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Kagimi Roriok
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January 6 934



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Assassin Order

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Early Life[]


Kagimi Roriok born to the Roriok Clan in Ancient Japan had quite the life. Given anything he wanted no matter the cost. Any toy, servent, or quirky little thing If he wanted it he got it. He was tutored at a young age to be a wonderful warrior for he was destined to guard the Shogan of the area he lived in. But for now he would enjoy the childs life.

Teen Years[]

After a day of hard work and training Kagimi was returning home when he encountered his clan`s compoun completely empty not a single soul was in there. What he did find was a hidden entrance that was just slightly open. Prying it open Kagimi finds a hidden training area. Slowly walking down the steps he finds a sight that would rest in his mind for his entire life. His brother Tobi Roriok wearing some kinda of armor with a red cross on it with his parents and the entire clan watching him beat a small boy to death. Horrified he ran, ran till his feet bled, ran till he couldnt run anymore. And when he couldnt run anymore he collasped with no one around to help or so he thought. After waking he finds himself in a compound very diffrent from the Roriok Clan`s compound. A boy his age walks in and looks shocked "Well looks who is awake im Itachi" the boy now known as Itachi said. "Welcome to our cozy little home also now YOUR cozy little home" said Itachi as he helped Kagimi up and to the window. "Dont talk much do you" asked Itachi which Kagimi replied with a shake of his head while he stared out the window at the many teens training in all white.

Kagimi`s Training Begins[]

After a week of recovery Kagimi began his training to be come a assassin though he himself didnt know this yet. Not until Grandmaster Nagato informed him of everything about the assassin`s order. "You may stay in the village around the compound if you dont wish to be trained as a assassin... if you wish to stay then you may stay" said the old man. The old man also informed him about the templars and what they did to others. Kagimi remembering his brother and Clan decided that he would become a assassin and stop them from hurting another person again though you cant protect everyone.

Life as a Assassin (Will be Continued)[]

Skills and Weaponry[]

Weaponry Skills[]

Kagimi uses the standard weapons of the Assassins. His skill in the hidden blade is average and he can only assassinate people with it but cant fight head to head with it. Kagimi uses Kunai, Shurikens, Katanas, and his personal weapon a Kyoketsu-Shoge.

Kagimi`s skill in using his custome weapons is far greater then his skill in the weapons of a normal assassin. He uses his Kunai both in close range and far range. He was known as the Marksmen for his extreame accuracy. He could hit his target with a singel kunai or shuriken a mile away. His skill with his Katana was also very similier to his skill with his Kunai/Shuriken. He could deflect many strikes with his katana. But Kagimi`s true skill was in the Kyoketsu-Shoge a very difficult weapon to master. With his Kyoketsu-Shoge he could attack in all three ranges short, mid, and far range. He could hang people with it. He could entangle them with his Kyoketsu-Shoge. He could disarm, behead, and bisect others with it as well. He could also hang upside down from his Kyoketsu-Shoge like a spider.

Body Skills[]

Parkour: Kagimi was also a master of parkour. Many other assassins called him The Spider for his wirey, quick, and flexible movements. He could also use his Kyoketsu-Shoge to shorten climbs down or up. He could even swing on it like a web or branch.

kyūsho-jutsu : Kagimi being a very skinny but tall boy fought in the Kyusho-Jutsu style. Kagimi could paralyze people with a well placed jab or completly knock them out.