"In order for the Creed to survive, one must embody the Creed with every breath they take, every step they take, and every target they kill."

- Juliana Trenet

Juliana Madeline Trenet (1805-1893) was a Master Assassin of the French and British Brotherhood of Assassins, operating out of Paris and Crawley from 1828 to 1874. She is the only daughter of French Assassin Council member Sophie Trenet, and Irish Master Assassin Henry Richard. She is of Irish and French descent.

Early Life and Assassin Beginnings Edit

Juliana Madeline Trenet was born on the quiet morning of March 3rd, 1805 to parents Sophie Trenet and Henry Richard. There are rumors surrounding her birth, ranging from how she was born, to who helped with the delivery. Her father was killed in 1811 during a mission in southern France. Though not much was known about her early years, but Assassin records state that Juliana began her Assassin training under her mother in 1814, and received her first Hidden Blade in the year 1823 at the age of eighteen. It is around this time that Juliana got to know Juliette Marie Dorian, daughter of Arno Dorian and Elise de la Serre. The pair would train together under Sophie, until Sophie called Juliette's combat skills 'pathetic' compared to Juliana's. This marked the first instance of hostility between Sophie and Juliette, which didn't sit well with Juliana. In 1826, Juliana bid farewell to her closest friend, after she agreed to continue her training in Crawley. After Juliette left, Juliana asked her mother about Juliette's departure. Trenet shrugged her off, and told her that it was nothing for her to worry about, and to focus on her training. Juliana was a little suspicious of her mother's answer, but continued on with her training. She achieved the rank of Master Assassin in the year 1828, much to her mother's pleasure.

Master Assassin Edit

Juliana’s first few years as a Master Assassin were quite uneventful, as she was sent out on a few minor missions within the confines of Paris, which consisted of taking out several groups of bandits. Her first major mission as a Master Assassin came in 1831, and was tasked to investigate the tomb of Jean-Paul Marat, in hopes of finding a powerful Isu artifact. Joining her on the mission was François Dorian, Juliette’s brother. The two Master Assassins infiltrated his tomb within the Pantheon, and when they got inside, found out the building was crawling with Templars. Quietly sneaking past the Templars, Juliana and François made their way into Marat’s tomb, and discovered a mysterious sphere of Isu origin. Juliana reached for the sphere, only to send a shock wave through the lower levels of the Pantheon, detonating the Piece of Eden, and alerting the Templars to their presence. After a long fight, Juliana and François quickly dropped smoke bombs, and quickly made their way out of the Pantheon, and back to Assassin Headquarters. Upon returning to the headquarters, Juliana and Francois informed the Council of their failure to obtain the Piece of Eden. Sophie was disappointed the most out of the Council members, especially with Juliana. After the meeting was over, Sophie stopped Juliana.

  • Trenet: I'm very disappointed that you and Francois didn't recover the Piece of Eden
  • Juliana: I'm so sorry, Mother. The Piece of Eden detonated upon me touching it, shattering it into a thousand pieces....
  • Trenet: Do you really think 'sorry' is going to cut it, Juliana? It was to be studied, until you and Francois mucked it all up.
  • Juliana: Mucked it all up? Mother, did you not hear? The Piece of Eden shattered into a thousand pieces, now neither sides in our eternal war will use it!
  • Trenet: Very well, that is true. But be forewarned, you will not be going on another mission until you learn to handle yourself in combat.

Juliana would not go on another mission for another seven years, focusing on honing her combat skills within the Assassin Headquarters under the tutelage of Bettina Percee. In February 1837, word reached Juliana that her best friend would be returning to Paris for the first time in eleven years.

Return of a Friend Edit

After Juliette met up with her brother and parents, Juliana met up with Juliette for a late evening coffee in the Cafe Theatre, where the two friends conversed about their lives and events that had happened after Juliette left for Crawley. In their conversation, Juliana brought up the altercation between her and her mother. Juliette explained everything that happened between her and Juliana's mother to Juliana. Juliana replied to Juliette, saying that she hoped it wouldn't go that far between her and her mother. The friends exchanged hugs, and retired to their sleeping quarters to rest.

Juliana didn't see Juliette when she left the next evening, but she did see Juliette after she returned with Francois to debrief with the Council.

Personal Life Edit

Juliana was described as a gifted individual with incredible motivation. Her closest friend, Juliette, has stated that she has cited Juliana as an inspiration to achieve the rank of Master Assassin.

Juliana was destined to become a playwright and essayist just like her mother, and wrote several plays and essays before dropping them entirely to focus on her career as an Assassin.

Juliana never married. She has said that the only thing she is married to was the Creed, and nothing else.

Juliana was incredibly close friends with Juliette Dorian. They trained together every day up until Juliette left to go train in Crawley. When Juliette returned for the first time in eleven years, the first person to greet her was Juliana, who gave her a big hug. When Juliette and Sophie re-ignited their feud after Juliette's mission in Constantiople, Juliana took Juliette's side, angering her mother. Sophie barred Juliana from communicating with Juliette for siding against her. This act slowly caused Juliana to be estranged from her mother, with them becoming fully estranged upon Juliana's move to Crawley in late 1847.

Weaponry & Talents Edit

Under the tutelage of her mother and other Master Assassins, Juliana was quick to learn the Assassin ways of free-running and combat, as well as climb up the faces of buildings with ease.

Along with her Hidden Blade, Juliana possessed several weapons and tools that aided her in her missions. She was known to use poison gas bombs, smoke screen bombs, and throwing knives throughout her career as an Assassin.

Juliana possessed two notable weapons. The first was the sword her father left for her, a sword she dubs 'Richard's Blade'. The other is a flintlock musket with a silver-grey Assassin Insignia on it, which she calls the Voix révolutionnaire.

Trivia Edit

  • Juliana braids the lower part of her hair, as it was what her father always did with her hair when she was young.
  • Juliana was also an avid hunter in her spare time.
  • Much like Juliette's brother Francois, Juliana also liked to travel, as her and Juliette traveled across England in search of Isu sites.
  • During training with Juliette when they were young, Juliana got nicked on the left side of her chin by Juliette's Hidden Blade, leaving a small scar that would remain for the rest of her life.
  • Juliana is the Godmother of Juliette's daughter, Alana Rose Dorian.
  • Upon her arrival in Crawley, Juliana discovered Guinness beer through Juliette, and would have a few wooden kegs stored in the Assassin Headquarters.
  • Juliana possesses a mild form of the sixth sense known as Eagle Vision.
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