Kang Na

Kang Na

Kang Na (d. 68 BCE) was a Chinese bandit and former noble. He and his brother, Kem, were hunting down common men and took their money to live a lavish life. Rong Hsu became the death of Kang Na.

Kang Na was born in a rich family, won the imperial court's favor by killing a bastard of the Emperor. However, this one's consort viewed it as risky to have a murder wandering around in the royal palace. Being knocked out one day when he was entering his rooms, Kang Na was transported long away from the palace.

Growing a hatred to the Imperial family, Kang contacted his brother and they began attacking royal caravans. After killing the Emperor's lover, a prize were put on the brothers' head. Fleeing for the outskirts of Shanghai, the brothers now attacked not-notable men.

When the brothers killed the husband of Rong Hsu, she contacted the Assassin Zhu Chen. The two of them lay traps in the camp, and the same evening, Kang Na was killed when the pair finally managed to spring the traps.

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