Junkei Tsutsui
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March 31,1549


September 15, 1584

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Assassin's Creed: Bushido

"Junkei you coward! Get back here now! "
―Masanari Nozo yelling at Junkei for his cowardice, 1581
Junkei Tsutsui was the head of the Tsutsui Clan, and a follower of Head Master Nobunaga Oda.

Biography Edit

Encountering Nobunaga Edit

Junkei Tsutsui first came into contact with Nobunaga when he allied with him. Nobunaga, sensing potential in him, decided to introduce him to The Templars. And became one of the Templars Closest Allies and Followers.

Meeting Katsumasa Edit

He is first seen in 1579 with Masanari Nozo, a fellow Templar. While Future Assassin Katsumasa Yamamoto was out at Yamato buying food for his sick brother, Tomomasa, Masanari ended up encountering him, by bumping into young Katsumasa.

Masanari immediately started to shout at Katsumasa, yelling at him for not looking where he was going. Junkei calmed him down, and they leave the market, but not before Masanari gives a glare at the young man.

Execution Of Tomaru Yamamoto Edit

When Nobutada Oda is informed by Masanari what had just occurred, Nobutada ordered Katsumasa's execution at first, but Junkei however suggested someone else as a warning to the young boy, and in response they picked Katsumasa's brother Tomaru.

Junkei is later seen at the town square, watching from afar with Masanari. And when Katsumasa lunged at Oda Retainer Haruyasu Kadera, they both escaped the chaos.



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