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Juan Reyes is a Mexican and descendant of Assassins Horatio, Rambochiciamanuga, Andrey Oslabya, Alejandro Caballero and Diego Perez. In 2017, he was kidnapped by a group of Assassins with the aim of exploring his genetic memories.


Early life[]

Juan was born in 1979 and was the son of assassins, Diego Perez and Kamilla Garsia. About the affilation his parents to Brotherhood Juan didn't now, because they made every effort that their son was not involved in the endless war of two orders. His mother was killed by Brazillian Templar Daniel Nunez, however, the police failed to find the killer. It was then Juan decided he would become a policeman to prevent future crimes and to arest criminals. At 22, he became policeman. In 30 years, he met Bonita Carreiro who became his wife. In 2011 the couple had two sons: Jesus and Pedro.