"You templars made one mistake …YOU FORGOT ABOUT ME!"
―Jovain to Juhani Otso Berg
Jovain Hunt
Jovain Hunt
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17th February, 1991
Tyler, Texas


1st November, 2091

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Jovain Hunt, aka. Miles Henderson, was an American Assassin who were the child of an Assassin and a Templar.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Born to an assassin-mother Virginia Hunt, and a Templar-father Mike Clayborn. He was secretly trained by his mother and his uncle Connor Hunt but shortly after his 17th birthday he overheard his father talking about adding him to the Templar Order and he came in and said: "I'm never going to join you and the rest of your order of fools" Mike replied: "Why do you say that" Jovain answered: "Because I'm an Assassin." Enraged, Mike grabbed him by the throat but before he could do any harm Jovain stabbed his father in the abdomen with his hidden blade and he ran out. After that he and his mother went to Karnack, Texas and hid out in a hunting camp and for the next three years he continued his training and preparation for an operation known as "ultionem" (revenge in latin) in witch he would take the identity of miles Henderson and go inside Abstergo Industries and be part of their Animus program and relive the memories of his ancestors George Hunt and Giovanni Auditore.

Life at Abstergo Edit

"My uncle always told me revenge solves everything … he was right"
―Jovain Hunt to himself
On December 14, 2010, Jovian volunteered for the job at Abstergo under the name Miles Henderson in Houston, Texas, and began going into long Animus sessions to the point of having loss of conscious, severe headaches, deafness, memory loss, visual and auditory hallucinations, nightmares, and sudden acts of violence but he was put on meds and was taken out of the animus for 10 weeks and he recovered. At the beginning of his second year of work he was transferred to Rome to continue his work there and even becoming a member of the Inner Sanctum. About 3 weeks later he was ordered to betray Abstergo and kill the members of the Inner Sanctum of the Templar Order on January 8, 2012 – to which he succeeded on all, but Laetitia England, Warren Vidic and Daniel Cross.

Back home Edit

When he returned home, Jovain bought an apartment in Shreveport, LA, and got married to Katarina de Luca an Italian assassin from the small town of Gavorrano, Tuscany. On December 21, 2013, at 5:26 am Rebecca Crane came to his apartment asking if he and could help her with Animus research to which he agreed. During his research, he met Harris Miles cousin of Desmond Miles. During this time the US government was dealing with small-scale rebellions and riots all across the south caused by assassins and their allies, encouraging secession and Jovian was the main supporter of them. On April 12, 2014 several states seceded. Rebecca and her colleagues wanted to leave but Jovian resisted and it resulted in Harris and him fighting. He released him but it was the first time assassin had fought assassin since December of 1864. The U.S declared war on the newly formed Confederacy on April 26, 2014, and Jovian met with the President and general of the Confederacy and he signed the same document his grandfather did 154 years ago the remainder of the war was only 6 months long with the Yankees surrendering on November 26, 2014.

Later life Edit

Jovian had 3 children during the war named Emily, Virginia and Boe. He later has 4 more in 2017 named Francesca, Katniss, Aaron, and Jefferson; he trained his children as his ancestors did before him eventually his father came out of hiding and went to his home in Karnack and held his family hostage but was killed by Jefferson. Jovian and his wife lived until they were 102 Jovian passing on November 1, 2091, his wife on November 5th, they both passed of old age. "Ny dearest Katarina I know that we both have aged 102 long happy years and I have enjoyed every millisecond of it, even though there was times of war, pain, and fear we have made it through together. When I was young I thought I would never be loved only love with nothing in return but in reality, I was too naive to see it but I did indeed find you and I will be waiting for you in heaven with love Jovian hunt ." Jovain's final letter to Katarina

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