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Juan Veroso

August 30, 1872


April 20, 1942


KKK, Filipino Army, Assassins

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"Tu citius absolvet eandem viam aquilæ: Est fatum (You will traverse the eagle's path; it is your destiny)"

-Juan speaking to his templar nephew

Juan Veroso (1872-1942) was a Filipino assassin who fought during the Philippine revolution, the Filipino-american war, World War I and II. He became the grand master from 1930-42.

Early Life[]

Boy in a twisted life[]

Juan was born August 30, 1872 in Manila, Philippines. He is the son of a Middle-class Filipina and a Spanish civil guard. Due to being born middle-class; he was able to get privileges unlike his native brethren. He was known for being an Intelligent child, often excelling in his class and being able to speak Spanish, Latin, french, and English. When he was 8, he had a dream. His dream was one crusader and one man with a piece of linen covering his head fighting. The crusader was killed and the killer took the object the crusader was holding: A spherical object glowing yellow and white. The man then said "Tu citius absolvet eandem viam aquilæ: Est fatum (You will traverse the Eagle's path; It is your destiny).

When he was 12, he was kidnapped in the middle of the night. He was taken to the woods by 2 hooded men. He was then strapped down to a chair by one of the two men. Juan started wailing for help but his mouth was stuffed with cloth. The other man then opened a chest and took out the same thing he dreamed about years ago. The man approached him and said "Tatahakin mo ang landas ng Agila; Ito ay ang iyong kapalaran". This was the words spoken by the man in his dream. The object was then handed to him and he saw visions. One vision was a man killing his father

When he woke up, he was lying in a hospital with his mother beside him. A few days later, he was released from the hospital.

A year later, while sleeping, he was woken up by his mother arguing to someone. By the time he got down from the stairs, he saw the adversary stab his mother. His mother was wearing the same cloak he saw from the men except the men's were white while his mother's hood was black. When his mother saw him she told him to run and take the object from her hands. He did and ran out of the house, with the adversary in hot pursuit. He and his father ran around town until they reached the woods where he eventually lost the adversary. While he was walking around the woods; he was greeted by a familiar face.


Juan was met by the man who kidnapped him a year ago. He got to his knees and begged for mercy. The man saw the object Juan was holding and told him to stand up. Juan handed over the object and asked him what happened to the previous owner.