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"I was just like you once, kid. Alone, Afraid, and reckless. But I knew better than to rely on people like you. "
―Kazumasu talking about his past to Katsumasa Yamamoto

Kazumasu Takigawa was a high-ranking mercenary who served under the Oda Clan as a retainer but left after Nobunaga's Death, and became a freelancer. He encountered Katsumasa Yamamoto and Nitemare numerous times over his life, becoming a rival of sorts. But eventually lost his life fighting them both one last time.

Kazumasu Takigawa
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Appears in
  • Assassin's Creed: Failing Light
  • Assassin's Creed: Prophecy


Early Life[]

Kazumasu Takigawa was born at Omi Province in 1525. Growing up, he did not have many friends, so he isolated himself from the world. He would constantly practice firing his bow and arrow, but would never be able to hit the center of the target. Until finally the Japanese Brotherhood took him in and trained Kazumasu to wield all weapons. But the one thing that caught his eye was a Musket. Once he got his hands on it, he perfectly hit the center of the target. So, therefore, he became known as a skilled sniper in the brotherhood. By the time he was older, He managed to kill at least 15 Templars until in 1557, he became jealous of a fellow Assassin, He snuck into his sleeping quarters and killed him. This act caused him to leave the Brotherhood. He wandered around Owari for a month, until Nobunaga Oda hired him at around 1558.

Working For Nobunaga[]

After being hired by Nobunaga, he was a great asset to the Japanese Rite Of The Templar Order, being able to shoot his musket from even a far away distance. Kazumasu eventually became promoted as Lord Of The East, keeping an eye on the Hojo.

Nobunaga's Death[]

After Nobunaga's Death at Honnoji, He formed his own forces and became a Mercenary. And then the Hojo invaded and defeated him at the Battle Of Kanagawa, forcing him to flee towards Nagashima.

Templar Service[]

After being defeated, He was hired by the Templars again after Mitsuhide Akechi died at the hands of Katsumasa Yamamoto. He became friends with Katsuie Shibata because of this.

Encountering Katsumasa Yamamoto[]

When Katsumasa and a scouting party attempt to spy on Katsuie's forces at Shizugatake, Kazumasu quickly ambushes them with his Musket skills. And picks them off one by one. But before he can kill Katsumasa, Nitemare scares him off. He eventually fights Katsumasa and Nitemare but is defeated and spared.

Komaki Campaign[]

During the Komaki Campaign, he performed poorly on purpose in order to get under Hideyoshi's skin. Which caused him to flee once again into Echizen.

Final Fight[]

After a mission in Kyushu, Katsumasa gets information that Kazumasu has resurfaced in Echizen and has kidnapped Assassin Yanami Mosori from her home. Katsumasa And Nitemare quickly managed to track Kazumasu down into a cavern underneath a temple. Despite all his efforts, he is defeated and killed. But not before he managed to shoot Yanami in the heart, fatally injuring her.


Kazumasu still haunted Katsumasa even in death, as his ghost would constantly torment him. And during the final fight with Nitemare in 1615, he is one of the phantoms conjured by him.