Kazmirez Yaroslavl

Kazmirez Yaroslavl (b. 1976) is a Polish Abstergo DNA-analyst, serving as the assistant of the Abstergo Industries scientist Alexandre Bacque as they were both stationed at the Omega-project. Kazmirez was an ally of the Templar Order.

Kazmirez was born and raised in Krakow by a happy-married couple, and was the third child in a family – the younger brother of Tamara and Bronisław Yaroslavl. Kazmirez graduated from Siedlce University as a 21-year-old, following in his mother's footsteps.

In 2002 he moved to Philadelphia, getting a job at Abstergo Industries. Here he worked at the Sophia and the Animus Project, and was one of the men behind the development of the Baseline Study.

Kazmirez was later moved to Ontario, where he worked for Alexandre. At some point, he was stationed at the Project Omega.

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