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"You never really wanted to teach me anything, didn't you? You wanted me gone, and out of your life. Thanks to the kind actions of my mother, Leonard Frye took me in, and trained me in the ways of the Creed better than you ever could."
―Juliette arguing with Sophie Trenet, 1837.
Juliette Marie Dorian
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Juliette Marie Dorian, c. December 1851
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Biographical information

March 16th, 1808
Paris, French Empire


July 29th, 1900
London, United Kingdom

Political information


  • French Brotherhood
    (1818 - 1826)
  • British Brotherhood
    (1826 -1876)
Real-world information
Appears in

The Ottoman Stories (as an infant)
United in the Afterlife (as a child)
A New Beginning (as a teenager)
Tour of Paris
Journey to Constantinople
The Birth of Alana Rose
Expedition to Greece
Prelude to Liberation
A Visit to Egypt


Victoria Atkin

Juliette Marie Dorian (1808-1900) was a Master Assassin of the British Brotherhood. Known by her nickname The Iron Maiden, she operated out of Crawley from 1826 to 1868, and London from 1869 to 1876. Juliette would serve as Mentor of the British Brotherhood from 1858 to 1876, beginning what would later be 74 years of Dorian Family leadership. She is the daughter of the Assassins Arno Dorian and Elise de la Serre, and the younger sister of Master Assassin Francois Charles Dorian. Juliette is of British, French, and Austrian descent.

Early Life and Assassin Beginnings[]

Eighteen-year-old Juliette outside of the ruined carriage in Crawley, 1826.

Juliette Marie Dorian was conceived in Constantinople in June of 1807, after her mother and father, the Assassins Elise de la Serre and Arno Dorian, were stuck in in the Ottoman capital. Juliette was born on the quiet evening of March 16th, 1808 at the French Assassin Brotherhood headquarters in Paris, France. Not much is known about Juliette's early life, aside from trips to Constantinople and Masyaf when she was an infant. Dorian Family records indicate that Juliette began her training in the year 1818 under French Council member Sophie Trenet. Under Trenet, Juliette was struggling to learn, and in 1826, Trenet heavily criticized the eighteen year old Juliette, after failing to assassinate a target when she had the chance. After an argument between Elise and Trenet, they agreed to let Juliette train in Crawley, under the tutelage of British Assassin Leonard Frye. A few days later, Juliette and her family went to Cherbourg, and met up with Leonard and his infant son, Ethan. From Cherboug, Juliette, Leonard, and Ethan arrived in London, and found themselves a carriage to take to Crawley. On the way out to Crawley, their carriage was ambushed by an Assassin Hunter who threatened to run the carriage off the road. Juliette smashed the carriage's front window with her left hand, and ended the Hunter's life with her Hidden Blade. Juliette successfully steered the horses to the side of the road, saving her life, as well as Leonard and Ethan's, all with an injured left hand. Juliette, Leonard, and Ethan made it to Crawley, and met up with British Council member Henrik Goff. After the brief meeting, Leonard showed Juliette to her new quarters, and her new robes. After changing into her new Assassin Robes, Leonard welcomed Juliette into the British Brotherhood, as his personal apprentice.

Master Assassin[]

Journey to Constantinople[]

Under the training of Leonard Frye, Juliette earned the rank of Master Assassin in 1831, shortly after she turned twenty-three. Her first major mission as a Master Assassin came in the year 1837, where she was sent by Leonard to Paris to meet with her older brother, Francois. Upon arriving in Paris, Francois gave Juliette a tour of Paris, going to places where their parents had performed heroic acts for the Assassins. At the end of the tour, the pair visited the de la Serre Estate, where their parents had grown up. Upon their return from Versailles, Juliette and Francois met up with their parents, where Elise informed the pair about a mission in Constantinople, which required the help of two Assassins. The next morning, Juliette and Francois met with their parents and Sophie Trenet, to further discuss the mission. During the discussion, Trenet denied that Elise gave Juliette and Francois any information about the mission, which angered Juliette, who had to be calmed down by Francois. Later in the evening, Juliette and Francois set out for Marseille, and by the next day, were on a ship sailing for Constantinople.

Upon arriving in Constantinople, Juliette and Francois set out to look for Celim Alona, the lone Assassin in Constantinople. Upon meeting them at her residence, Celim informed Juliette and Francois that there were documents pertaining to a mysterious Piece of Eden, called the Ring, down in the Yeteraban Cistern. Juliette and Francois accompanied the young Ottoman Assassin down into the Cistern, where they were successful in recovering the documents, even while fending off the Ottoman Templar Grand Master, Alain Chemar. During their escape, the group of Assassins were detected, and pursued by Templar soldiers. Near the exit, Francois threw a poison gas bomb at the Templar pursuers. As they fought through the poison, Juliette shot a powder keg, dislodging some large boulders, separating them from their pursuers, allowing the Assassins to escape. After their escape, Juliette accompanied Celim and Francois to Celim's residence to rest. The next morning, Juliette and Francois were on their way back to Marseille. Upon their arrival in Marseille, Juliette was able to find the same carriage driver who had gotten them there earlier. Juliette and Francois entered the carriage, and arrived at Cafe Theatre by the early afternoon hours of the next day. Juliette and Francois reported to the Council Chambers, and presented the documents to Arno, Elise, and Trenet. Upon hearing how Juliette and Francois escaped, Trenet criticized Juliette's escape tactic.

  • Trenet: YOU WHAT? You put lives at risk! You could have killed civilians, and you could have killed YOURSELVES! How reckless of you, Juliette! How sloppy! How poorly done! You are still a menace!
  • Juliette: You cannot be serious, Sophie. Listen up. Call me what you want, but I did what I could to enable our escape with the documents, and my decision saved our lives. That's what you wanted, right? Or did you want us to do it another way?
  • Arno: Must we rehash this argument again?
  • Elise: It was a simple diversion tactic. I'm sure you've used it in missions before!
  • Trenet: I have NEVER seen someone act this brash before! Had I been there...
  • Juliette: But you weren't. You had no sway over how things went in Constantinople. As a matter of fact, you have no sway over me. Period. I am a British Assassin, and I know why you're saying these hateful things to me. You just want to get under my skin. You never really wanted to teach me anything, didn't you? You wanted me gone, and out of your life. Thanks to the kind actions of my mother, Leonard Frye took me in, and trained me in the ways of the Creed better than you ever could.
  • Trenet: I have heard enough! Juliette Dorian! You are to leave on the first carriage to Cherbourg today, and never return to assist the French Brotherhood again! Now be gone!

Juliette angrily left the Council Chambers on Trenet's orders, and waited outside Cafe Theatre for her carriage to arrive. Francois met with her, as the two of them exchanged goodbyes, and promised to write to each other.

Juliette in action in Constantinople, July 1837.

Return to Crawley[]

Within a couple of days, Juliette returned to Crawley, still angry after what had happened in Paris. Juliette arrived at the door of the Goff House, and the door was answered by Ethan and his best friend, Cecily. Ethan and Cecily led Juliette down to the basement of the headquarters, where Leonard Frye was waiting for her. Juliette sat down beside Leonard, and discussed the events that had happened in Paris and Constantinople. Leonard was furious when he heard about the altercation between Trenet and his pupil, and stated that he would write a letter to Trenet, hoping to get a sane response out of her. Juliette returned to her quarters, to be surprised by Ethan, who had just begun his Assassin training. Ethan asked where Juliette had been for such a long time. After saying she went to the Ottoman Empire for Assassin reasons, Ethan told her that he wanted to go there one day. After talking to Ethan, Juliette sat down and wrote in her journal, to discuss her thoughts and opinion on what had happened, while she waited for her husband to arrive home from India.

Expedition to Greece[]

In the year 1842, Juliette began research on a story told by her mother, about the legendary Greek Misthios, Kassandra, and her fabled weapon, the Spear of Leonidas. In March of 1842, Juliette got approval from her Mentor, Leonard Frye, to go to Greece and search for it, as long as she brought someone with her. Since her husband was in India, Juliette wrote to her brother, Francois. Shortly after, Francois arrived in Crawley, and the pair further discussed their plans. The next day, they set out to Paris. Upon arriving at the Cafe Theatre, Juliette and Francois had a discussion with their parents about Juliette's intentions. After the brief discussion, Juliette and Francois set off for Marseille, looking for a sailor named Michael Minaros. Upon arriving in Marseille, they succeeded in finding Minaros, who provided them with safe passage to Athens.

Juliette and Francois arrived in Athens, and quickly located the shop of Aleksander Miranos, a contact of Leonard's. After arriving in the shop, Aleksander informed the pair of Assassins that Kassandra's tomb was located at the base of Mount Olympus, but in order to gain access, they would need a key to get inside the tomb, which was located in the Parthenon ruins, marked by the Owl of Athens. Juliette and Francois made their way up to the Parthenon, and scoured the ruins for the symbol. Francois found the symbol, and let Juliette run her hand across it. Suddenly, the Parthenon floor gave way to reveal a passage. The pari of Assassins walked down and investigated the passage, only to be stopped by a fabled sphinx, who present them with a riddle. Initially stumped, Juliette was the one who came up with the answer to the riddle, destroying the Sphinx and revealing the key to Kassandra's tomb. The pair quickly exited the passage and made their way to the nearest carriage park.

Juliette and Francois were transported to Mount Olympus via carriage. Just as they were about to open the tomb, they were beset upon by two Greek Templars, Marko Runder, the Greek Grand Master, and his brother, Josiah. After taking care of them in a lengthy fight, Juliette opened Kassandra's tomb, and the pair walked inside the beautiful tomb. At the end was a large stone sarcophagus. As they opened it, they were shocked to see the remarkably preserved body of Kassandra, with the Spear in her hands. As Juliette reached out for the Spear, an explosion knocked her and her brother back, knocking Juliette unconscious. While unconscious, Juliette encountered Kassandra, who told her to be the Misthios she was destined to be, and not let the bloodline stop her. As Kassandra disappeared, Juliette returned to consciousness, much to the delight of her brother. Juliette looked around for the Spear, and could not find it. Francois calmed her down as they walked out of the tomb, telling her that Kassandra and the Spear weren't a myth, but very real.

Juliette Marie Dorian c. July 1842.

After bidding their farewells to Aleksander, Juliette and Francois walked down to the port, with the encounter with Kassandra still fresh in her mind. She told Francois that the bloodline Kassandra spoke of could mean they are related somehow. Francois told her that he would look into the family archives to see if her thought was true. The pair found Michael Minaros' ship in the port, and found themselves heading back to Paris within moments of boarding his ship.

Meeting Kassandra[]

A few days after arriving home from Greece, Juliette was spending time with her husband Samuel and their daughter Alana, when Samuel informed Juliette of a woman who was waiting upstairs at the door for her. Juliette exited her quarters and went upstairs to the door to be greeted by woman with braided wearing a suit and holding a briefcase. The woman asked Juliette about her trip to Greece, to where Juliette brought up that she went to Greece with Francois to search for the Spear of Leonidas, a weapon wielded by Kassandra the legendary Eagle Bearer. The woman replied that she missed the spear and Ikaros greatly. At that moment, it hit Juliette. She was talking to Kassandra, the Eagle Bearer herself. He brother was right. Kassandra was immortal. Kassandra informed Juliette that she knew that Julliette was visiting Athens, and knew that her birth was going to happen a thousand years before it happened. Juliette and Kassandra sat down at a park bench, and Juliette asked Kassandra several questions. Kassandra showed Juliette the reason she was immortal, making the Staff of Hermes appear out of thin air. Kassandra told Juliette that she's assisted the likes of Bayek, Amunet, Altair, and even Ezio Auditore over the course of her life.

Juliette was still curious about the Spear of Leonidas, and asked if there was any way she could see it. Kassandra complied, and turned the Staff into the Spear, the same one she used over 1500 years ago, and let Juliette hold it with her own hands. Juliette informed Kassandra about the incident inside the vault, and the message she received from a holographic Kassandra when she was unconscious. Kassandra informed Juliette that the message she saw could have been for the Prophesied One. Juliette asked about how she could help find the Prophesied One, to which Kassandra replied that she will be born years after Juliette passes from the world, but gave her the task of destroying any Pieces of Eden Juliette comes across. Juliette and Kassandra parted ways on good terms. Juliette returned to the Goff Mansion to write to her brother, informing him on what she had just witnessed.

Member of the Council[]

In February of 1847, Juliette was tasked by her Mentor to go to London, and recover vital Assassin documents that had fallen into the hands of the Templar Grand Master, Robert Starrick. Juliette was supposed to go with another Assassin, but Ethan had to stay with Cecily, who was pregnant, and George Westhouse was forced out of action with an injured arm. Juliette left for London the next day, and met up with Frederick Ashland, the lone Assassin in London. Upon meeting him, he gave her the names of two men that would lead her to Starrick: James Parker, a Templar from Boston, and Starrick's pawn in British politics, and Alfred Thorne, Starrick's specialist in the occult. The next day, Juliette found Parker in a crowd underneath the Big Ben bell tower. Parker caught wind of Juliette, and fled to the rooftops. After evading the police, Juliette cornered Parker, and asked for the location of the documents were. Upon being directed towards his associate Alfred, Juliette ended his life with her Hidden Blade. Juliette returned to Ashland, and informed him about Alfred Thorne. Ashland later informed Juliette that he would be at the Royal Exchange, browsing tea with his daughter, Lucy. The next day, Juliette went to the Exchange, and located Thorne and his daughter by way of her Eagle Vision. Once he rounded a corner, Juliette dropped down, and cornered Alfred, demanding the location of Starrick and the research. Upon giving Juliette the information, Juliette ended his life, again with her Hidden Blade. Reporting back to Ashland, Juliette stated that Starrick was in the Mansion House with the research, and planned to strike as soon as she was able. Arriving at the Mansion House early in the evening, Juliette kidnapped a Templar guard, who led her to Starrick's office. Upon arriving at his office, Starrick and Juliette engaged in combat. After a lengthy fight, Starrick succumbed to the wounds inflicted by Juliette. Juliette escaped through a window with the research before the Templars broke down the door to his office.

After touching base with Ashland, Juliette returned to the Assassin Headquarters in Crawley, to cheers from her fellow Assassins. For her bravery during the successful mission, Leonard offered Juliette a spot on the Assassin Council, to which Juliette accepted. Her parents, Arno and Elise, were there to witness Juliette accept her spot on the Council. Juliette also promised her Mentor that she would study the research on the Shroud of Eden.

A Visit to Egypt[]

Juliette with Alana on her shoulders in Egypt, May 1847.

In May 1847, Juliette and her daughter Alana took a ship down to the city of Cairo in Egypt, staying for three days. On the first day Juliette showed Alana what her Grandmother had done in Egypt around the Great Pyramids, and showed Alana the former resting place of Bayek, the Medjay from Siwa. Juliette informed Alana that they are going to visit Bayek's final resting place in Hotep Cavern the next day. After visiting Bayek's former tomb, Juliette and Alana returned to their hotel and settled down for the night. On the second day, Juliette and Alana teamed up with Bernie Willows, the owner of the hotel, to go out to Hotep Cavern. After a seven hour trip, the trio made it to the cavern. Juliette took Alana inside the cavern, and showed her the sarcophagi of Bayek and Aya, the founders of the Assassins. Leaving the tomb, Juliette told Alana that they will be staying the night in Siwa, Bayek's home. Returning to Bernie's carriage, Bernie began the trek to Siwa, where Juliette and Alana pitched a tent on a hill outside of the city. After running a few errands, Juliette sat with Alana, and told her the tale of Bayek, promising Alana that they will visit the Temple of Amun at the center of the town.

Waking up the next morning, Juliette and Alana got up and walked through the town of Siwa, and up towards the Temple of Amun. Juliette took Alana through the temple towards the center, only to be greeted by a pile of rocks and rubble. Alana really wanted to see where the tale of Bayek had begun, but Juliette calmly told her daughter that what was down there wasn't for them. On the way out, Juliette found a mysterious Isu artifact within the rubble, which she took back with her to the carriage. Once they returned to the carriage, Bernie, Juliette, and Alana made the long trek back to Cairo. Arriving back at the hotel, Juliette and Alana settled back down in their room and went to sleep.

Early in the morning, Juliette was surprised to hear a knock on the door. Answering the door, she was shocked to see that her husband Samuel Marshall had made the trek from India to meet her here. After questioning her about the Isu artifact, Samuel woke up his daughter gently, who hugged him tightly. After getting themselves ready, Juliette and Alana followed Samuel down to the docks, where the family found themselves a ship that would sail them directly to Portsmouth. On the travel home, Juliette informed Alana that her Assassin training would begin as soon as they returned to Crawley.

On November 9th, 1847, Juliette witnessed Cecily give birth to twins, named Evie and Jacob. Juliette would help the young parents train their children in the ways of the Assassins.

A Promised Peace[]

In September of 1849, Juliette received a letter from Sophie Trenet, the Council leader of the French Brotherhood of Assassins and Juliette's bitter rival, detailing that she wanted to put their rivalry in the past and that she would gladly invite Juliette and her family back to Paris to bury the hatchet. Juliette, Samuel, and little Alana boarded the ship to Calais and made it there within a day. Arriving at the docks, they were beset upon by thugs who called themselves the 'Butchers of Paris'. Engaging them in combat, everything went smoothly until Juliette's Hidden Blade was broken in three places. Attempting to pick them up, Juliette was grabbed by her arms and hair, and was rendered unconscious. She was stripped of her robes and beaten severely after being loaded into a carriage destined to Paris.

Juliette awoke, topless and chained to the walls of the Paris catacombs. Her captives came in and taunted her about how she would never see the light of day again. Juliette lashed out at the men, but was ultimately returned to an unconscious state.

Juliette returned to consciousness inside the halls of the French Brotherhood headquarters underneath the Cafe Theatre, where she was informed by Francois and his wife Marie that Marie's father and Sophie Trenet played a role in Juliette's capture in order to kill her. Juliette was at a loss for words and had nothing to say. Samuel asked if this could get Trenet in hot water with the law. Juliette said that she was willing to give a statement. Francois agreed and the trio made their way to the police department, where Juliette gave her statement of what happened showed the officers her wounds and lacerations on her belly. The evidence that was provided by the three Assassins was all they needed to arrest Sophie Trenet the next day. Due to her actions in the plot to take Juliette's life, Trenet was forced to step down as the leader of the Council, with Francois taking her place. His first act as Council Leader was saying that Juliette could assist in the affairs of the French Brotherhood once more.

Juliette in 1849.

Crimean War Involvement[]

in June of 1855, Juliette received word from her husband Samuel Marshall, who was stationed outside of Sevastopol in Russia during the Crimean War, that the high-ranking Russian Templar Pavel Nakhimov, was stationed at Sevastopol. Juliette traveled to Crimea, and met up with her husband, where they discussed on how they were going to assassinate Nakhimov. It is at Sevastopol where Juliette met Florence Nightingale for the first time.

The next morning, Juliette and Samuel decided that Samuel would pose as a sniper who would have a shot at Nakhimov. Juliette would sneak in, disguised as one of his female comrades, and finish him off. Juliette succeeded in acquiring a Russian uniform, and made her way towards Nakhimov. Nakhimov didn't even notice that Juliette was an Assassin, let alone know that one of his female comrades had been killed by her. Through his optical sight, he saw Juliette give the signal to shoot at Nakhimov, who was inspecting defensive positions. Samuel's shot grazed Nakhimov's shoulder. When he grabbed his shoulder in pain, Juliette assassinated Nakhimov, plunging her hidden blade into his right jugular. He slumped to the ground, dead, and as he died, Juliette fled the scene, returning to Samuel, and changing back into her traditional robes. The Assassination of Pavel Nakhimov was Juliette's last high-profile assassination.

Juliette would stay with her husband until the Battle of Malakoff, and assisted the French storm Malakoff, along with her brother, Francois. While Samuel fought with the artillery, Juliette and Francois succeeded in cornering Russian Artillery General Mikhail Gorchakov deep behind enemy lines. Juliette told Gorchakov to write to their diplomats, and sign the Treaty of Paris, because if he didn't, she would hunt him down and kill him. Francois added that if he doesn't see any diplomats in Paris, he would travel to Russia and kill him. Gorchakov complied, and wrote letters to two of his diplomats on the spot, ordering them to go to Paris and sign the peace treaty. Shortly after the fall of Sevastopol, Juliette bode her farewells to Francois and Nightingale, as her and Samuel made their way back to Crawley.

Head of the British Assassin Council[]

By the year of 1868, Juliette was the head of the British Assassin Council in Crawley. Juliette tasked George Westhouse, and the young Assassins Evie and Jacob Frye, to eliminate two Templar targets in Croydon: Rupert Ferris, and Sir David Brewster. Reporting back to Juliette, George stated that he had received a letter from Jaydeep Mir, better known as Henry Green, stating that the Frye twins had left George, and hopped a train into London. The Council was outraged with the brashness of both the twins. Juliette told the Assassins to remain calm, and intervene if necessary. Upon hearing about the news that Jacob nearly crashed the British Economy with the death of Phillip Twopenny, Juliette herself decided that this was the last straw. Cecily and Ethan informed Juliette that they would head to London for time first time in over twenty years to assist their children upon hearing the news. After letting Cecily and Ethan go to to London, Juliette sent her daughter Alana, who had recently returned from Canada, to London to assist with the issue of the Blighters affecting trade on the River Thames. Alana agreed, and despite recently giving birth, she went to London to assist the Fryes. Juliette watched from afar, and eagerly awaited news from London.

Upon receiving word that Crawford Starrick had been slain by the Frye twins, Juliette moved the Assassin Headquarters to London in 1869, and began to train new Initiates in the ways of the Creed, alongside Jacob, who had recently joined the Assassin Council.

Later Years[]

Juliette would retire from the Assassin Order in 1876, and retired to a flat not too far away from St. Paul's Cathedral. She would keep a close eye on Jacob as he watched over the city while Evie and Henry were in India. In the year 1888, Evie returned to London, where Juliette informed Evie to visit Inspector Frederick Abberline, to discuss the murders committed by a shadowy figure, known as "Jack the Ripper". Evie would return to Juliette, to gain information on certain letters, written by the Ripper. The elderly Juliette would tell Evie to look for a man named Arthur Weaversbrook, as he was the one who published the letters. Upon the defeat of the Ripper, Juliette, Henry Green, and the Frye twins would continue to train new Initiates, despite Juliette's retirement from the Order. Juliette would also be present to witness the birth of Jacob's granddaughter, Lydia Frye.

Juliette Marie Dorian would quietly pass away in her sleep, under the watch of her daughter at her flat in the heart of London, in July of 1900, at the age of 92. She is buried alongside her Mother, Father, and Brother in the family crypt in Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris.

Personal Life[]

When she was younger, Juliette was described as shy, quiet, and timid. As she grew up, she began to show an incredible passion for learning, especially about the Creed. In his journal, Leonard Frye described Juliette as a "Quick learner, and can perform challenging tasks with ease."

Juliette deeply cared for all members of her family, as she looked after her elderly parents Arno and Elise, up until their passing in 1860 and 1861, respectively.

Juliette was incredibly close with her brother, Francois. After her second time leaving France, Juliette and Francois would write to each other, up until Francois' death in 1886. Francois took the side of his sister in everything, including her argument with Sophie Trenet, where he stated that had Juliette not shot the powder keg, "they would have died."

Juliette married fellow Assassin Samuel Marshall in 1835, and kept her maiden name. The couple married in a small ceremony in St. John the Baptist's Church in Crawely. The couple had a daughter, named Alana Rose Dorian, on November 8th, 1840. Juliette and Samuel would train her in the ways of the Assassins, up until she received the Rank of Master Assassin at the age of 21. Juliette and Samuel would stay married until Samuel's death in 1889.

George Westhouse, her daughter Alana Dorian, Ethan Frye, his wife Cecily and their daughter Evie Frye have all stated that Juliette was an inspiration to them as Assassins.

Juliette was naturally left-handed.

Feud with Sophie Trenet[]

Juliette's feud with Sophie Trenet was well known among the French and British Brotherhoods. The feud started when Trenet made aggressive comments towards Juliette when she was eighteen years old. After a heated argument between Elise and Trenet, both agreed to send Juliette to Crawley to train under Leonard Frye. Juliette would return eleven years later, and when Juliette and Francois returned from a mission in Constantinople, the feud reared its ugly head. Trenet returned with the negative comments about how Juliette handled the mission, but when Juliette called her out on the negativity, saying that she (Trenet) 'had no power over her'. Trenet reacted aggressively, and on impulse, barred Juliette from assisting the French Brotherhood with any missions for as long as Trenet lived. To rub more salt in Juliette's wounds, Trenet stated that she may not speak to her family for as long as she lived in Crawley. This caused a rift between the French and British Brotherhoods. Trenet's daughter, Juliette's close friend Juliana, convinced Sophie to allow Juliette to visit and communicate with her family in France in 1841, despite her mother remaining hostile towards Juliette. Trenet conspired to kill Juliette in 1849, utilizing some thugs to chain her alive in the catacombs beneath Paris. Upon Trenet's conviction and removal from the Brotherhood in 1849, Juliette was allowed to assist the French Brotherhood once again.

Weaponry & Talents[]

As an Assassin, Juliette possessed a multitude of weapons and tools to assist her in her missions. Juliette was in possession of tools such as smoke bombs, throwing knives, and poison gas bombs. For her weapons, Juliette possessed her Hidden Blade, and an Obsidian Kukri she received from Ethan Frye as a gift from India. She holds it in a holster strapped to her left leg.

Under Leonard Frye's watchful eye, Juliette enhanced her free-running abilities, as well as learning to climb tall buildings with incredible ease, before the Assassin Rope launcher came into existence.

Assassination Targets[]

  • Assassin Hunter (1826)
  • Alain Chemar (1837)
  • Josiah Runder (1840)
  • James Parker (1847)
  • Alfred Thorne (1847)
  • Robert Starrick (1847)
  • Pavel Nakhimov (1855)


  • Juliette's first name is a reference to Elise's mother, Julie de la Serre. Her middle name, Marie, is a reference to Marie Dorian, Arno's mother.
  • Her voice was a mix of English and French accents. After she left Paris, Juliette began to display more of a British accent than French.
  • Growing up, Juliette's hair was red, much like her mother's. Her hair began to turn brown when she turned five.
  • Due to Juliette being left-handed, she wore her Assassin Gauntlet on her right hand, which was uncommon among Assassins at the time.
  • After breaking a carriage window, Juliette cut her left hand. Juliette possesses a scar on the top of her left hand, extending from her knuckles to just beyond her wrist.
  • Juliette is also ambidextrous, due to the injury to her left hand. She wears her Hidden Blade Gauntlet on her right and left arms, but she prefers wearing it on her right arm. She wore her bracer on her left arm for a brief period between 1848 and 1854.
  • The Hidden Blade part of Juliette's Assassin Gauntet was made with pure gold from India. The Blade itself was a gift to all British Master Assassins by Indian Assassin Arbaaz Mir.
  • On the underside of her left wrist, Juliette has a tattoo, which says Surrexit in cinere, which means "Risen from the Ashes" in Latin.
  • Juliette's Assassin robes sport three laurels on her shoulder that represent her husband Sam, daughter Alana, and herself.
  • Juliette was critical of British imperialism, calling the colonization of India a 'deliberate attempt to exploit the country's people and resources.'
  • Juliette was quite fond of Guinness beer, and even visited the St. James Gate Brewery in Dublin in 1850.
  • Shortly after becoming a Master Assassin, Juliette adopted a cat, a brown mackerel tabby by the name of Luna.
  • Juliette was a master at grappling and submission holds, often sparring with her husband.
  • Juliette is multilingual. She could read, speak and write in English, French, Russian, and German.
  • Many British Assassins praised Juliette for her work with the British Brotherhood, calling her the 'best female Assassin since Amunet', which was also said about her mother, Elise, back in France.
  • Much like her father before her, Juliette possessed the rare sixth sense, known as Eagle Vision.
  • Juliette's looks and appearance were heavily inspired by Victoria Atkin.
  • The art on this wiki page was created by bbsketchess on Instagram and Timaeus (timayonnaise on Instagram).
  • Her character theme song is 'You Don't Know How It Feels' by Tom Petty.