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Julian Mariano Hamza Valencia y Zadeh

Julian Mariano Hamza Valencia y Zadeh (b. 1868- d.1899) was a Filipino Assassin of Moro and Batangueno descent at the time of the Katipunan/Philippine Revolution. Julian was born to soldier Fernando Valencia who died in a battle and Maizah Zadeh, a Moro woman from Cebu, who died of childbirth. He was raised by his relatives in Cebu and was founded and taken by his father's friend, Col. Amidio San Jose, a soldier and retired assassin, when Julian was only 6 yrs. old. Amidio raised him and taught him the ways of the assassins and took him to Ateneo Municipal de Manila to study. He graduated both in his studies and in training at the age of 18. He worked as a lawyer and a soldier for a couple of years and he founded, along with other associates, an order against the templar influence, w/c was the Spanish colonial government.


Early Life

Born to a Batangueno father and a Moro mother, he spent his early years in Cebu, where he was born. He was raised by an auntie after the death of his mother. At the age of 6, Col. Amidio San Jose, a filipino soldier and a friend of his late father came to Cebu, just after his death. As his father requested on his death bed, Amidio took him to Batangas and there Julian spent his whole life anew. Amidio thaught him the ways of the Assassin Order and its purpose, and of the Templars. Having this knowledge at an early age has molded him into a willing assassin. At the age of 15, he went to study in Ateneo Municipal de Manila law, where he met his long time friend, Dr. Jose P. Rizal.


At 16, after coming home from school, Julian encountered a group of street rats called the "Uwak", usually composed of young teenage boys who steal from merchants and unfortunate passers by. One of the boys threatened him as the boy demands him of his valuables. Realizing the threat he's in, he surrenders his money and the group left him alone. A couple of blocks away, he saw the same boy was being intimidated by a gwardya sibil. Having second thoughts of wether aiding the boy, he realized the unfair advantage of the situation not to mention the abuse of power, his conscience finally got a hold of him and helped the boy. He snuck behind the guard and knocked him unconcious. Before both of them could sink in to what had happened, two guards, caught them and both boys tried to flee from the scene. With both gwardya sibil on their tails, they freerun through the roofs until they finally lost them. The boy was thankful and introduced himself as Isko. He asked Julian if he wanted to be a part of the group, but declined, for he was not in the habit of thievery. Isko respected his desicion, telling him what to expect from a "Burgis" like him. Despite all that he remained good friends with the group, including his 9 year old sister, Kuting, who later helped him to get to know the shortcuts and secret passageways of the city, in exchange for saving his brother.

The Brotherhood

News of templar abuse has spread throughout the country, as Rizal wrote 2 of the most scandalous books written at that time and by 1892 the templars gaining strength and control over the country. This was the time where Amidio has left for America, leaving Julian as part of his training and just simply telling him that he knows his way around. As a farewell gift, Amidio handed him over an assassin armor, worn by non other than his own father at his time in the brotherhood, a Kalis and a hidden blade. While on his errands, he met a man named Andres Bonifacio, a part-time actor and one of the future founders of the Katipunan. At that time, he reunited with his friend, Rizal, after he came home from Hong Kong. They planned and agreed to make an oranization, La Liga Filipina in Tondo, Manila. The group's purpose was to involve the people directly into reform movement. Seeing this as a threat, the templars captured and arressted Rizal in Dapitan.

The Katipunan

After the arrest of Rizal, Andres and Julian, together with Teodoro Plata and Ladislao Diwa, formed a secret society called The Katipunan, who's primary goal was to gain independence from templar rule. The Katipunan was also the first assassin order in the Philippines for a long time, the last well known being at the time of Lapu-Lapu. Julian went to recue his friend from imprisonment but was too late when he was already deported to Zamboanga. In planning the revolution, Andres contacted Rizal for his full fledged support to the organization to rescue him from his detainment. After that time, The Katipunan led attacks on templar bases in manila. Julian and the others infiltrated the camps and gathered plans made by the Spaniards. Through the years the organization grew and new members has come to to join the brotherhood, including Emilio Jacinto, Valentin Diaz and Macario Sakay. Unfortunately, the secret society was discovered by a templar spy and was exposed in 1896.

Rizal's execution

News has reached Julian of Rizal's upcoming exicution, Julian sneaked through Fort Santiago where his friend was imprisoned. He tried to help him escape but Rizal refused. Julian did not understand why he didnt want to but Rizal simply told him that this has to be done. He must do this to open public's eyes of what was becoming of their country, so they can fight for it, as he had done so. Rizal gave a letter to Julian, telling him that he must give it to his family, for his farewell. Julian, saddened by his friend's descision, agreed to it and watched as his friend died for his country.

The Philippine Revolution

After the death of Rizal, and the discovery of the Katipunan, Julian, together with thousands of Katipuneros gathered to a mass gathering in Caloocan where they decided to start their revolt. This mark the event of tearing of cedulas w/c was later called The Cry of Balintawak or Cry of Pugad Lawin. There he met familiar faces, Isko, Damian, and Celeste Hidalgo, who is being reffered to as Kuting by her older brother. They were members of the brotherhood, aiding them for the battle and low profile investigations. Andres was the one who led the attack on the Battle of Manila on August 29 and appointed Julian to lead the rebel forces in Manila. Julian informed the Katipunan councils of the plans. On August 30, 1896, Julian together with Andres, led an attack on San Juan del Monte, the Spaniards being outnumbered, faught a delaying battle until reinforcments arrived. Once reinforced, the Spaniards drove the Katipuneros. They regrouped near Marikina, San Mateo and Montalban. Some time after, the revolution flared up initially in the eight parts of Northern Luzon that was led by Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo. Julian assisted the General with Andres' permition, telling Julian that they will be fine and he should help their brothers in Cavite. Julian spread armed resistance through southern tagalog region, w/c liberated cavite towns from the templars and where he stayed for some time helping Aguinaldo and Gen. Gregorio del Pilar, before both generals were exiled to Hong Kong. News came to Julian of Agapito Bonzon and Jose Ignacio Paua has raided their camp in Indang, capturing Andres and his brother, both executing them. Enranged, Julian went to both Agapito and Jose and mercilessly eliminated them. The death of Bonifacio has marked the extinction of the Katipunan in Manila.

The Spanish-American War

On May 1 1897, The Battle of Manila bay, Commodor George Dewey commanding the U.S Navy's Asiatic Squadron of the USS Olympia, aided by Julian, who assassinated Admiral Patricio Montojo, that lead to the defeat of the Spanish squadron. The Americans Instantly got hold of the harbor of Manila. Doubting the Americans, Julian investigated their plans, as it turned out that the Spaniards and Americans made the treaty of Paris, surrendering templar rule to the other. A portion of the US military has been working under templar power all along, not even the president of the United States was aware of the growing influence in their army. It was led by a soldier named Frederick Anderson, the major general of the group. Julian went to Hong Kong and gave the news to Aguinaldo.

The Philippine-American War

Julian did further investigations, preparing for the hunt for Frederick Anderson. Together with Aguinaldo, they led the battle, fighting off American Templars. With their numbers few, and with the Templars having superior fire power, Julian told Aguinaldo to retreat, and that he will take care of Anderson. Aguinaldo resisted but Julian told them there was no other way, he must kill Anderson to end it. Julian went through his way to Fort San Felipe, then inhabited by the Spanish. Avoiding and making his way through the guards, he finally got to Anderson and confronted him. Anderson attacked him together with some guards but Julian finally held victor. Julian confonted him for the last time and after Anderson explained his side, he blurted out a familiar name. His mentor, Col. Amidio San Jose, was the one who ordered the raid of the Katipunan. Julian wrote reports and plots for the Katipunan along with the letters he would send to him, without the knowledge of his mentor's deception all this time, whom he considered as a father figure. Col. Amidio was scheduled to return to the country, was the last thing Anderson said before he was silenced.

Confrontation and Death

Julian returned to his home in Batangas, where his ex-mentor was awaiting for his arrival. They finally met face to face years later, and Julian demanded an explanation for the betrayal. Amidio explained everything, and how everything is better off with the country under templar influence. The templars are not the real threat, something bigger than the petty wars that the world was encountering was going to happen. He also told Julian the real reason for his father's death, that he killed him without pleasure. His father didn't want to join him and Amidio was forced to kill his friend for his unwillingness. He asked Julian to join him and together they were going to stand alongside the templars, but he hesitated, he lost too much and he fight for what he believes, he fight for freedom. Amidio, disappointed, had no choice but to end him. They both attacked, leaving Julian injured but Amidio was killed. Instead of feeling disappointed, in the end, Amidio was proud of Julian, for his strength and skill, w/c he replied telling him he had a good mentor and moments later, he died. American soldiers came running in. One by one he fought them with all his might and his energy, even though he knew he was outnumbered. A soldier stabbed him at the back but he continued to fight on, filling his mind with pride and strength that he got from those people dear to him. He thought about Andres, the Katipunan, Rizal and Celeste. Until finally, he was shot from behind and fell to the ground. A group of other soldiers tried to fight of the remaining americans and the last thing he saw was a shadow of a man running towards him.


After his death, the templar influence in the American military eradicated. Aguinaldo became president of the Philippines which is still a territory of America.


Julian is dedicated, strong willed, serious and selfless. May sometimes be considered as aloof, but he cares for those people whom he worked with and values companionship strongly. He respects others decisions as long as its for the better and he is also considered to be humble and modest in every way.


Sometime between the Philippine Revolution and Philippine-American War, Julian has developed an intimate relationship with Celeste Hidalgo, a fellow brotherhood assassin. Their relationship seemed to appear friendly at first, joking and teasing each other in w/c Julian would sometimes respond in a confused manner, for not getting the jokes at all. Over time their feelings had developed in w/c they conceived a child that continued the assassin lineage.

Equipment and Abilities

Julian excels in free running. Able to climb trees and move through cityscapes, and the ability to toggle eagle vision just like any other assassin. He is able to weild different types of weapons namely the Kalis, a sword with a wave like blade, a dagger and the hidden blade. His long ranged weaponry is a pistol, a spear and poison darts. His build is average, balancing both his capability in free running and in combat. He wears a traditional filipino outfit, Camisa de Chino, sleevelless vest, a scarf and a sash with an assassin insignia.

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