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"I worship the Templar Order's ideals. It is time for the human kind to follow us. We – The Templars – know how the world is supposed to work, and so we help those who cannot help themselves. Remember our principles: To guide all wayward souls 'til they reach a quiet road. To guide all wayward desire 'til impassioned hearts are cooled. To guide all wayward minds of safe and sober thought. "
―Juana recruiting the members of the Hunters

Juana Puíg was a Master Templar on operating behalf of Grand Master Torres during the Golden Age of Piracy – during which she was trying to find blood vials, ordered by her master. She was an enemy of Andrés François and the Caribbean Brotherhood. She was also the leader of a little group of Templars in the search of other tools from the First Civilization. She was one of the Templars that captured the Sage Roberts and brought him to the city of Havana.

Juana was killed by the Frenchman Andrés François in 1721.

Juana Puíg
Juana Puig.png
Juana was the protégé
of Laureano Torres
Biographical information

May 1692


August 1721 (aged 29)

Political information

Caribbean Templars

Real-world information
Appears in

AC IV: Black Flag

Assassin's Creed: Purge (mentioned)


Early life []

Little is known of Juana's background prior to her meeting with Torres, who at one point saved her life. Feeling indebted to him, she aided him in his endeavors of establishing of a Templar Rite in Caribbean, subsequently picking up many of his tricks in manipulation. Juana eventually grew so competent in the ways of the Templar Order, as well as well-versed in navigating the high seas, she became the Order's unofficial leader of operations in the search of tools from Those Who Came Before.

Caribbean Templars []

As a high-ranked member of the West Indies Rite of the Templar Order, Juana was working with a little group of hand-picked Templars: Irene Carter, Ivan Nevsky and Unai António. Working with these four, Juana and her acolytes located Bartholomew Roberts, a sailor – and Sage – in the South America.

During the Golden Age of Piracy, Juana started a hunt for Precursor sites. This was disturbed by the actions of pirates Edward Kenway and Andrés François.

At some time, Juana, Lord Concord and Torres was overseeing the induction of Eugiène Blaise in 1716.


In 1721, Juana's acolytes was removed. Andrés and Edward had killed them all – and the Templars that stood close to Laureano Torres. Juana was killed after an incident in the Bahamas. Juana had been on one of the islands when a ship approached, and Andrés came and killed her. She meant she had found a precious Piece of Eden.





  1. Juana's last name, Puíg, is a reference to Ildefanso Falcones' historical novel Cathedral of the Sea