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"On that day, Adnan Saidi can finally rest in peace. For many years, my Brotherhood was unknowingly taken over by the Templars and only I, an Assassin in training, was the first to realise that. I have now redeemed myself from the guilt that I have held for many years, created a new Brotherhood away from home, but I have lost everything in that process, my squad; my Brotherhood (referring to Japanese Brotherhood); even my childhood friend. My question now is- Was it worth it?"

-Final words in Kazuya's Journal, 1946

Kazuya Hayashi (8 August 1921- September 2010) is a Japanese Assassin sent to join the Imperial Japanese Army(IJA) in 1941 to aid them in their invasion Singapore. He was tasked with assassinating a Malayan Templar named Adnan bin Saidi. However, it turns out that he was tricked into thinking that Adnan was a Templar when in reality, he was an Assassin doing a last stand with his fellow Assassins. Learning that the Japanese Assassins was consumed by the Japanese Templars in 1929, Kazuya betrayed the IJA soon after by massacring his own squad and injuring his best friend, Hide Uchiya, during the Sook Ching operations. Gaining the trust of the survivors, he trained them the way he was trained and formed his own Assassin Brotherhood in Singapore.

Kazuya was declared Missing In Action (MIA), then Killed In Action (KIA) in 1946 by the Filipino Assassins.


Kazuya is easily recognised with a stylish hair that he cuts with a wakizashi when he had the time. In a picture of him with Hide and Nagisa, it was shown that he enjoys keeping his top, but ended up shaving it off in 1942 when he joined the IJA. He rarely cuts his hair after betraying the IJA and it nearly grew to shoulder length. In 1944, he shaved off his sides with his wakizashi and tied his hair back, giving himself a samurai look to honour the friends and allies he had lost during the war.

Kazuya wears a standard-issue Imperial Japanese Army uniform when he first joined the Assassins in 1936 with a waist-length cloak. When training, he wears kendo armour like the others. In 1942, he just wears a standard issue IJA uniform with a cap worn by squad captains. He doesn't wear a cloak as he doesn't want to be identified and the weather is just too hot. After betraying the IJA, a tailor named Tian Ying sew a hood onto his uniform. That uniform was burned in public in May 1942 to prove that he is cutting ties with the IJA. He then wears his spare standard issue IJA uniform with his old cloak and a squad captain cap.

He stands at 1.75 meters tall and weighs about 60-70 kg. His weight varies due to his metabolism.


Kazuya is rather skilled in kendo and uses it a lot in combat, though he prefers fighting freestyle with a wakizashi to his katana. He is not experienced in hidden blade combat, but was somehow able to hold himself off and overpower when fighting Hide. He is also considered good in parkour and displays great skill in that. Though not a big shot, Kazuya is pretty accurate with his rifle.

He is considered to be a decent artist and writer. He is also able to actually draw portraits of people based on his own memory.

Lore (Assassin's Creed: The Occupation)[]

Early Life[]

Kazuya is a born on the 8 August 1921, basically, there was a Great Depression when he was born. His parents had a hard time raising him. Not much was known in his early life. It was said in his journal that he and Hide Uchiya had been friends since a young age.

Joining the Brotherhood[]

During the 26 February 1936 incident, where a group of young Imperial Japanese Army(IJA) soldiers attempted a military coup, his family travelled to Tokyo for a 'well-deserved' break. However, the rebels mistook his parents as part of the loyal IJA soldiers and took them as a hostage upon arrival to the Prefecture. Kazuya was told to run away and not to return as told by his father before he could be taken. He never saw his parents ever since. With no money, Kazuya had to beg for food and money and lived in the streets.

Around 17 March 1936, Kazuya's friend, Hide Uchiya, found him, dirty and nearly insane due to the harsh living conditions. After knocking some sense into him, he explained to Hide what happened on 26 February. Knowing this, Hide took him to the Assassin underground hideout in Tokyo and introduced to him the mentor, Furukawa Tadashi. Tadashi tested him with a coin and asked what he could see besides the engravings on it. This activated Kazuya's Eagle Vision. Knowing that he possessed the ability, Tadashi simply told Kazuya to turn up for training the next day.

Life in the Brotherhood[]

With Hide as his sparring partner, Kazuya barely won a single round against him in kendo. He was basically used as a punching bag by Hide. It didn't take long till he met the Tadashi's daughter, Furukawa Nagisa. The two didn't start out well, but soon became sparring partners after Kazuya helped her out in her recovery after an intense training. In 1937, due to the IJA being "part" of the Assassin Brotherhood, Tadashi sent Assassins to join the IJA ranks and tasked them with a mission while in China, find the Piece of Eden Sun Yat-sen once held. With Nagisa chosen for the mission, Kazuya sees her off. Both of them shared a friendly hug before going their separate ways. As Nagisa is easily homesick, Kazuya promised to write letters to her every month to update her what's going on in Japan. He carried on his operations to find his parents shortly after, but it ended as a failure and Kazuya declared them dead in 1938.

World War II[]


Invasion of Singapore[]

On 7 December 1941, he was sent to Singapore by Tadashi, to complete his training along with Hide Uchiya as his guide. His only objective was to assassinate a dangerous Malayan Templar in Singapore, Adnan Saidi. To make sure that he succeeds in the task, Tadashi gave Kazuya his personal Wakizashi as a sign of good luck before leaving.

He joined the Imperial Japanese Army the next day and took part in their training before being deployed to Singapore with Hide. Kazuya rose through the ranks quickly and was eventually made a squad captain with Hide as his second.

Battle of Sarimbun Beach[]

On 8 February 1942, Kazuya and his squad landed on the Northwest of Singapore, Sarimbun Beach, as the flankers. Using the night to their advantage, the squadron advanced to the Australian soldier's location. After confirming that the Australians defending are distracted, Hide fire a flare, alerting the Aussie soldiers. He and Hide injured an Aussie soldier before advancing to their position. With their location known, the Aussies shifted their fire to his squad, forcing them to take cover. To make matters worse, a soldier with a Bren LMG came and fired upon them, making it impossible for them to advance. A soldier from the squad attempted to throw a grenade, but was instantly killed by the LMG shots and the grenade nearly killed Kazuya. Out of ideas, Hide suggested a retreat back to Malaya, but Kazuya blasted him back, telling him to wait till the flare light wears off and let the darkness cover them.

With the flare light gone, Kazuya immediately ordered Hide to toss a grenade at the Aussie's defensive position, killing the LMG gunner and a few other soldiers. With the gunner gone, his squad immediately charged to Aussie's defensive position. Kazuya killed a soldier and the field commander, sending them to full retreat.

Battle of Kranji[]

Now that the beach had been secured, Kazuya's squad rendezvous with the group that arrived at the beach earlier and advanced to Kranji. A messenger soon arrived and informed the squad to meet up with the Imperial Guards that had just landed on the island as reinforcements. They were to assist them in taking out the British communications in Kranji village. They waited nearly a day for the Imperial Guards to arrive before setting out to the village. Sneaking past and killing the patrols, they took out the communications in the village. Knowing that the British and retreated Aussies were burning the mangrove to slow down the Japanese's advancement into the island, he ordered his squad and the Imperial Guards to flank the British's position. Sure enough, it worked and it once again, sending the British and Aussie forces into full retreat. A soldier then thanked him for saving his squad as Yamashita refused to allow the invading forces to retreat back to Malaya. After a brief celebration, the Japanese forces advanced to Bukit Timah.

Battle of Bukit Timah[]

On 10 February 1942, the invasion force reached the centre of the island and a fierce battle took place with the Chinese volunteers fighting along the British. Kazuya and Hide took covers behind trees and returned fire until they both ran out of ammo and were forced to fight in close quarter combat. Being pushed back badly, he and his squad were nearly wiped out and they were exhausted. Not being able to push them despite having tank support, Kazuya ordered for a tactical retreat behind the tanks till reinforcements arrive via the repaired blown up Causeway Link.

After the reinforcements arrive and replenishing their ammunition, Kazuya ordered his squad to attack once again along with the newly arrived forces. They overran the British and Chinese forces by midnight.

In the morning of 11 February, the British launched a counterattack, but was immediately pushed back by the Japanese. As the invaders marched into Bukit Timah, the commanders and Hide ordered the civilians in the area to be killed. Shocked by that order, Kazuya immediately ran around, telling everyone to stop the killing and was even forced to subdue them. He even told Hide to stop by holding onto his rifle, only to be pushed away. Hide told Kazuya that they are not innocent civilians but instead, agents of the Templar Order as Singapore is controlled by the Templars before telling the squad to advance to Bukit Chandu. Kazuya did nothing but followed them, disgusted by their actions. Especially when Hide broke a tenant of the Creed.

"Templar? I am an Assassin!"


-Adnan attempting to convince Kazuya during their face-off

Battle of Bukit Chandu[]

The moment when Kazuya and his squad reached Bukit Chandu on 12 February, they were immediately told to hold their positions and wait for the signal to attack as the final line of defence, the Malay Regiment is putting up a really tough resistance in the fight, but retreated to Bukit Chandu shortly after.

On 13 February, to trick the Malay Regiment, the IJA decided to send a squad disguised as Indian soldiers. Believing that the enemy is dumb, Kazuya suggested the squad to march in 4s (Japanese Marching) instead of 3s (British Marching). This idea, however, was turned down by the field commander, Yoshio Naru, and both of them argued in a tent. With Yoshio making the final say, he left the tent to send the squad but it was already too late, Hide sent them to the hill, marching in 4s. Pissed off with the two Assassins, Yoshio promised that they will never see the light if the trick was unsuccessful.

Hours later, the squad returned but only a few came back, wounded. Angered by the Assassins and the Malay Regiment, Yoshio took out his anger by punching Kazuya. Both of them brawled until Hide and a few soldiers stepped in to separate them. Yoshio punished the two by sending them to the frontlines and ordered a "Banzai Charge" in two hours. Knowing that Kazuya will not survive, Hide gave Kazuya a pair hidden blades that Tadashi ordered him to give. Hide admitted that he was supposed to give it to him after assassinating Adnan Saidi, but it doesn't matter anymore since both of them will be on the front lines.

As the first wave of troops arrived at the summit of the hill, Kazuya used his Arisaka to snipe Adnan Saidi. However, Adnan managed to take cover and pulled his fellow soldier along with it, hitting the mug that his man was about to give. With the first shot missed, he cocked his rifle and ordered the charge. A "Banzai Charge" took place and the IJA soldiers begin charging in numbers, only to be mowed down by machine gun fire. As Kazuya got closer and closer to the Malay Regiment's position, he noticed that they were running low in ammo. Nonetheless, Kazuya kept running. An unnamed Japanese soldier in front of him jumped over the sandbags to bayonet Adnan, but was instantly killed by Adnan's Lee Enfield bayonet. Kazuya then followed after him and proceeded to air assassinate him, but Adnan rolled away. They both faced off. It went from a gunfight, to rifles clashing, to a hidden blade close quarters combat.

Adnan claimed that he was an Assassin but Kazuya turned a deaf ear to him and carried on attacking him. At last, Kazuya was defeated when Adnan dealt a blow to him, leaving a long cut his face. Since Kazuya refused to believe Adnan, he proceeded to kill Kazuya but was shot by in the shoulder and was dragged and tied to a cherry tree. Hide helped Kazuya up and handed him his rifle that was lost in the fight. Kazuya then bayonetted Adnan with his wakizashi and soon noticed an Assassin necklace that he was wearing. Adnan laughed at him and asked if he finally believed him. Kazuya tried countering his beliefs by saying that Tadashi told him that he was a Templar. Adnan simply cut him off and revealed that he was betrayed by the Mentor and that the Japanese Assassins were consumed by Templars to survive the Great Depression, now their objective is to eliminate the Assassins and retrieve the Piece of Eden. Before Adnan die he gave Kazuya some tasks to redeem himself from his guilt- Form a Brotherhood in Singapore, kill those responsible for his death and his Brothers. Protect the innocent. His last words were- Death before dishonour, Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

"But, the mentor said-"

"He lied to you.....The (Japanese) Brotherhood had been consumed by the Templars in 1929....."

"W-What must I do to redeem myself....?"

"Form a Brotherhood in Singapore, kill the Templars responsible for this and protect the innocent....Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Death, before dishonour..."

-Kazuya's covnersation after dealing the killing blow to Adnan

Full of guilt and regret, Kazuya searched the corpse for any letters, but only found a clip of Arisaka rounds. He assumed that Adnan was saving it for the Templars. He took the clip and the necklace and left the battlefield in anger.


Alexander Hospital Massacre[]

After leaving the battlefield, he was never seen by Hide or his squad ever again, but the fight carried on till 15 February 1942. The British surrendered shortly after. Seeing how the IJA were ran by the Templars, he went into hiding and saw the Japanese marching into the city from the top of the Parliment Building. Seeing how he had been working with the Templars all along, he proceeded to redeem himself.

Due to his service in the battle, Tomoyuki Yamashita, now Grandmaster of Templar Order in Malaya and Singapore, rewarded Kazuya with a brand new kai-gunto. It was revealed that the Templars figured out how to make Altair's metal in the 1920s and attempted to mass produce it in a form of a kai-gunto. However, the Assassins knew about it and raided the manufacturing factory, destroying the formula once again and destroying the produced kai-guntos. It was believed that less than 10 managed to survive the raid and were kept sacred. Kazuya reluctantly accepted the reward and was given a Templar Ring. Kazuya took his brand new weapon and kept the ring, wanting to show it to Hide and tell him with is going on.

Betraying the Imperial Japanese Army (Sook Ching)[]

Kazuya had a hard time finding Hide as he was on duty as a shooter for the Sook Ching Massacre. However, he never returned the Kempeitai headquarters ever since he left. He spent 2 days living in the streets and trying to find a hawker that is willing enough to serve him food.

On 19 February 1942, after finishing his mean and taking a walk down the streets, he bumped into a kid named Zhang Jia, who was crying as he ran. The kid called him a monster and ran off. Curious about what had happened, Kazuya gave chase and managed to catch him. When Kazuya asked is going on, Zhang Jia told him that his father, Zhang Tian Ying, was labelled as an anti-Japanese despite displaying the Imperial Flag and not knowing of any anti-Japanese groups. With shock, Kazuya promised him that he will bring his father back, if he fails, he will kill himself in front of his family for his failure. He then rushed to a nearby "screening centre" and asked for the location of where Zhang Tian Ying could be held. The officer running the centre was curious at first, he ultimately gave to Kazuya after much pestering. With that location known, Kazuya ran to the location with the help of his Eagle Vision.

Somewhere at an unknown beach in Singapore, he saw a group of Chinese men about to be executed. He took out his rifle and loaded it with the ammunition he stole from the headquarters and aimed at the officer giving the order to fire. His mind begins conflicting one another, to betray his people or to do the right thing. With not much time left, he took a shot and killed the Japanese officer before the order to fire could be given. With no turning back, he proceeded to massacre the firing squad. After killing the last soldier, he heard Hide calling his name. He turned around saw Hide pointing a pistol at him.

"Hide....I....the Brotherhood...the Templars....."

"Cut your crap Hayashi, I already knew."

-Kazuya's conversation with Hide when he tried to justify his actions, 1942

Kazuya attempted to justify his actions but Hide told him to "cut his crap" as he already knew what happened between the Japanese Brotherhood and the Japanese Templars. Hide then threatened him, using a captive as his hostage. He gave Kazuya 2 choices: Join him and the men will go free or he will kill everyone. Given a count of three, Kazuya quickly took out his wakizashi and threw it at Hide's arm but Hide dodged the throw, giving Kazuya then ran up and stabbed Hide in the abdomen, injuring him. Hide mocked Kazuya, saying that there is no going back for him. Kazuya ignored Hide's words and told him to repent before knocking him out.

He then found Zhang Tian Ying and offered the survivors to join the Brotherhood, however, only 4 of the survivors, Tian Ying, Jun Yang, Jun Liang and Qi, accepted the offer. Before the next group of suspects arrive, Tian Ying Kazuya and the survivors to his house. When Tian Ying returned to his home, only Zhang Jia was present and he told Tianying that his mother went to the Japanese Kempeitai HQ to ask for his release. Knowing that no girls came out of there alive, Kazuya rushed there to find her, only to learn that she had been raped to death. Kazuya returned with her corpse and Tian Ying broke to tears. He swore revenge on the Japanese and one of the traitors that caused all of this, Hu Weiren.

One of the survivors, Jun Yang, then told Kazuya about a resistance in Malaya and suggested him to go and find them. Before he set off, he trained the survivors and stopped the final Sook Ching operations on 3 March 1942. Kazuya soon found a sanctuary below Tian Ying's house, containing rifles, ammunition and all sort of records dating back to 1910 after the Operations.

It was revealed that Tian Ying did use to work for the British Army as an SOE Operator and used his home to hide weapons and ammunition, but since he will probably be labelled as KIA by the SOE, the weapons and ammunition are now for the newly formed Assassin Brotherhood's usage. While looking around it, Kazuya learnt that WWII was planned by the Templars the whole time.

At first, he thought Tian Ying was a Templar agent but Tian Ying swore that he knew nothing about the incognito war. Believing him, as he had no choice, Kazuya decided that the shop will be used as an Assassin hideout and agreed to work for Tian Ying as a salesman.

Kazuya then received a new set of robe with a hood sewn onto it by Tian Ying. He sent a warning letter to the Nagisa, who is in China and sought her and the other Assassins' aid when they finished their job. He then set off to Malaya, ordering the newly recruited Assassins not to conduct any anti-Japanese activities while he is gone.

He stopped the final Sook Ching executions along with the newly recruited Assassins on 3 March.

He stopped the final Sook Ching executions along with the newly recruited Assassins on 3 March.


I am writting this letter not to tell you about my success of killing my first target, but to tell you and our fellow Assassins in China that we all have been played by Tadashi. There was no Assassin Brotherhood since 1929. I have indeed killed Adnan Saidi, but realised that he was an Assassin. It was hard for me to accept reality. I reluctantly killed my own men and wounded Hideyoshi. I am currently in hiding with the locals. Best I could ask for is your aid when you are done with your job in China. Would be nice to see you face to face again.

Love you,

Kazuya Hayashi"

-Kazuya's warning letter to Nagisa, February 1942

Finding the resistance group[]

It took Kazuya a week to travel to Malaya, only to end up in Malacca. Exhausted from his trip due to insufficient food and water, he hitched hiked from an on-going Japanese truck, claiming that he had been attacked by a resistance group and he was the only survivor of his squad. Taking his word for it, the Japanese squadron took him in and drove him to the nearest prison. Kazuya was surprised that his scar didn't give him away as by now, word of a traitor within the army should have come about by now. This means that Hide most likely covered it up. Taking advantage of it, Kazuya agreed to stay in the prison and be an interrogator, knowing that there might be captured resistance members in the area.

Just as soon as he settled in, he was tasked with interrogating a resistance member named Hong Shi. Knowing that the officers do not understand the Chinese language, he "interrogated" the man by asking for his name and saying that he is here to help. Despite that, Hong Shi refused to comply as he doesn't him. Seeing his stubbornness, Kazuya simply left and ordered for his execution.

In his journal, he simply wrote, "Came to Melaka unprepared. Have to bluff my way to get to a prison and interrogate a resistance member. He is stubborn but I am determined to get him out of here alive. I ordered him to get executed tomorrow, hope this works."

The next day when he and a few soldiers dragged the Hong Shi and another resistance member out to the courtyard. Handing him a Nambu pistol, Kazuya threatened him by pointing his rifle at Hong Shi.

"Kill your friend or both of you die. Duck. Trust me."

-Kazuya begging Hong Shi to trust him as he aimed his rifle at him

With no options left, Hong Shi let out a battle cry before he ducked and Kazuya took a shot a Japanese soldier. Together, they escaped with the resistance member and hid in the forest. Shortly after, Kazuya found himself surrounded by the resistance. With his plan going well, he simply surrendered and allowed himself to get captured.

Meeting Lim Bo Seng[]

The resistance dragged Kazuya to a nearby hideout and presented him to one of the leaders, Lim Bo Seng. Lim demanded answers from him and Kazuya comply to him just to gain his trust. However, Lim begin to be weary of him, thinking that he is trying to throw them off. They instead placed Kazuya in a cell and attempted to get information from him.

For days, he was starved by the resistance members and eventually, it forced him to reveal that he was the one that killed Adnan Saidi but begin to realise the wrong he had done. Hearing this, Lim finally decided to release him and begin to discuss things. As things settles down, Lim Bo Seng was saddened to hear about the news of Adnan's death but was impressed that Kazuya somehow took out an entire squad of Japanese soldiers on his own. Seeing him as useful, he decided to use him and requested him to train the men. Kazuya, however, rejected the need to train and sought an alliance and a communication network to be set up. But after much negotiations, he agreed to stay and train the men for 2 days. For 2 days he trained them, though it is not enough to help them or make an impact, but the resistance learn the Japanese tactics and how to evade them. With that done, Lim agreed in the alliance and decided to set up a communications network between Malaya and Singapore. With everything settled, both parties shook hands and Kazuya heads back to Singapore. Hong Shi, curious about Kazuya's purpose of helping them confronted him at the entrance of the resistance hideout. Kazuya said nothing and gave him Adnan's hidden blades, containing an address to Tian Ying's shop, then told him to contact him if he finds the symbol on Adnan's hidden blades.

Being more prepared this time, he heads back to Singapore.

Finding Yosuke[]

It was 4 April when Kazuya returned to Singapore to check on the Brotherhood. Of course, he returned at the wrong time as the shop was busy. As he entered the shop, the customers attempted to attack him, but Tian Ying stopped them and stated that he is his friend. Hearing this, the customers simply threw the clothing they were holding onto the ground and left. Jun Yang was, of course, unhappy about it as the war made it hard for any income to come in and now Kazuya dragged them into the Assassin-Templar War, everything became evem worse. With the customers all gone, Tian Ying told Kazuya off for chasing them away. Kazuya apologised for returning at the wrong time. Tian Ying was quick to forgive but Jun Yang wasn't as he

As Tian Ying closes the shop early to discuss plans with Kazuya, he mentioned about a Japanese Assassin that attempted to stage a coup on the Imperial Japanese government on 26 February 1936 through a record book he read while Kazuya was gone. The plan, however, failed and he and a few Assassins were forced to flee, he settled down in Singapore some time in 1939. Tian Ying hinted that he might be staying in a village in Bukit Timah as he heard rumors of a "scary" man that is able to defend himself against 20 men attacking him. Not knowing where the village is, Tian Ying suggested him to ask the Jun brothers at where the area is. Jun Yang, of course, gave Kazuya the information, but guilt tripped him for the massacre during the Battle of Bukit Timah. Kazuya felt bad about that day, but he didn't blame himself for that. With that information from Jun Yang, Kazuya replenished his ammunition from the basement and set off to find the village via the rooftops. That was were Hide, who had recovered from his iniuries and now doing patrol duties, spotted him. Suspicious of his activity, he ordered his patrol squad to follow him and he followed Kazuya.

With the aid of eagle vision and detective work, he managed to find the village. Approaching it, he was stopped by a village guard, who raised his rifle at him. Kazuya was compliant and stopped. The guard then told him to remove all of his weapons and Kazuya did, including his hidden blades. With that done, the guard asked Kazuya to state his business. Kazuya replied telling that he was looking for a man named Yosuke. The guard then told him that there is no such person and told him to take his things and leave, thinking that he is a Templar agent. Telling through the lie, Kazuya removed his glove to show the Assassin branding on his left hand. Believing that he is an Assassin, the guard willingly let him in, not realising that Hide and his patrol had already caught up and called for reinforcements to attack the village.

The guard showed Kazuya to Yosuke's home, who was just examining his wakizashi at that time. Kazuya approached and ask if he is Yosuke. The moment Yosuke saw Kazuya's branded finger, he straight up attacked him, thinking the Assassins finally tracked him down. Yosuke nearly strangled him to death until his wife came and pleaded him not kill him. After releasing him, the guard suddenly came in and told Yosuke that they were being attacked.

Believing that Kazuya was the one brought the soldiers in, Yousuke told Kazuya that he him later and went out to defend the village. Kazuya soon followed suit and ran out to fight. During the skirmish, Kazuya begin hallucinating about Adnan Saidi, the ghost kept blaming him for everything he had done. Kazuya was frightened when he saw the hallucination and begin chanting, "It's not my fault", until Yosuke snapped him out of it. Getting a grip, he continued to fight. With Yosuke's forces overpowering the Hide's squad and reinforcements, they retreated in fear and it was finally over. The skirmish was won but the village was completely destroyed. Guilty about unintentionally leading Hide to the village, Kazuya offered Yosuke to move in to Tian Ying's shophouse. Yosuke reluctantly accepted and decided to rejoin the Assassin Brotherhood once more, with Kazuya allowing him to take the role of "mentor".

The real formation of the Brotherhood[]

With a mentor, the Assassins are now better trained under Yosuke, no doubt he was tough on them. Especially towards Kazuya. Small sabotages were made towards the Japanese's operations over and over within a 1 month period. However, Jun Yang was captured and tortured in Changi Prison while attempting to assassinate Yoshio Nasu, the same guy that Kazuya fought with during the battle of Bukit Chandu. Yosuke slowly planned his rescue. The very next step after that is to get a radio to contact the resistance group and the Malayan Assassins.

Rescuing Jun Yang (9 May)[]

Yosuke briefed Kazuya of a person named Elizabeth Choy and suggested to get radio parts from her and her husband. He also suggested Kazuya to get them to smuggle him into the prison to rescue Jun Yang. With that planned out, he set off with Tian Ying to find Elizabeth Choy. They got into a scruffle with a group of Japanese soldiers while heading to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, where Elizabeth and her husband had set up their food canteen. It was then where Kazuya learnt that the Japanese were forcing the Chinese community to cough out 50 million Straits Dollar to pay for the Japanese war effort. Angered by this, he killed the soldiers and captured one of them. With the scruffle over, he and Tian Ying dragged their captive to Tan Tock Seng hospital.

Upon arrival to the hospital, he met up with Elizabeth and her husband. They were at first reluctant to help Kazuya but when Elizabeth recognised Tian Ying as one of the SOE operators, who was listed as KIA by the British, she agreed to help the Assassin. They agreed to smuggle the Assassins in to the prison but have to do it in the wee hours. Once they are done, they will deliver the radio parts to Tian Ying's shop, where Yosuke and Jun Liang will pick it up.

It is set, they brought back the prisoner to Tian Ying's shop, only to be recognised as the traitor that betrayed Yosuke during the 26 February 1936 incident by Yosuke himself. Kazuya explained the plans to Yosuke, but he was more interested in interrogating the prisoner more than anything else. Kazuya and Tian Ying then prepares for their infiltration.

The next day, Elizabeth and her husband smuggled the two Assassins in a small box into the prison. The once in, the Assassins got out and begin to find Jun Yang while the couple proceed to do their rounds. He was found, still alive but badly injured and talking to a British  Prisoner-of-War. Jun Yang was surprised that Kazuya actually bothered to rescue him but nonetheless appreciate the rescue.

Kazuya offered to rescue the British but he refused as he knew the Japanese conduct a manhunt if they realise he is missing. With his decision respected, they went to look for Elizabeth to smuggle Jun Yang out while Kazuya and Tian Ying proceed to hide and then fight their way out of the prison.

They arrived back at Tan Tock Seng hospital, where they found Jun Yang being treated from his injuries. When the people say Kazuya, they immediately charged and physically attacked him. This action alarmed the hospital staff to stop as they do not want a commotion to draw the Japanese soldiers. Luckily the people listened. Sick of people not trusting him, Kazuya headed outside of the hospital and took off his uniform. He threw it to the ground and then lit it on fire. He asked the crowd he drew if they finally trust him, now that he had burned his uniform to show that he is no longer affiliated to the Imperial Japanese Army. This was watched by many, including Hide, who was watching him from a distance while on patrol. Because of this, Hide decided to expose Kazuya as the traitor to the IJA.

"Does this prove to you guys that I am on your side? Does it?! From today on, I am no longer part of those monsters. And I will redeem myself from being a monster, you just have to believe me." -Kazuya when he burned his uniform to prove that he is no longer loyal to the Imperial Japanese Army, May 1942

When Kazuya entered the hospital, again, to see Jun Yang, Elizabeth revealed to Kazuya that she is part of the Malayan Assassin Brotherhood and that she was testing whether he is still loyal to the loyalists in the Japanese Brotherhood. With him passing her "test", she gave Kazuya a radio so that he can establish contact with the resistance and the Malayan Brotherhood.

Wanted Man[]

With Kazuya being exposed, Yamashita and Tadashi caught wind of finally understanding what is going on. A price on his head has been placed to encourage Assassins, still loyal to Tadashi, hunt him down and end the ridiculous civil war Kazuya had started back in February. Because of this, Kazuya and the Assassins stayed lowkey to prevent getting caught and continued contacting Lim Bo Seng and the Malayan Assassins, exchanging information and performing sabotages with it.

With his face on wanted posters everywhere,  Kazuya knew he has to do something about it besides tearing away the posters. With his noticeable scar, it is nearly impossible to go out with fighting civilians and Japanese officers. Being a very well informed man, Tian Ying suggested Kazuya to look for a man responsible for sending propaganda to the Japanese newspaper office, Lee Kuan Yew. The one that escaped death twice during the Sook Ching Operations. However, his location is unknown and it would take him a long time to hunt him down. For now, Kazuya only roamed only a small section of Chinatown with his standard issue uniform and a hooded cloak to cover his face.


Attempt assassination of Hideki Tojo[]

On 8 February, while working in the shop, Yosuke appeared from upstairs and tossed Kazuya his rifle, telling him to gear up. Confused, Kazuya asked what was it for which Yosuke, in turn gave no reply and told him to follow. Tian Ying gave Kazuya the "go" signal and let him follow Yosuke since they pretty much scared the customers away. Through the rooftops they made it to City Hall area and stayed on the roof of the old National Gallery building. They spotted Hideki Tojo and Hitoshi Imamura in a car.

Yosuke ordered Kazuya to shoot Hitoshi while he shoots Tojo. Just as they about to fire the shot, Kazuya sensed danger and instead took the shot behind him, but he missed his target. As expected, it was Hide, who spotted them. With the gunfire heard, the car picked up it's speed and fled, the Assassins lost their chance to win back control of Japanese Occupied areas thanks to Kazuya's mistake. Kazuya raised his rifle and told Hide to back off. He was hesitant to killing his friend. A frustrated Yosuke, seeing how hesitant Kazuya is, shot Hide, with the bullet just scrapping through his left leg. Yosuke warned Hide that the next shot will be his head. Witnessing Yosuke's marksmanship, he backed off and ran. Yosuke gave Kazuya a look of disappointment and headed back to the shop.

Their mission and only chance to end the war quickly was missed.

Duel with Yoshio Nasu[]

On 3rd March, Kazuya recieved information about a general none other than his old time enemy, Yoshio Nasu. He set off an decided to confront him. Kazuya intercepted Yoshio and prepared for a fight with Yoshio and his men, but Yoshio told his men to continue their patrol as this beef is between him and Kazuya. With Yoshio as one of his target, Kazuya knew that he must be killed. The two exchanged words for a brief moment. Yoshio revealed that he was once an Assassin, but decided to deflect to the Templars when he learnt of Tadashi's betrayal. He also told Kazuya that he purposely set Kazuya up to the frontlines to kill Adnan Saidi and let him take the blame when the Malayan Assassins decide to retaliate. Hearing this angered Kazuya but nonethless as Hide was right, he was nothing but a Templar puppet. Yoshio told Kazuya that he could simply put everything behind them and clear his name if he just leaves. Blinded by vengence and redemption, Kazuya refused.

With the refusal Yoshio simply took out his kai-gunto and offered Kazuya a duel. Kazuya accepted and they both prepared to strike. Yoshio went for the first strike but Kazuya blocked the strike and dealt the killing blow. Knowing he had lost, Yoshio fell only to be caught by Kazuya. Yoshio asked him if what he was doing is worth it, killing countless lives just for his redemption. Kazuya gave no reply as Yoshio died in his arms, smiling as he knew Kazuya knew the answer. He later saw a ghost of Adnan Saidi, telling him he did a good job before disappearing.

"Tell me, Assassin, was it worth it?"


"I think you already know the answer yourself...."

-Yoshio's last words to Kazuya

With Yoshio gone, Kazuya placed his mind at ease and went back to Tian Ying's shop. He removed Yoshio from his assassination list. Yosuke congratulated him for winning the duel. Kazuya begin to reconsider his actions.

Yosuke's death[]

On 4 May, after success after success and having Kazuya's name cleared, Yosuke decided to leave Singapore for Malaya to help the resistance, now Force 136, and the Malayan Assassins with Operation Gustavus. The Assassins were shocked to hear that, but respected his decision. Kazuya was not happy hearing this and claimed that without him, the Assassins will not function as well as what they had. Yosuke shot him back told Kazuya to have some faith in himself. He gave Kazuya a letter and told him to only open it when he leaves. Despite the bounty still going on, Yosuke decided to take the risk and refused Kazuya's offer to escort. He left with his family and headed to Malaya.

Knowing that people like Hide will take the chance to find and kill him, Kazuya tailed Yosuke. Yosuke caught wind of Kazuya following him and slowly led his family into the forrest to shake him off. Kazuya lost track of him and used his eagle vision to find tracks that will lead to him. Yosuke was eventually ambushed by Hide and by the time Kazuya arrived, he say Hide about to execute Yosuke. Kazuya intervened and raised his rifle at Hide, telling him to back off or he will shoot.

"I am doing you a favour, Hayashi! This was the man that was responsible for the death of your parents in 7 years ago!"

-Hideyoshi telling Kazuya the truth about Yosuke

Hide then rebuked and questioned Kazuya if he really knew who Yosuke really is, he revealed that Yosuke was the one responsible for the death of his parents back in 1936. Hearing this, Kazuya aimed his rifle at Yosuke, demanding the truth. Yosuke told Kazuya to read the letter as the truth is in there but he wanted none of it and he wants to hear the truth now. Yosuke refused and Hide immediately shot Yosuke in the chest. His wife and his daughter attempted to run, but Hide's men stopped them and forced his wife to swallow poison. Kazuya immediately retaliated by killing 2 of his men and gave Hide a warning shot, nearly hitting his head. Hide's men were prepared to fight, but Hide stopped them and challenged Kazuya to a fight. Kazuya willingly accepted and drew his wakizashi. The 2 fought, but Kazuya overpowered Hide and cut off his right forearm. Bleeding profusely and losing his master arm, Hide ordered his men to kill Kazuya and fled.

With Hide gone, Kazuya gave his men a chance to leave. They refused and Kazuya was forced to wipe them out. With the fight won, Kazuya attended his mentor. Yosuke apologised to Kazuya for keeping the truth and told him to read the letter to know what exactly happened to his parents. He also told Kazuya to escort his family to Malaya before dying from blood loss. Following his mentor's last wish, he escorted his family to Malaya with Yosuke's corpse but midway through the journey, Yosuke's wife begin vomiting out blood due to the poison. Not wanting to suffer, she told Kazuya end her sufferring. Kazuya was reluctant, so she forced him to extend his blade and killed herself with it. With only Yosuke's daughter, Yue Niang alive, he decided to raise her instead of bringing her to Malaya. He buried the couple in a marked grave and paid respects to them along with Yue Niang. He then took her back to Tian Ying's shop and announced Yosuke's death. He stated he will be the leader (not mentor) of the Assassins from now on. Jun Yang and Jun Liang were not happy to hear it but they all were saddened by the news of Yosuke's death.

A week later, Kazuya packed his equipment and left for Malaya, leaving Yue Niang in Tian Ying's care. He ordered the Assassins to continue staying low and do not conduct any anti-Japanese activities.

Planning Operation Gustavus[]

Kazuya met up with Lim Bo Seng and Hong Shi, who joined the Malayan Assassins shortly after their first meeting, and planned on how to execute the operation on 27 May in Perak. They planned it along with a British SOE, Davis. Kazuya and Hong Shi were part of the main force to assassinate various Japanese targets as ordered by the Malayan Assassins. Besides setting up communications with the Malayan People's Anti-Japanese Army, they were ordered to kill certain targets like Lai Teck and retrieve the Piece of Eden.

It was suspected that Lai Teck was a Templar agent within the MPAJA, however, with no evidence provided by the Malayan Assassins, Kazuya and Hong Shi finds it really hard to just kill a man and cause a 3 side war. Nonetheless, the 2 acted as spied within the MPAJA to gather some proof and find the Piece of Eden. This continued for a few months.

Operation Jaywick (26 September)[]

Though, Kazuya wasn't directly involved with this, it was repoeted that Jun Yang and Jun Liang defied his orders and aided the Australians in the sabotage of 6 Japanese ships. All 6 sunk and now, the Singaporean Assassins are under high notoriety. Worried about their capture, he abandoned the planning and execution of Operation Gustavus and left for Singapore once again.

Double Tenth Incident[]

On 10 October, Chinese Japanese agent, Hu Weiren, realised that Tian Ying's shop was still operating despite sending Tian Ying and the Jun brothers to their death. He brought in a squad of soldiers and raided the shop, capturing a few other Assassins including Tian Ying and Jun Liang, leaving an unconcious Jun Yang and the children behind, Weiren then ordered the shop to be burned at night.

Kazuya returned to the shop a few hours after the raid only to learn that he was too late. He found an unconcious Jun Yang. He calmly asked Yue Niang what happened and learnt everything. He woke Jun Yang up and patched up his injuries then escorted him to the basement. Jun Yang felt defeated over the incident and told Kazuya to move out all of the equipment to another location where the Japanese will not find them. Kazuya made him tea to calm him down, which he refused out of frustration of Kazuya not caring about the Brotherhood much enough and accused him of making use of Tian Ying for his personal gain. Kazuya admitted about his initial agenda but told Jun Yang that he will defend the shop even if it cost him his life and tossed Jun Yang a rifle. Jun Yang laughed, saying that even though he never trusted Kazuya but he will never let a fellow Brother down and will stand with him till the end.

The duo set up their defences and waited for the incoming Japanese forces. They went from a long range firefight to a close quarter combat. They fought hard and successfully defended the shop, but Jun Yang was killed, via stab in his oblique, in the process. Jun Yang requested Kazuya to not tell his brother about his death and told him to "finish his job" before dying.

As Kazuya rested Jun Yang's eyes, he once again saw the ghost of Adnan Saidi, this time, telling him what a failure he was and saying that everything was his fault due to his negligence of the Brotherhood before disappearing. Kazuya ignored the ghost.

Kazuya was saddened over his death and brought the body back to the shop. He wrapped the body in a white cloth and then left to find out where the captured Assassins were held.

Finding the Assassins[]

It took Kazuya a month to find out where the Assassins were held. He interrogated, tortured and killed many officers, traitors and Templar agents in the process. One of them being Hu Weiren, who he tied to a chair and left him hanging at his home.

With Weiren giving Kazuya the information, he snuck into the Kempeitai East District Branch and to break the Assassins out. To his dismay, a few had been killed and he found Elizabeth Choy and her husband. He offered Elizabeth and her husband to escape but they refused as the Japanese will still track them down even if they escape. Respecting their decision, he broke the Assassins out and escaped. From there, they regrouped and changed their strategy of working things out.


When the Assassins returned to a messy shop in Tian Ying's house, they were saddened when they saw Jun Yang's corpse, still preserved in the cloth wrap. Jun Liang broke down as soon as he saw Jun Yang's corpse. Kazuya apologised for not fulfilling his brother's last wish of keeping his death a secret from him. Jun Liang blamed Kazuya for Jun Yang's death. Kazuya stood his ground and explained to Jun Liang on how Jun Yang was killed, but he refused to believe and attacked him. Kazuya defended himself and begged Jun Liang to stop. Kazuya was injured and held at knife point. Kazuya then offered Jun Liang to kill him if he thinks that he can bring his brother back. Getting some of his senses back, he sank the blade into the wall instead. Jun Liang then went on his knees and attempted suicide but Tian Ying stopped him and reminded that his suicide or killing Kazuya will not bring his brother back. The Assassins gave Jun Liang time to calm down before bringing Jun Yang's corpse to an isolated area and cremated it.

Jun Liang then set off on his own, abandoning the Brotherhood and having only one goal in mind- Killing Hu Weiren.

With the shop no longer a safe place, Kazuya suggested Tian Ying to move his shop to Bukit Timah, central of Singapore, which he willingly agreed. Using what money he had left, he sold his house and moved out. The Assassins slowly rebuild themselves from there.

Assassination of Hu Weiren (26 October)[]

With Jun Liang missing, the Assassins decided to knock some senses into him amd assassinate Hu Weiren before he does. It took the Assassins 2 weeks to fully reorganise and move to a new shophouse, where it became their new hideout. The weapons and ammunition were secretly moved at night.

The next day, Kazuya and Tian Ying closed the shop early and set off to find Hu Weiren at his house, only to realise that he had packed his belongings and left. Using eagle vision to find clues, Kazuya told Tian Ying that he had just left a few minutes ago and begin to give chase. It didn't take them long and they track him till Keppel Harbour where he is about to make his escape via boat. Kazuya and Tian Ying walked towards him with their hidden blades extended and Hu Weiren board the boat out of fear. The Assassins swam and attempt to give chase but the boat was fast. Just as Weiren thought he was safe, the boat paddler suddenly stopped and stabbed him with a hidden blade revealing that it is none other than Jun Liang. Tian Ying and Kazuya managed to catch up and saw an injured Hu Weiren, being stabbed in the gut. Hu Weiren begged Tian Ying to let him go and reminded him of the days when they were business partners. After losing so much, his wife and his most hardworking employee, Tian Ying took none of it and stabbed Hu Weiren repeatedly in the chest and finally slitting his throat.

The traitor is dead. Jun Liang finally let out a sigh of relief, his brother had been avenged. He apologised to Kazuya for his rashed behaviour and Kazuya willingly forgave him. The three went back to Tian Ying's new house, where they decided to start a new.


Piece of Eden[]

3 months after the death of Jun Yang and Hu Weiren, the Malayan Assassins contacted Kazuya once again, stating they had found something that he might want to see. Hearing this, Kazuya packed his equipment and left the Brotherhood in Tian Ying's care once again. Jun Liang was not happy with his departure but understands the importance of the Malayans needing him.

He arrived in Perak on 17 February at Force 136's headquarters. Asking Hong Shi what was so important that he is needed, he saw the Apple of Eden. The Malayan Assassins told Kazuya that they ambushed and raided a Japanese convoy that was for Yamashita. They found the artifact too important not to notify him of it and sought advice on what to do with it. Kazuya, too, have little knowledge of the device since he only read it in books. Curious, he touched it and sent a wave of energy, affecting everyone in the headquarters. It carried on for 10 seconds before it finally stopped and knocked him out.

Kazuya woke up only to realise that he was in a white room, he called out for Hong Shi and Lim Bo Seng but no avail. He sudden heard a voice and turned his head towards the direction. He saw none other than Minerva, an Isu, who explained to him about the upcoming events and talked about Desmond releasing Juno. Kazuya was confused about everything she said. Minerva then told Kazuya that she is not talking to Kazuya but instead, to his descendant, Mirai. Kazuya aimed his rifle but found nobody. The Isu continued explaining about "Mirai" have yet to exist, but don't wish to let Kazuya see is life differently and left, telling "Mirai" that she will "talk to him another time".

Kazuya immediately woke up and saw the Assassins, MPAJA and Force 136 members all looking at him. He immediately told them to never let this fall into the Templar's hands or else, destroy it. The Assassins did as told, but the Templar Agent, Lai Teck, later tipped off the Japanese Templars. The Templars sent soldiers to raid the hideout in Perak 3 days later and stole the Apple of Eden. (which was later sent to Yamashita, who used it to create a clone of himself and sent it to Singapore).

With the Piece of Eden gone, Kazuya decided to help out the Malayans once again on their anti-Japanese activities. He worked with Hong Shi to track and assassinate Lai Teck for good.


Somewhere on 30 March, Kazuya, Lim Bo Seng and a few other Force 136 leaders, were being tipped off by a traitor and captured at the roadblock by an IJA Major Onishi Satorou. Kazuya and the leaders resisted arrest and fought back, but it was futile and they were finally restrained after a brief brawl with the Japanese soldiers. They were taken to Batu Gajah prison, where they were subjected to torture and forced to reveal information about Force 136. Kazuya, however, was given "special treatment". His now enemy, Hideyoshi Uchiya, was posted as interrogator and decided to interrogate Kazuya on his own.

Hide will proceed to tortured Kazuya for nearly 2 months, one such tortures is making him drink 8 pails of water and then punching his gut to vommit everything out. Despite all that, Kazuya refised to give him any information about the Singaporean Assassins or whether the Japanese Assassins in China will be coming to aid him.

"You know what is funny, Hayashi? We used to be best buddies that have each other's backs. Now, we are nothing but a bunch of psychopaths trying to see who kills who first."

-Hide's pet talk to Kazuya, 1944

Nagisa's arrival (Side story leading to Kazuya's resuce)[]

Furukawa Nagisa, who was in China from 1937 till 1944, arrived at Singapore on 15 June. She first arrived at Tian Ying's house, who thought she was a Templar agent and attacked her. Nagisa was quick and defeated Tian Ying, threatening to stab his eye. The Assassins ran to his aid but Tian Ying stopped them and gave her the information she wanted, stating that they had never heard from him since April. She thanked Tian Ying and headed off to Malaya on her own.

Nagisa arrived at Malacca on 21 June, she bypassed the tight security by forging her transfer papers and then find her way to the Assassin hideout. Everyone thought she was an Imperial Scout, but her picture of Kazuya saved her life. Hong Shi explained to her that he was captured in Perak and told her to give up as he might have been killed by now. Refusing to give up, made her way to Perak.

She made it to Batu Gajah, Perak, on 29 June, killing the guards, she sneak her way in to find Kazuya. Just as she wanted to give up, she heard screams and followed the sound. To her luck, it led her to Kazuya, who was being tortured by Hide. Just as Hide was about to killed Kazuya, she drew her katana and impaled Hide, saving Kazuya.

"Who...who are you?"

"You don't know me, Hideyoshi Uchiya?"


-Hide figuring out his assassin's identity

Nagisa revealed herself and it surprised Hide himself. She removed her katana out of Hide and pushed him aside. Kazuya is then freed. Kazuya asked her how did she find him. She showed him the letter he sent to her 3 months ago before departed for Malaya and found it weird that he didn't reply to hers. She stated that she is here to bring him back home and hurried to leave. However, Kazuya refused to let his friend die a slow and painful death and requested to borrow her hidden blade. Nagisa reluctantly gave it to him and Kazuya interrogate Hide one last time for the location of Yamashita. Hide simply spat on his face and cursed him. Knowing that there is no hope for him to redeem himself, he slowly sank the blade into Hide's neck and he died laughing. He then saw the ghost of Adnan Saidi, telling that he did a good job on his quest and assurring that he will soon redeem himself. As usual, he ignored the ghost

"Last chance Hide, where is Yamashita?"

"Fuck you, Hayashi! May the Father of Understanding Guide Us!"

"I never want it to be this way....."

"Neither do I, Kazuya.... I still regret saving you 8 years ago..."

"Goodbye, buddy."

-Kazuya's last conversation with Hideyoshi, 1944

With Hide killed, Nagisa pushed Kazuya to hurry and escape but he told her that he need to get his equipment back and rescue the captured Force 136 members. Nagisa, again, reluctantly agreed and followed him. They managed to get his gear back but were immediately spotted by the prison guards. Refusing to escape, he sought to find Lim Bo Seng, only to learn that he had died from illness. Nagisa was horrified at the sight of his corpse. Saying goodbye to him, he and Nagisa escaped. Leaving the cpatured Force 136 members behind.

They ran to the forrest and hid there. After that, they fell asleep due to exhaustion.

Return to Malacca[]

He and Nagisa returned to the Assassin hideout in Malacca on 8 July where he told them what happened. Hong Shi was saddened upon hearing the news of Lim Bo Seng's death. But was disappointed in Kazuya for not being able to save the others. Nagisa spoke up for Kazuya and was about have a fight with him, but Kazuya stopped her. He told her that they are not the enemy and don't want another conflict to happen.

Not recognising their situation when Nagisa rescued him, Hong Shi told the pair to just leave. Understanding what he meant, Kazuya gave Hong Shi the best of luck in finding Lai Teck and headed back to Singapore along with Nagisa. Hong Shi hoped that their paths will cross again. It was the last time he saw Hong Shi according to his journal.

Convincing Kazuya to return to Japan[]

17 July, Kazuya and Nagisa returned to Singapore and begin arguing with one another when the moment they entered Tian Ying's shop. Nagisa wanted Kazuya to pack his belongings and return home, but Kazuya wanted to finish his hunt for Yamashita before returning. After tense argument, Nagisa revealed that it was because of his warning letter that caused a civil war within the Japanese Brotherhood and how the Templars are taking advantage of it (Something that Nagisa kept a secret from her letters to Kazuya). She revealed that they managed to push the Loyalists (An Assassin faction that is still loyal to Emperor Hirohito and the Mentor) all the way to mainland Japan.

Realising this, Kazuya agreed to return after 6 months. If he managed to hunt Yamashita or fails to find him, he will return. Nagisa agreed to his deal and stayed in Singapore with him. She agreed to work for Tian Ying as a salesgirl for the time being and learns how the Singaporean Assassins operate. She slept with Kazuya in his room during that time.

Hunt for Yamashita[]

The Assassins went around hunting and interrogating unnamed Japanese officers and Templar agents for Yamashita's location at the Kempeitai. The entire Templar network system in Singapore got completely messed up because of this. Nonetheless, Yamashita's location was not found or known. Kazuya cursed himself for not killing him on the day he met Yamashita.

After 5 months, a traitor finally gave in and tipped off Kazuya his location, saying that he will be giving a speech at the Kempeitai. With that information gotten, he killed the traitor and headed back to the shop to tell Nagisa about the information he found.

The pair headed to the Kempeitai. Sneaking to the top floor, they saw Yamashita giving a speech to his men about Singaporeans being citizens of the Japanese Empire. Kazuya paid no attention to him and took out his clip of Arisaka rounds, that he took from Adnan's body, and loaded it into his rifle. Without hesitation, he took the shot but it hit his shoulder and Kazuya proceed to perform an air assassination of him. To his dismay, he realised that it was a clone and it laughed at him as Yamashita had left Singapore for China in 1942. Now surrounded by the soldiers, Kazuya fought his way out while Nagisa covered him.

After escaping and returning to the shop, Nagisa asked Kazuya to return home once again. Kazuya explained to her that his job here is not done and will wait till January. If Yamashita doesn't return, he will return to Japan. Nagisa told him that there is no way that Yamashita will ever return, but Kazuya remained optimistic. Sick of the pair arguing, Jun Liang stepped in to knock some sense into Kazuya and asked if he had ever spared a thought for her. Nagisa also explained that even if she let him stay till January, he will definitely continue his search elsewhere and by the time he is done "redeeming" himself, the Templars would have defeated the Assassins once again. This time, they can never rise up ever again and asked if he thinks of Japan as his home. This question finally opened up Kazuya's eyes as he suddenly went on his knees and thought of everything he had done and how the war is changing him and his attitude.

Finally realising that his actual home is now in danger, he finally decided to leave for Japan after staying in Singapore for 2 years. Nagisa gave him a hug and thanked him. Kazuya apologised to Nagisa for his selfishness.

Preparation to leave[]

While packing his belongings, Kazuya suddenly encountered Yosuke's letter which was left unopened since he the day died. Remembering what Yosuke told him, he decided to read letter.


By the time you read this letter, I had probably departed to Malaya or had been killed by the Templars. I just want to say that I am proud of you, seems that you made use of your 7 years in the Brotherhood and took my training advice seriously. I might be going off topic as this isn't my purpose of writing this letter. The purpose of this letter is tell you about what happened to your parents. When I first heard your name, I wondered if it was really a coincidence or if you knew that I was the one that caused your parents' disappearance and you wanted vengeance. No doubt I was right, when I heard the name "Hayashi", but I was surprised that you believe your parents were dead. As for your parents, they are still alive, I have relocated them to a village in Kyoto to keep them safe. I am really sorry, Kazuya, for what I have done. I have been living my life full of regrets, thinking if you had lived all these years. I guess I can live my life without worries after meeting you. Forgive me for what I have done to you, Kazuya Hayashi.

Your mentor,


-Yosuke's letter to Kazuya regarding his parents disappearance, 1943

After reading the letter, Kazuya headed back to Yosuke's grave with Yue Niang and paid his respects to him and his wife. He forgave Yosuke for what he had done and proceed to depart. He cut his hair, giving himself a samurai look to honour the friends he lost. He left the Brotherhood in Tian Ying's care, declaring him the mentor of the Brotherhood.

Before he leave, he told Tian Ying that he will send his son, Zhang Jia, to follow him back to Japan to be trained. Tian Ying protested against the idea of sending a 10 year old away to kill people. He also told Kazuya that the war is almost over, it would be ridiculous to train his son to learn how to kill. Nagisa then stepped in, she explained to Tian Ying that they are not fighting World War 2, they are fighting another war with the Templars and it is far from over. She added that it would be best that his son also learns to defend himself. With that, Tian Ying willingly agreed to let his son follow him. Zhang Jia said his goodbyes to his father and Kazuya shook hands with Tian Ying. Wishing him luck as mentor. He said his final goodbyes to the Brotherhood and left, bringing Zhang Jia and Yue Niang along.

They left on 24 December, 1944.

Journey home[]

Disguised as civilians, they boarded a boat and narrowly missed the mines laid in the harbour. The journey will take them nearly 5 months to reach with shorts stops in Philippines and Formosa (Taiwan). During the journey, they talked about what they had done during their deployment and how their life had been. And begin training Zhang Jia and Yue Niang in self-defence.

They landed in Kyoto on 30 June 1945.


Finding his parents[]

As soon as they landed in Kyoto, they begin looking for a village when Kazuya's parents might be in. Still keeping his family photo, he begin using it and asking villagers if they knew them.

After 2 days of searching, they came across a house  that replied them rudely. Kazuya begin suspecting that it was his parents and begin calling out their name. Thinking it was the IJA asking if their son came back, an old man replied that he died 9 years ago and told them to go away. Refusing to give up, Kazuya knocked again and this time was greeted with an old holding a cleaver. The moment the old man saw Kazuya, he dropped his cleaver and gave Kazuya a hug. Welcoming him home.

After a brief catch up, Kazuya's father was not happy that he joined the Assassins and called them an enemy faction because of what happened in 1929. Kazuya told him that he knew everything and are now fighting back. He soon learned that his mother passed away a few months ago before his return. Kazuya was devastated upon hearing the news and regretted not reading Yosuke's letter and heeding Nagisa's suggestion to leave earlier. His father comfort him and told him that his mother knew he have a war to fight. With words of encouragement, Kazuya got back to his senses and bid his father farewell. According to Kazuya's journal, it was the last time he saw him.

Japanese Assassin Civil War[]

With news that the Loyalists had retreated all the way to the last Assassin hideout in Nagasaki, they travelled and arrived on 4th August where Kazuya finally met Nagisa's squadmates. Kouyou Ichinose, who lost an eye due to a sniper shot, and Ryu Tajima face to face. Kouyou jokingly said that he thought Kazuya was a figment of Nagisa's imagination but Kazuya took no offense to it. Seeing the two kids they tagged along them, Ryu jokingly asked what they had been doing together. Nonetheless, Nagisa brushed the remarks aside and asked them about their plan.

Being serious, Kouyou explained that they will only be the ones assaulting the hideout and if thing fail, they will just call for back up. Understanding the plan, Kazuya hid Zhang Jia and Yue Niang at a nearby village for their safety and passed Zhang Jia his wakizashi as a self-defense weapon. The four Assassins then being the sneak in but was immediately surrounded as soon as they enter. With the initial plan failed, Kouyou whistled, signalling the his backup plan and suddenly the joint Chinese and Japanese Assassin arrived to their aid and a skirmish happened.

Distracting the Loyalists, Kouyou and Ryu told Kazuya and Nagisa to just go after Tadashi while the hold the Loyalists off their backs. Upon reaching the door of Tadashi's headquarters, Kazuya loaded his rifle with the last 3 rounds he had left from Adnan Saidi. Nagisa asked if he was sure about assassinating him, Kazuya nodded in reply and they barged in with their rifles pointed at the traitor.

Knowing it is the two, Tadashi sarcastically welcomed them home. Kazuya questioned why Tadashi betrayed the Brotherhood which Tadashi to reveal the actual truth. Tadashi explained that he did everything for the Brotherhood to survive, even if it cost the life of his wife. Hearing this hurt Nagisa as the person that murdered her mother was none other than her father himself. Tadashi also told them that he never ordered them to kill any innocent and Kazuya argued that many Assassins were killed by they themselves on his orders. Tadashi, again, argued that it was their mistake for not knowing. Not wanting to argue, Tadashi told the pair that he is giving them a choice: Either they and their "followers" leave the Brotherhood and never return or they fight him.

Both, Kazuya and Nagisa, looked at each other and sling their rifle. Tadashi thanked them for being compliant and proceed to walk out of his quarters to end the skirmish outside, but was stopped by the 2 Assassins before he could even reach the door. Accepting the fight, Kazuya and Nagisa fought Tadashi, but their skills were no match for him. Tadashi easily knocked out Nagisa and nearly killed her, but Kazuya saved her life in the nick of time. Tadashi told Kazuya that it was pity that he never trusted his own mentor. Kazuya simply stared at him in anger and took out his rifle to shoot, but Tadashi quickly parried away and Kazuya lost grip of his rifle, missing the shot. The fight continued until a grenade from the skirmish outside suddenly flew into the quarters, causing an explosion.

Everyone in the quarters survived, but all now lacked their weapons. Kazuya crawled to reach his kai-gunto when suddenly Tadashi came up and stabbed his right calf with a broken katana to prevent him from reaching his weapon. The screams of Kazuya woke the knocked out Nagisa, who saw the situation and quickly reached for Kazuya's rifle and took a shot at her father before he could kill Kazuya. Nagisa proceed to stab Tadashi mid air, but missed his heart and Tadashi stabbed her in the abdomen. Reaching his weapon, Kazuya used his kai-gunto as a support and limped towards Tadashi.

Tadashi asked Nagisa, who was sufferring from her wound, for forgiveness. Tadashi then looked at Kazuya and told him that the it is pointless to ask him where Tomoyuki Yamashita is. Kazuya replied that he will continue his search and definitely find Yamashita to redeem himself. Tadashi's last words to Kazuya was to take care of Nagisa and let her inherit his position as the mentor before being finished off. After that, Kazuya quickly attended to Nagisa, who was miraculously alive. They shared a kissed and helped each other out of the quarters to see that the Rebels had won the skirmish.

With Tadashi dead, the conflict is over, the Loyalists surrendered. Nagisa took the role of mentor and allowed the spared Loyalists to return to the Brotherhood. The conflict finally ended 7 August, 1945. The next day while celebrating their victory, an atomic bomb dropped and the Assassins were caught off guard. Many of the Assassins were vapourised while the others hid safely under the bomb shelters. Kazuya was one one of the lucky Assassins to survive. With no hopes of going out, the Assassins used the bomb shelter tunnels to make their way to retake Kyoto.

Expulsion from the Brotherhood[]

It took the surviving Assassins 3 months to reach Kyoto and from there, Nagisa gave the orders to split up the Assassins back to the war fronts. Assassins such as Kouyou and Ryu, will return to China with her to further their aid with the Chinese Assassins. For Kazuya, she ordered him to return to Singapore and then return to Japan. Kazuya denied the order and told her that he will continue his search for Yamashita. Hearing this angered Nagisa but respected Kazuya's descision. As of the result, she expelled him from the Brotherhood and told him to never return home. Nagisa then gave him the information of where Yamashita is.

Hearing what Nagisa said, Kazuya told her to train Zhang Jia, Yue Niang and take care of his father before giving her a kiss and bid her farewell. Realising that they both have feelings for one another, Nagisa suddenly had a change of heart and attempted to convince him to stay. Kazuya explained that it is best that they were never together. He left with Nagisa crying as she watched Kazuya leave the hideout.

"I don't know how to feel. The person I loved for so long had abandoned me. However, I cannot lose focus. I must finish my mission."

-Kazuya's journal, November 1945

With the information from Nagisa, he headed for the Philippines.

Tracking Yamashita[]

Kazuya arrived in Laguna, the Philippines, on 1 December 1945, with Nagisa secretly contacting the Filipino Assassins, they aided him in his hunt which led him to Yamashita's trials for his war crimes. Kazuya attended the trial and watched it. Leanring that he will be executed, he made his way to the prison he was held in, Los Banos.

He managed to evade the guards and broke into Yamashita's cell, where he finally confronted him. He was about to kill Yamashita, telling him that this is was his crimes of murdering countless innocent lives. Yamashita then questioned him, asking if he really knew that he tried stopping his men to stop the executions and if killing him will change anything. Yamashita did not resist and allowed Kazuya to assassinate him but he hesitated. Meanwhile, Adnan appeared and kept pestering Kazuya to finish it.

Thinking hard, Kazuya striked, but he purposely miss Yamashita, claiming that he is already dead and left the cell. He was instantly spotted by the guards and escaped, but was injured in the process. The Filipino Assassins aided his esvape but one of them was killed in the process.


Fall of the Tiger[]

Since that day, Kazuya keep track of Yamashita's actions and ensure that he kills Yamashita before the Americans do it. On 23 February, Kazuya did a final scout on Yamashita and learnt that he will be executed. Using his only oppprtunity, he loaded the last round he stole from Adnan, aimed and fired before the noose could break Yamashita's neck. The bullet hit him before he dropped. The last thing Yamashita saw was Kazuya aiming his rifle at him.

With a shot heard, the hunt for Yamashita's assassin was conducted. Knowing the job is done, Kazuya slowly scaled down the building he was on and strolled back to the hideout. He was soon surrounded by the American Templars and military police, who had been hunting for him since December. Kazuya was about to prepare for a fight until he saw the ghost of Adnan, now without his scars, gave him a thumbs up before slowly fading away. Kazuya is finally free from his torment.

Knowing that it was just him hallucinating Adnan the entire time, Kazuya didn't resist and smiled.

The last thing the Filipino Assassins knew when they went to rescue him were gunshots being fired,  an explosion of a smoke bomb and a bunch of corpses. They listed him as MIA. Then KIA 3 months later.

Hiding in China[]

In reality, Kazuya was still alive and escaped to China with the aid of the Filipino Assassins. He gave up his journal and told them to tell Nagisa that he is dead before leaving.

He sought refuge in Guangzhou and a businessman named William took him in out of pity. Kazuya tried adjusting to his new life working for William and attempted to abandon the Assassin life, but William eventually found out about it and use it to his advantage. Knowing that Kazuya was an Assassin, he begin sending him on missions to kill his opponents. Kazuya spent a year working for William as his personal assassin.


Reuniting with the Assassins[]

During a confrontation against one of William's targets, Conrad Chang, Kazuya was serverly injured by his henchmen but managed to escape death. With a wound in the gut, he limped his way back to William's house. That was where Nagisa, who was having a briefing with her squad and other Nationalist troops, saw him. They both saw each other, but Kazuya hurried away in fear back to William's house, leaving Nagisa crying as soon as she realised that her best friend is still alive.

Kazuya was attended by William, himself, and patched up Kazuya's injuries. William allowed Kazuya to rest till he recovers. From there, Kazuya reflected on himself thinking about the days where he didn't kill people for nothing. Thinking back during the days, he decided to rejoin the Assassins. He submitted his resignation letter to William and left. William was disappointed with his resignation and threatened that he will have to watch his back from now on. Kazuya ignored him and headed to find the Assassins.

When he headed back to Conrad's outpost, since that was the place where he saw Nagisa and the Assassins, he was first met with resistance but Kazuya convinced that he was not here for trouble and just trying to look for the Assassins.

((work in progress))

After WWII (1946-2010)[]


Shortly after escaping the Philippines, Kazuya sought refuge in China and hid there. He reunited with Nagisa and her squad and aided Chiang Kai-shek during the Chinese Civil War. As the nationalists lost the civil war, Chiang Kai-shek blamed the Assassins for costing the war and declared the Assassins his enemies. Without a choice, the Japanese Assassins returned to Japan, except him of course.

He returned to Singapore after that to continue operations against the British Templar Order. He retired from the Brotherhood at the age of 44 when Singapore became an independent nation in 1965, believing that his job is done. He married an unnamed Chinese woman in between 1950 to 1965 and had a daughter, who later married an Abstergo employee. He eventually had 4 grandchildren, 3 boys and a girl. He kept a good relationship with the Zhangs eventually returned to Japan in 2004 when reports of the Great Purge happening begin coming in. He was eventually abandoned by his family, who he had no idea that they defected to the Templars. However, he kept a good relationship with one of his grandson, Mirai Atsuki, and gave him his hidden blades as a sign of his initiation. Kazuya died somewhere in September 2010 from old age but his legacy didn't just die with him as Mirai ran away from home and unknowingly joined an Assassin Cell after relieving his memories.


Kazuya is a rather quiet person that expresses his feelings by writing and drawing. Before being sent to Singapore by his mentor, he is a kind-hearted person that gives in to demands easily and dislikes getting into trouble. He is reluctant to fight and kill people, which explains why he was never above the rank of Novice since the day he joined the Assassins. Being a complete introvert, he doesn't interact much with the other Assassins living in the village other than Hide and Nagisa. He is someone that will show respect to his elders. Unlike Hide, who is rather optimistic about joining the army, he is rather pessimistic about it and thought that he would not live through the war. He is not a power hungry person and saw no purpose in life after he gave up looking for his parents.

When he was tasked in killing Adnan Saidi and told that he would enlist into the army, he saw purpose again, but he knew that it would be a short-term purpose to fulfil. Despite that, he gave his best in training and showed off his leadership skills. He was a completely different person. He was given the rank of Sergeant and assigned to be a squad captain.

During the Battle of Singapore, he displayed his leadership skills in commanding and no longer shows his pessimistic attitude. He shows care and concern for his squad, but couldn't care less if they die on the battlefield. After seeing the IJA massacre civilians and realising that he killed a fellow Assassins, he viewed himself as a monster and felt remorseful about it. He soon betrayed the IJA and kill massacred his own squad in cold blood as payback for what they did at Bukit Timah. However, he couldn't bring himself to kill his childhood friend and instead wounded him and knocked him out.

Kazuya often blames himself for things that aren't his fault and always take full responsibility for it. Despite that, he still shows great leadership skills when leading his newly formed Brotherhood and will do whatever it takes to gain their trust.

Shortly after establishing his Brotherhood, he began hallucinating Adnan Saidi due to his developing insanity and shows great fear upon seeing him. As time passed, he got used the hallucinations and would often talk to it in a very calm manner.

Overall, he is a very calm and gentle person at times, but when it comes to carrying out anti-Japanese activities, he tends to be very cunning and is able to pull off bluffs against the IJA. If peace cannot be achieved, violence will be his last resort.

(work in progress)


Hideyoshi Uchiya[]

"You cut off my arm, wiped out my squad and after all that, you think I will actually let you live, Hayashi?"

- Hide to Kazuya when he was captured in 1944

"Always got your back, brother!"

- Hide to Kazuya after shooting Adnan Saidi to save his life in1942

The two of them had been friends since a young age and both of them grew up in the same village in Shizuoka. Hide had always been the one talking and hanging out with Kazuya during their early years. Though it was not know whether Hide moved out of the village before the 26 February incident, it was hinted that Hide had not seen Kazuya for some time when he found him. When Kazuya started living in the Brotherhood hideout in Tokyo, he and Hide were training partners. Hide normally takes advantage of Kazuya's inexperience and use him as a punching bag. When Nagisa became Kazuya's training partner, he was jealous of them but nonetheless found another Assassin to spar with him. Both of them still spend time eating together and exchanging tips for combat. They knew each other so well, that they knew their fighting style inside out.

When Kazuya gave up on his search to find his parents, Hide didn't and carried on investigating the matter without his knowledge. He later found out about Yosuke's involvement.

The two always have each other's backs. They are like blood brothers that are inseparable. Such events like Hide saving Kauzya's life twice during the Battle of Singapore and covering up his betrayal to save a group of civilians. However, it all broke down when Hide saw Kazuya fighting by Yosuke's side and burnt his uniform in public to prove his disloyalty to the IJA.

They eventually went from brothers to archenemies when Hide killed Yosuke after exposing the truth, forcing Kazuya to duel Hide. However, as Kazuya was trained by Yosuke, his fighting style gradually changed, making himself unpredictable for Hide. This gave Hide a hard time to counter Kazuya which resulted in the loss of his right arm. Their final duel was the last time Kazuya will ever see Hide, not knowing if he would bleed to death again. They met again in 1944 where Hide took his time to torture Kazuya. Kazuya still held hope that Hide could redeem himself. That was where Hide called him a hypocrite and nearly ended his life, only to get killed by Nagisa,

Despite all of the evil Hide had done, he hope that Hide will do better in his next life before bidding him farewell and killing him. Hide's death impacted Kazuya badly, with a loss of his childhood friend, he felt he had nothing to lose and ((WIP))

Furukawa Nagisa[]

"He is my best friend, I trust him!"

-Nagisa's remarks about Kazuya, 1942

The two of them didn't start out well when they first met with Nagisa accusing Kazuya of sexual harassment when he loosened her clothing as she was sleeping. However, seeing this as an opportunity to escape from her father's torturous training, she forced him to become her training partner which he willingly agreed. Both of them were great training partners and soon formed a friendship. Though Kazuya likes her, he never tried telling her about how he feels about her and kept it within himself. ((WIP))


  • Kazuya is the name of the creator's Japanese friend that he had lost contact with, in 2013
  • Kazuya is left-handed, but ambidextrous with it comes to holding a rifle
  • Kazuya's mentor, Yousuke, was actually supposed to be the main protagonist of the story
  • Kazuya's scar is the only thing the Templars used to identify him
  • His name literally means "Peaceful Forest" which is kind of ironic as his fighting style can be pretty brutal at times
  • He was starved at least 2 times, once when he journeyed to Malaya unprepared, second when he was captured
  • Kazuya never bothered to cover his scar or at least hide it. Yet nobody could actually identify him with his hood covering his eyes.
  • Kazuya was a wanted man for at least 6 years. 4 years in Malaya and Singapore, 2 years in the Philippines.
  • Though Tomoyuki Yamashita is considered to be reasonable as he did order his men not to commit any atrocities, Kazuya didn't know about it till the day he finally confronted him in the prison he was held at. Nonetheless, Kazuya still killed him before he could be hanged.
  • Kazuya's second grandson, Mirai Atsuki, is also left-handed.


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