returned immediately to Homestad and reported his information newly discovered in Davenport. Achilles said that a year ago about his student had betrayed the order and ran away but then the assassins were able to kill him by throwing him of the estate Cliff, His name was Shay Patrick Cormac. Josiah said that perhaps it was he who killed Le Chasseur and somehow was saved from death in the cliff. Achilles said he did not know what to say except that what he had said Josiah were very possible. Josiah for the rest of 1756 he worked together with Hope Jensen to keep the band in New York. The feelings of Josiah early turned Hope you made it in love.

Assassins In War Edit



In August 1757, the French army under Louis-Joseph de Montcalm and a large force of native warriors under the command of Kesegowaase besieged Fort William Henry. Kesegowaase Wolastoqiyik and an assassin was a warrior, Achilles Josiah instructed to follow him in the siege. After several days of bombing, and no view of reinforcements from William Johnson, the British garrison under the command of Monro he surrendered to Montcalm.

Thanks to the latter, the British were allowed to transfer, keeping your arms and colors. The natives did not understand the terms of surrender. Exploiting this, Kesegowaase plan to ambush the British, killing Monro and take the Voynich manuscript. Josiah had agreed to this plan and had distributed the snipers throughout the territory. The manuscript had been lost as a result of betrayal by Shay and why the assassins wanted him back as did Josiah for the attack. On the morning of August 10, Kesegowaase, Josiah and native warriors under his command ambushed by Monro Column. However, Shay, now an ally of the Templars, has come to save Monro and the rest of his men after being informed of Jack Weeks events.

Kesegowaase saw the column and told his soldiers to prepare to attack. Josiah on the other hand immediately ordered the attack on the other side of the English column, Josiah saw Kesegowaase say a few words to Shay by surprise and attack British soldiers. The English column fought off the attackers, and then went on to Shay ship, Morrigan, and scouted ahead eliminated the potential ambush along the way. For travel Josiah killed several British soldiers with his blades and concealed his guns and tried to kill Shay Cormac.

This was not possible as in Josiah confusion he could not kill the Templar because of the British soldiers who attacked him from sight. As the British boarded the ship, Kesegowaase and his men have attempted to follow, but weeks have thrown a powder to them, while Shay detonated with a gunshot. The explosion severely scarred the Kesegowaase face, and his men pulled him away. Josiah saw the scene and ran to chase the ship by shooting the men of Morrigan and tried to climb on. Cormac took the gun and shot at Josiah. The coup took Josiah shoulder which ruined to the ground losing consciousness. Josiah taken upon himself and taken away by the men of Kesegowaase. With great Kesegowaase and Josiah affliction said to Achilles their defeat but Achilles said on November 3 that year Josiah, Kesegowaase and Liam O'Brien would attack Albany, killed Monro and took the manuscript.

Liam O'Brien

Liam O'Brien

On November 3, Kesegowaase and his men attacked Albany, sacking the city and attack the nearby Fort Frederick. Josiah wandered around the city and fight the local resistance. Josiah cut with his sword three soldiers of files and then suffocated with his arm agile. While stifling the agile Josiah he was holding his gun with which he shot a brute. After Josiah died he left the nimble and knocked on 3 snipers. Josiah extended his blade and stabbed the sniper in the shoulder and the other in the throat. Josiah turned and kicked in the face to the sniper wounded in the shoulder and then used him as a human shield to prevent the third sniper bullet.

Josiah took his sword and inflicted on the sniper's chest. Josiah went at Fort Frederick where assassinated in flight two soldiers and used the punckle cannon to blow up many British soldiers. One point Josiah was joined by Liam and made their way to the bastion where they reached Kesegowaase. From there the trio saw Shay Cormac give manuscript to Monro Monro and go to the Morrigan. Liam set out to assassinate Monro and recover the manuscript, Kesegowaase infiltrated the strong to distract Shay along with Josiah. Josiah went up to Shay and engaged with him a fight. Shay put Josiah against a barrel by fucking and then Josiah turned toward him, and parried his sword on sword Josiah. Josiah extended his blade concealed and Shay hit in the shoulder. Shay screamed in pain and threw it to the ground to see Josiah Kesegowaase go towards Shay. A soldier threw himself on Josiah holding it with the sword and Josiah. Josiah saw Shay firing on Kesegowaase with punckle cannon and then put Kesegowaase the wall. Josiah screamed and the soldier stabbed in the throat and then get rid of him. Josiah will put his feet to see Kesegowaase fall to the ground lifeless. Josiah shocked at the sight of his dead friend, then a brute threw him in the sea below the fort.

Adéwalé Edit

FC Adewale render


Josiah swam for beach and went to the port. There he met with Liam who told him that he had killed Monro and had the manuscript. Liam asked where Josiah was Kesegowaase Josiah and bowed his head making it clear to Liam that their brother had died. Josiah and Liam went to the Royal Phoenix and returned to Davenport Homestad. In the year after Josiah continued his work and one day of 1758 was called by Hope. The woman told him she loved him and Josiah Josiah said she felt the same for her. That night consummated their love. In the same year, Josiah went to Vieille Carrière, to protect the reincarnation of the Creed: Adewale. Josiah was amazed by how Adewale was still strong and clever as assassin. Josiah escorted Adewale for the French outpost awaiting repairs Experto Crede.

One point Adewale saw Shay Cormac and ran for Experto Crede followed by Josiah. After a naval battle bypassed, Adewale was forced to beach his ship to save his crew. Preparing for a final position, Adewale has been addressed by the son of Edward Kenway and Grand Master of the Templars colonial, Haytham, along with Assassin-turned-Templar Shay Cormac. Adewale and Haytham had a brief exchange of Edward, and that he would be ashamed to Haytham to be a Templar. Josiah was with him in the dugout and fired continuously for killing Haytham without success. Shay came from behind and stabbed mortally Adewale chest. Josiah saw Shay do this and was about to kill him when Haytham Kenway murdered his subjects and attacked him. Haytham Josiah stabbed in the stomach and left to die, Josiah lost consciousness.

Josiah was recovered by members of his ship and rescued by doctor Lyle White. Josiah returned to Davenport Homestad and deeply disturbed by how a single Templar could shake our brotherhood. Josiah traveled to the city of Boston in September 1758. Josiah was still furious about the death of Adewale and wanted to somehow avenge the brotherhood. It was going to happen one thing that would have to happen and that a murderess would never permit. A British patrol sighted Josiah and attacked him as assassin. Josiah pulled out her twin pistols and fired. Josiah marched quickly swords and cut throat and chest to two guards. A sniper tried to hurt him with the bayonet but Josiah parried the blow and impaled him and then cut all three guards below. Josiah extended his hidden blade and went to hit the throat and stomach of a soldier. Josiah cut another guard with a concealed knife and then took his ax. Josiah rolled to the side, got up and cut the back of the British captain. Josiah savagely killed the rest of the soldiers and eventually found himself covered in blood with the ground strewn with dead. Josiah went out of the city and also for a bit 'by the Brotherhood.

Death of flame Edit

Hope Jensen

Hope Jensen

In 1759, Josiah earlier this year showed up in the brotherhood more determined than ever to kill Shay. To another state of mind of Josiah went slowly to decay the Liam O'Brien seeing him assured him that soon they would go to the site of precursors and who also had always the precursors of the box and also the manuscript. These words calmed a bit 'Josiah who continued to serve the American Branch. In October 1759, the residence of Hope was assaulted. Josiah who was there with Liam, he commanded the defenses against the British soldiers.

Josiah killed many soldiers with his rifle but eventually they entered in homestad. Josiah extensive his hidden blade and cut 4 soldiers to see a figure run to the roof of the villa. Josiah realized it was Shay and ran immediately for the residence. Josiah met with Liam that immediately informed him that he was going to the Arctic for the site. Josiah wished him good luck and immediately entered the house. Josiah collided with Hope, who said that he had poisoned Shay and who had to go away immediately. Josiah kiss Hope in the mouth and then run away with her to the roofs. At one point he saw a man chase Josiah and Josiah the unleashed against the gang-members to stop it. Hope went to the outskirts of the city while Josiah covered her fighting with the British soldiers in the street. After killing the last Josiah went to reach Hope. Having made his way Josiah saw Shay about Hope that was lifeless. Josiah heard the anger and fury growing inside him and went to Shay for a new struggle.

Josiah pushed Shay roofs lean against the wall and hit hard in his back. Josiah immediately took his sword and stricken the templar. Shay moved in time and avoided the blow, the Templars took his arms and dropped his dagger over Josiah. Josiah parried the blow with your hidden blades and then hit Shay thigh wing. Josiah put the blade to the wrist and beaten hard in the face to Shay. Shay screamed in pain and took his gun to shoot at Josiah, Josiah grabbed the barrel of the gun and deflected the shot then gave a blow to the head of Shay. Shay stunned went back for a bit 'and then took his sword again and settled over Josiah. Josiah parried the blow and Josiah blamed his hidden blade in Shay blocked but the weapon and dodged Josiah on a crate. Shay took the second gun and pointed at Josiah. Josiah shouted "Traitor" and kicked him to the ground at the hands of Shay making him jump the gun. Josiah extended his blade concealed shin Shay, Shay yelled in pain and then run away. Josiah dragged up the corpse of Hope on which cried all night.

Fall Of The Assassin Order Edit

AC3 Haytham Kenway render

Haytham Kenway

Josiah returned to the estate and what had happened. Achilles enraged studying a new plan to go to the site. In 1759, the assassins put on the floor. Chevalier would be the bait to hold off Shay, Chevalier put false maps to the temple in the fort of Anticosti. So Shay stole the maps and went to kill Chevalier while Liam, Achilles and Josiah would go to their real website. On 20 February 1760, the group arrived at the site of precursors and set up a camp. After several days of searching they found the entrance to the site and placed in the street their guards. Josiah was impressed by the facilities that were in the temple such as the defenses that he saw as the energy beams that can burn people. Josiah had heard that the Assassin Edward Kenway Master in 1722 he visited a temple of the first civilization known as The Centre and that there were similar things in the Arctic temple.

Having penetrated into the main chamber of the ruins, the three assassins were joined by none other than Haytham Kenway and Shay Cormac. They saw Achilles, Liam and Josiah before the artifact that held the earth; The Assassins had just realized that what was said by Shay years earlier was true. After a short dialogue, Liam, blinded by his thirst for vengeance tried to shoot the traitor; the shot was deflected by Achilles, which sent him against the element causing a new earthquake. In the chaos, Josiah saw Achilles and Haytham go away from the entrance while Liam behind Shay go for a secondary staircase. Josiah ran up the stairs intending to kill Shay before it could kill in turn Liam and take the manuscript. During Josiah race did his best to avoid sheets of ice falling from the ceiling, or as the defenses they were activated without notice. At one point, Josiah lost sight of is that Shay Liam but he felt Liam yelling Shay "Bastard does not think you get out alive."

Soon after Josiah felt like a big piece of ice was falling, Josiah course for an opening and saw that the road ended there. Josiah fell down and saw Shay put on the cap to a dead Liam. Josiah went crazy at the sight literally fell quickly, and extended his hidden blades for Shay throat. Shay lifted in time arm and stuck the blade into his chest and then make a fist to Josiah. The air from the chest Josiah took off leaving him breathless. Josiah took the gun and shot him on the shoulder of Shay. Shay yelled in pain and then extended its blade hidden in the forearm and commissioning of Josiah. Josiah screamed in pain and then he was grabbed by Shay and thrown into the water below. Josiah fought to return quickly to the surface so as not to die without water. Josiah exhausted reached the shore and pulled himself up there. Josiah went to the corpse of Liam and said he was sorry so much about not being able to save the Brotherhood by the Templars. Josiah went away and hurried back to shore. There he found Achilles wounded in the leg by a bullet. Josiah asked his mentor what had happened and he said that the Templars had taken the manuscript and they were gone. Josiah brought Achilles defeated the ship and then sailed from the estate. The colonial Brotherhood was destroyed and Josiah and Achilles could no longer do anything now. In May 1760, Josiah his bags and said good luck to Achilles before returning to the Caribbean. At least there would have succeeded in something.

Bahamas's activities Edit

Tulum Den

Josiah came back in the Caribbean but not more cheerful before and full of enthusiasm. One day in 1761 Josiah was at the helm of the Royal Phoenix when he saw in the distance a brig with Spanish colors closer to his ship. Josiah was suspicious and alerted the gunners. Immediately went to shoot a cannon at the Royal Phoenix, Josiah immediately made to collide the two ships. Josiah gave directions to his men to moor the Spanish ship.

Josiah just wanted to slaughter them for having fired at them that meant they wanted something from them and Josiah would give him another shipping world. Josiah marched his two swords and jumped onto the deck of the Spanish ship killing two snipers. Josiah cut your chest to a soldier and then killed a brute. In the battle Josiah killed nearly 14 Spanish soldiers and eventually saw the captain. He was standing and had just killed one member of the real Phoenix. Josiah extended his hidden blades and over on him. The captain immediately saw Josiah and fired on him.

Josiah rolled to the side to avoid the bullet and then raised to the captain. The captain went to his cabin and shut the door on Josiah. Josiah smashed the door right away because it was already damaged her and reached its way to the captain. Josiah stabbed in the chest to the captain and the man went on his desk. Josiah locked on the table and asked why they had fired. The frightened man said he had been instructed to kill Josiah on behalf of a man. Josiah asked the name but the captain said he knew only by the name of Allan Scott and had spoken through the letters. Josiah knew immediately that Allan was perhaps a Templar and then stabbed the captain in the head, killing him immediately. Josiah knew what to do or kill the Templar for the revenge of the brotherhood for the thirteen colonies.

The Accountant Edit

Josiah in the coming months informed of Allan Scott and his subordinates were:

  1. James Lovett, the guard Allan body
  2. Victor Creed, the right arm of Allan

James Lovett

Plus another two men who worked for one Lovett and the other for Creed and their names were Emmett Gun and James Raid. Josiah knew that Lovett had gone to Isla de Juventud to hunt down an artifact of the First Civilization that had been used during the Mayan rituals. For this reason the Lovett group had gone to the ruins. With them they had a hostage, Optanushm who knew where the artifact. Josiah landed alone to the beach on the island by the Royal Phoenix and would have to be all things to walk through the forest to get to the Mayan ruins. Josiah started doing parkour in the branches of the trees going very fast and shipped to the forest.

Josiah killed the soldiers and snipers whom he met in the street and finally arrived at a waterfall. Josiah performed a Leap of Faith from the waterfall and the water came in, Josiah swam for a while 'until you get to the Mayan ruins after walking foot. Josiah saw Lovett with Raid bring Optanushm in the main temple and placing guards to control the situation. Josiah from his bush saw that there was a kind of field and that was to create a diversion to distract the guards. Josiah fired a dart of the fury of 4 soldiers sparking a fight between them, the guards went to see Josiah and could pass to go into the temple. Josiah triggered the eagle's way and saw the trail that led to the room. Josiah came into the room just in time to see Lovett and Raid ahead of the restoration that was the Apple of Eden.

Raid noticed Josiah and fell on him, the two rolled on the ground and Josiah eventually took Raid and then go on the apple. Lovett had taken his gun and fired. Josiah rolled avoiding bullets and then became established once the apple. Josiah turned and saw the Templars Raid holding the knife to cut the throat of Optanushm. No! An innocent man was dead because of him! Josiah tried endless anger for having failed again and used the apple of Eden on the two Templars. Josiah Raid forced to proceed on Lovett with the dagger raised. He had to die! An innocent person had died because of the Templars and he was not able to prevent it. Raids continued for Lovett. For he had failed! Raids came ahead of Lovett and pierced his body very slowly with the knife forced by Josiah through the apple. Lovett moaned in pain and fell to the ground. Raid cut his throat with the knife.

  • Josiah: Because of he died an innocent!
  • Lovett: Ah Ah Ah! But let me laugh told him who kills in the name of peace.
  • Josiah: He spoke to the man who says he wants to enlighten the minds of men through the control and depriving them of reason.
  • Lovett: Without us, the world would be full of your crazy anarchy.

Lovett succumbs to his injuries.

  • Josiah: May your belief accompany you to hell.

Josiah left the temple and the hall saw the Templar mercenaries. Josiah used the apple and made faint all the mercenaries on the ground. Josiah route the stairs and done go down from the Mare Josiah returned to the Royal Phoenix. Back in Tulum, Josiah reported what he had been able to do and the mentor made his compliments and said he could go on like this. Josiah worked well for his next target Victor Creed for the initial months of 1762.

The Sage Edit

Victor Creed was a military man and a veteran of the Polish Civil War and the Seven Years' War and the French and Indian War about 60 years. Victor was the right arm of Allan Scott and he made many commissions and committees as bringing the Voynich manuscript in Europe. Josiah discovered which allocated for English camp Santanillas, a Creed ship would set sail from Abaco Island and went for Santanillas. Josiah seen fit to follow the ship.

February 19, 1762, Josiah was leaning against a fence waiting agent's Creed. Josiah waited and waited and eventually saw a man dressed as a British captain walk the road. Josiah ignored it and the agent spent going to his ship. Josiah started, and follow him and eventually saw the agent get into his ship and set sail. Josiah quickly reached the Royal Phoenix and sailed along the ship's agent. After a while 'travel, Josiah saw that the ship was in the vicinity of Santanillas. Josiah did shoot heavily all the fire they had against the ship and then definitively destroyed with mortars. The ship sank near the island and Josiah seen with the telescope on the island that was quite restless. Josiah did bomb the British military camp for a bit 'and then sent down his men to kill the last remaining soldiers alive. Josiah made his way through the camp. Josiah took his gun and fired at the soldiers he met. One point saw Josiah type 8 figures who took refuge for Mayan ruins which was located higher up. Josiah ran for the group with his sword killing anyone soldier cheated the way.

Eventually Josiah went to the ruins as did Edward Kenway in 1719 to kill Benjamin Hornigold. Josiah heard a gunshot a few centimeters from his face and saw a sniper a few meters from him. Josiah took her by rope dart and took the sniper to bringing throat to him. The gunman died suffocated and then Josiah climbed on a column. Josiah did parkour to the Mayan ruins avoiding the bullets of his enemies. Josiah reached the highest part assassinated in flight two soldiers, who were defending the last 4 Creed rushed for Josiah. Josiah cut a soldier and then beat him in the face to another, shot himself and impaled her back to another and then again stuck to his back with the other sword. A soldier lowered his sword to the thigh Josiah and Josiah extended his blade concealed by the throat soldier. The last two soldiers went against Josiah Josiah thrown together and both the ground, close together and then cut their throats with his hidden blade. Josiah was faced with Victor Creed, and also started to rain a little. The two men stared into his eyes intently. Victor pulled his sword from its sheath slowly and then threw away the scabbard. Josiah extended his hidden blades. The two went at each other with their arms raised. Creed waved his sword to the head of Josiah. Josiah immediately parried the blow and then hit hard on the stomach of Creed. He let out a grunt and then rushed back to Josiah. The weapons of both clashed for a while ' and Josiah eventually made its way to the Creed chest. Creed injured fell to the ground with Josiah who was holding him.

  • Josiah: Leave this life in peace.
  • Creed: I fear for what's next. We live for something impossible but only now I realize. But in the end she will guide us but the world is not ready yet perhaps never will be. I was just hoping to see her there in the grey of the Observatory. But it was not so.
  • Josiah: She, who?

Creed closes his eyes. Josiah shakes Creed "She who? Tell me! You who? Who were you talking about?". Needless Creed would no longer spoken. Josiah went away and returned to the Royal Phoenix. Having looted everything that was in tact sailed away to Tulum.

The Master Seeker Edit

Latest target was just Allan Scott. Emmett Gun was not found with Creed, therefore, meant he was with Scott and still in circulation. March 6, 1762, Josiah went to Kingston with the intention to kill Scott which would pass for a street aper reach Fort Charles. Josiah stationed on a roof waiting. at one point I saw a group of people go like, 10 guards and a man who dressed identical to Scott. Josiah threw a smoke bomb on the group. In the smoke Josiah assassinated several guards and one point saw Scott run away. Josiah threw his pursuit behind with the remaining 7 guards. Josiah threw behind a small bomb that exploded when he killed his pursuers.

Josiah saw in Scott something different like it was not him. Josiah shot in the back at Scott and going out to be Emmett Gun. Josiah quickly grabbed his gun and fired on Gun leg. Gun ruined the soil and then tried to take the knife. Josiah immediately on him kicked the hand and did fly off the dagger and then give a second kick in the face a Gun. Gun left on the ground and Josiah sat on with concealed blades that pointed in his face. " 'Where it is Scott?" Josiah asked. "You can go to hell!" responded Gun. Josiah sunk the blade into her shoulder. Gun screamed in pain. "Tell me where is Scott or I'll kill you," said Josiah with the killer instinct in his eyes. Gun said he was going to Long Bay. Josiah asked why, Gun said Victor Creed was a wise and that he knew the location of a site of the First Civilization known as the Observatory. Josiah knew then what he had said Creed in his last words, and that was an essay that is the reincarnation of a precursor of which he could not remember the name. Josiah realized that Scott had to stop before it arrived at the Observatory.

Owen Clemens

Emmett Gun

Josiah arose from Gun leaving him free, Josiah took his gun and pointed at his temple of the head. "So to thank me believe that the assassins lead to ruin you know is violence," said contemptuously Gun. "Yes, a member of my sworn enemy Order" Josiah answered. Pulled the trigger. Josiah made his way to the Royal Phoenix and left immediately for the Observatory. After a few hours of journey, Josiah saw a kind of approximately 5 ships block. Josiah began a naval battle and eventually managed to sink all ships and pass the blockade. Josiah arrived at Long Bay beach. Josiah told his men to wait there and kill any Spanish or English soldier saw. Josiah got off the ship and then made his way to the forest. Josiah heard sounds of gunfire and realized that the British soldiers were fighting someone or something. Josiah knew of a native group that defended the Observatory but did not know that there were still. Josiah came for a piece of the road and saw soldiers shooting at people who were jumping for trees. Josiah over soldiers and assassinated two. Josiah used the element of surprise to kill most of the soldiers. In fury Josiah eliminated the soldiers and then joined by a native.

The man thanked him and asked why he had helped Josiah. Josiah said he wanted to stop the soldiers to keep them out in the Observatory. The man said he had the same goal and then took his dagger telling Josiah to follow him. Josiah followed the man running for the trees and occasionally met British soldiers and killed them. Eventually arrived in front of a portal for the Observatory, there were about 8 guards. Josiah murdered two as the native killed one with the dagger. Josiah shot quickly over others while the native killed two others with his dagger forever. The native said his name Ashmarth. Finally they showed up and then into the house. For corridors heard some strange kind of screams or activation energy beams noises. Reached a opening Josiah was speechless with surprise. There were blocks that were attached to the pear orchards or suspended in nothingness with under something not seen. Josiah made its way along with Ashmarth for a kind of scale that came to a point where there was a landmark sphere in which there was a skull Crystal. In the middle there were British soldiers in the middle Allan Scott. "Kill him," shouted Scott indicating Josiah. All the soldiers went to Josiah and he immediately rolled to the side and raised, Josiah extended knives and stabbed in the back a soldier. Ashmarth meanwhile wing throat stabbed a soldier and then threw one below. Josiah course around the three soldiers and stabbed where it happened after avoiding their shots. Fallen as nothing and remaining 6 British soldiers both went for Josiah with their both Ashmarth.


The Observatory's entrance

Josiah saw Scott shoot on him and Josiah grabbed a soldier and used as a human shield, Josiah beat up a soldier throwing him in the stomach below and then stabbed the last throat. Ashmarth stabbed in the chest a soldier but then he was wounded in the leg by another. Ashmarth managed to kill the soldier but then was killed with a gunshot to the chest to the last soldier. "NO!" Josiah screamed. Josiah course for the soldier and struck a powerful kick in the back. Something broke. The soldier shouted very strong pain. His back was broken. Scott screamed and battle his sword on Josiah blade. Josiah was planted and clutched teeth not to surrender. Josiah gave a knee in the stomach to Scott who went behind. The soldier was on the floor and Josiah beaten again on a strong leg as before. The leg gave way and the man screamed even louder. Josiah turned again to Scott and seen standing holding the skull of Crystal and as if to leave. Josiah gave a kick in the side by Scott, sending him to the ground. Josiah collected the skull of Crystal and put back in its place. Scott grabbed his gun when he was on the ground and fired. Josiah almost managed to avoid the bullet. Josiah extended his hidden blade and went for Scott. Scott got up right away and grabbed Josiah. Josiah smashed and Scott went to the ground. Josiah turned up and stabbed in the shoulder Scott. Scott yelled and then punched the Assassin ankle. Josiah sold a little and then dodged the stroke of Scott. Josiah stabbed alongside Scott. Scott put his hand on her hip and ceded the floor.

  • Scott: We arrived at the end and Advisor?
  • Josiah: Already Templar may your wishes go down with you.
  • Scott: What irony! Cormac could not out of the way and the Grand Master Kenway instructed me. But apparently you do not have a repeated failure you've done in the colonies.
  • Josiah: What did you think I repeat it the same mistake twice? Death can give you everlasting peace that you have not found in this life. Rest in peace bastard.

Josiah took Scott by the leg and dragged to the edge of the surface.

  • Josiah: Now it's up to you!

Josiah left the ground the leg and then pushed Scott down below. Josiah went back on the soldier remained alive. "Goodbye" Josiah, Josiah said slowly stabbed in the chest just to let soldiers die without blood.

The New Mentor Edit

Lady Concord

Lady Concord

Josiah returned to Tulum least pleased with the success in Log Bay after the purge of the colonial assassins. Josiah later married a woman and had about 6 children between 1763 and 1770. In 1770 killed many allies and members of the Order as Victor Jensen, Jackie Charlotte, Philippe François de Bullion, Edward Read, Mr. Thomas and Claude Gaultier de la Vérendrye all at the hands of two killers Templars called: Eric Rackham and Lady Concord. Moreover many other members Josiah had known as: Ruby Travers, Delaware Dinsmore, Condor Apito and Songui. Josiah feared by the Templars a new purge but hoped not.

In 1772, Josiah knew that the Templars had taken Great Inagua and Dimanche had died of Lady Concord hand. Anger and sadness at the loss of Mentor and Josiah stood in brotherhood and tried a new mentor. In 1773, for some reason Concord was become the new Mentor and had made an attack on a strong Templar killing some members. Josiah harbored resentment toward Concord but convinced by Apito and Dinsmore decided to accept concord as a new Mentor. Also more and in 1773 he had become a Assassin, Eric Rackham, Josiah did not trust fully idea two former Templar but wanted to see if it was really changed and if keep eye. Already the concord mission to groped to kill Eric Johnson and the result of killing Carlos Vazquez left him thinking that had become really an assassin but not in the case of Eric. Josiah for a while 'was attracted to men but then changed attitudes making himself completely disgusted in his eyes. Josiah hoped a new revival to combat the Caribbean Templars.

The Traitor Edit



In 1774, Josiah found it strange that the brotherhood there were men and women who were strange. Josiah thought there was corruption in the brotherhood and thought it was Concord that had infiltrated the Templar agents to undermine from within the Brotherhood. Josiah decided to talk about this with Songui and Condor Apito of the matter. Condo said maybe he could be right and Songui said that Josiah had to find the infiltrators and kill them but ask them who had put them there. Josiah triggered Eagle Vision and murdered stealthily infiltrated all. The last one was walking down the street of Great Inagua.

Josiah came from behind and pointed his gun at his temple to ask who had put there and why. The frightened man said he was there for the Rite Caribbean Templar thanks to a traitor in the Brotherhood. Josiah asked the name of the traitor and the man and gave it. Josiah satisfied stabbed the man in the back and then went for a meeting with Songui and Condor Apito. Josiah revealed the name of the traitor: Guy Collins. Songui said that nothing remained but to kill Collins and Josiah proposed to help in this. The two went to the house of Collins who was in the village of great Inagua. For Josiah street told Songui he wanted to bring Collins from Concord and do kill her as proof of his true conversion to the Order. Songui said that he was fine and showed a blowgun to Josiah that they would use on Collins.

Got to the door, knocked Songui as Josiah hidden in a haystack. No reply. Songui heard the sound of a window opening and saw Collins run away by jumping over bridges to the port. Josiah popped out immediately from the hay and chased Collins. He was to prevent him from escaping. Josiah threw himself at Collins, and went away to the ground fighting with each other. One point Collins put on Josiah, and extended his blade concealed as to kill him. Collins stopped for a moment and then fell to the ground. Josiah got up and saw the back of a dart Collins who had made him fall asleep. Josiah saw Sogui before him and thanked him. The two brought Collins to Kenway Manor to make it execute from Concord for proof of his loyalty. Entered the main hall Songui and Josiah did chimeras Concord. Concord entered the room at his side there was Eric Rackham. Songui made to kneel while Josiah Collins Concord referring to what he had discovered. Concord heard everything and in the end said that they had been right to take it from her so she would personally occupied. Josiah was surprised by those words and understood that really had become a Assassin. Concord went to Collins and took a dagger from his robe. Concord Collins stabbed in the chest several times and that he fell down dead. Concord went telling his men to clean. Josiah finally satisfied for the loyalty of Concord and clean with Songui and Eric.

Death Edit

Callum Kerr 2

Callum Kerr

In 1776 much of the Lady Concord's lieutenants had died because of the Grand Master Madeleine François de Bullion and his student Callum Kerr as Condor Apito and Delaware Dinsmore. Josiah in June 1776 was at Pinos Isle for a meeting with smugglers affiliates of sister Ruby Travers. Josiah played briefly as the meeting said that their number had halved and that very soon they could have increased their files. Josiah had already experienced that period during the Seven Years' War and knew that as he had Connor Kenway the assassins would always be resurrected.

At one point, Josiah spotted a ship identified as La Grande Gazelle. Josiah knew that this was the same ship that had killed in a clash Roderick Roberts, who was a reincarnation fate of the Creed. The ship went down many sword-wielding members who went against Josiah group. Josiah extended his hidden blades and just could skewered the throats of two Knights Templar members. Josiah had seen that lead was just Callum Kerr and Madeleine de Bullion, Josiah knew immediately that they wanted to kill him but would sell expensive skin at all costs. Josiah fired from his position and killed members of the Templars as Callum cut his chest to his smuggler.

Josiah Madeleine invited to come out to face them. Josiah took his sword and using parkour quickly descended from the rock to the beach. Josiah killed three other crew members and then thrown at Madeleine. The two had a fight in which clashed their weapons at each other for a while 'as Josiah Madeleine alongside seriously wounded. Callum thrown at Josiah and the two ruined to the ground a few meters from Madeleine. Josiah hit hard on the stomach Callum throwing it from one hand to the side doing that Josiah stood up for Madeleine. Madeleine ran into his arms with those of Josiah until Callum came from behind and hit Josiah back. This hurt Josiah who punched him to Madeleine and then extended its blade hidden on Callum throat. Callum blocked the arm and then grabbed the wrist of the other hand. Josiah remained so for a while 'as Callum left him and took his gun. Callum shot of Josiah and fell to the ground assassin remaining kneel before Callum. "Kill me what aspects Templar bastard" said Josiah. Callum extended his hidden blade and started to finish Josiah but was stopped by Madeleine. Madeleine took his sword and stabbed the Josiah in the heart chest. Josiah fell to the ground and closed his eyes to open them more.

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