"The Assassins took my family, now I will take theirs"
―Kendrick in his memoirs
Kendrick Godwine
Kendrick Godwine
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13 April, 1979

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Assassin's Creed: Purge (modern day)
Assassin's Creed: Changes (modern day)

Kendrick Godwine (current age: 39) is an American Master Templar operating on behalf of the Abstergo Medical as their personal hitman. He is a member of the Sigma Team – a task-force division of Abstergo Industries, and a member of CIA.

He is a descendant of the Roman Templar Gaius Paulinus and the French Templar Quintina de Bullion.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Kendrick was born in Boston, Massachusetts to Geoffrey and Florence Godwine – both members in the politics. Geoffrey worked in the United States Department of State whilst Florence was working in the FBI as an investigator. Geoffrey mostly worked with a man named Patrick Stevenson; Florence was put on the cases that FBI never managed to solve – but with Florence's contacts she quickly solved them. Since Kendrick's parents was gone very often, his nanny was the one who in practice raised him.

Youth Edit

Being a lonely boy most of his youth, Kendrick's parents sent him – on the guidance by the nanny – to karate and taekwondo. Kendrick found the sport interesting, and was also soon sent to practice shooting. When Kendrick became 16, he had already got a black belt in both karate and taekwondo. On the school of shooting, Kendrick had outflanked the other members. The schoolmaster on his high school found it a bit disturbing that he spent his time on this – but Kendrick still got good grades, so it was only socially the schoolmaster was worried about.

Adulthood Edit

Getting through high school and university, Kendrick was now educated in information technology and in journalism. Getting a job at the CNN, Kendrick discovered a conspiracy the politician Warner Grant, Jr. was about to execute to overthrow the US President George W. Bush. With the help of Florence Godwine's FBI-contacts, Warner was removed. Geoffrey hired a hitman to finish the job, with his wife not protesting. After this was discovered, Kendrick and a team of digging journalists soon found out that Warner had a list of five people that could be revealed as communists – not a good thing to be in USA during the Cold War. The list was published with the names of the people: Erica Johnson, Jean Valjean, Theresa Robertson, Ursula Dewar and Steve Buffet. All the named was a part of the plot to overthrow Bush. Again, Florence and Geoffrey Godwine intervened. They removed all of the people.

Doing this, Kendrick was one day summoned by his parents. They revealed themselves to be Templars, and the one that Kendrick had discovered was all members of the Templars' rivals: Assassins. Kendrick would be an excellent hitman for the Templar Order. The man told his parents that he would be stupid if he did not chose to join the Order of the Knights Templar. With the information Kendrick and several others in his staff was sitting on, they could reveal even more men and women loyal to the Assassins – which all of Warner's associates were.

Kendrick was inducted to the Templar Order in 2008. One year later, he quitted the job in the newspapers. Instead, he joined the ranks of CIA.

Templar Edit

Sigma Team Edit

ACRG Otso Berg

Juhani Otso Berg

As soon as Kendrick joined forces with the Templars and the CIA, Kendrick was soon contacted by another Templar named Juhani Berg. Berg wondered if Kendrick would like to join his squad of Templars. Their ask was to hunt down Assassins after the execution of The Great Purge.

In November 2012, Sigma Team attacked an Assassin cell in FlorenceItaly. While the majority of Sigma Team was killed in an explosion, Berg and Kendrick escaped with some facial burns. The following month, Sigma Team was reformed and captured William Miles in Cairo, Egypt. Although the mission was a success, a member of Sigma Team reported Berg's abnormal behavior to Laetitia England and Ctibor Hašek. After conducting a debriefing of the operation, Berg stated he would discover the insubordinate.

In February 2014, Sigma Team tracked down Harlan Cunningham and Arend Schut after the two had stolen the Precursor box from Abstergo. Although the Assassins managed to escape, Sigma Team recovered the box. Nonetheless, the Templars had suffered severe losses, as Schut had managed to kill at least half the team. In September of that year, Laetitia disbanded and reassigned members of Sigma Team to other Abstergo operations. The following month, Berg requested that Laetitia revive his team, recounting his loss in Paris without the rest of his team. After being informed that Violet da Costa was busy in Montreal, Berg joined her in order to hasten her progress and get her to rejoin the team.

In 2015, Violet briefly left Sigma Team on the orders of Isabelle Ardant to assist Álvaro Gramática with his research into the Shroud of Eden. Later on, Sigma Team go to London, England to track down a Shroud located there. Subsequently, Berg and Violet held Assassins Rebecca Crane and Shaun Hastings at gunpoint when they attempted to confront Isabelle. But before they could execute the Assassins, a set of pre-planted explosives went off, allowing the pair to escape. When the Assassins Shaun Hastings, Rebecca Crane and Galina Voronina attacked Berg, da Costa and Isabelle Ardant in the chambers beneath Buckingham Palace, Sigma Team arrived to help them. However, they came too late to save Ardant and were single-handedly eliminated by Galina, allowing the Assassins to escape. Kendrick got Berg back to the base of Gramática after the battle. He later buried the body of Isabelle.

After the incident in London, Kendrick left the Sigma Team for good. He returned to Boston, but was soon contacted by Angelica Concord. She told him that she had plans for him.

Abstergo Medical Edit

At some point, Kendrick became involved with the Project Omega. The Templars arranged with accidents in the public – by using Kendrick Godwine and his team of skilled Templars – declared the people dead and brought them to the Medical – in secret. At the Medical, the templar co-director Ali Thespian and doctor Mark Danes was welcoming the new individuals. Director Concord was never to be seen – only by the high-ranked members of the company. His secretary, Isobel Fauna, served as his eyes and ears.

Trivia Edit

  1. One of the people Kendrick reveal to act as a communist, is a man named Jean Valjean. This is a reference to the character created by Victor Hugo in his book Les Misérables.
  2. Another person Kendrick revealed to act as a communist, was a woman named Ursula Dewar. This is a reference to a character in Ken Follet's Edge of Eternity, which carrying the name Ursula "Beep" Dewar.
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