Kenneth Ravensdale
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February 16 1746

London, United Kingdom


October 2 1791 (aged 44)

North Atlantic

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  • British Brotherhood (1752 - death)
  • Colonial Brotherhood (1769 - death)
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Assassin's Creed: Source

Kenneth Ravensdale (1746 - 1791) was a Master Assassin of the British Assassins as well as the Colonial Assassins. He was the son of the Assassin-turncoat-Templar Richard Ravensdale, the father of the Assassin, Osyka and an ancestor of the young Assassin Horatio Pierce.

In 1769, he and his father temporarily united forces to search for a Piece of Eden. In 1770, the two found the Piece of Eden but had to kill his father in self-defense, another Templar managed to steal the Piece of Eden from Kenneth. Later on in the 1790s, Kenneth, his son and the Master Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton began a search for the same Piece of Eden.

In 1770, Kenneth took ownership of his father's brig; the Banshee.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Kenneth was born in London on February 16 1746 to the Templar Richard Ravensdale and the Assassin Angela Crawford. Richard didn't stay with Kenneth long enough for him to remember him.

In December 1746, his parents cut ties with each other due to their allegiances. Although Kenneth grew up not knowing his father, Angela made sure he knew of his father's existence through stories and a portrait Richard had gifted to her. Kenneth's childhood was that of a normal child's and due to the Crawford family's noble status and some money that Richard had left for Kenneth, he lived a luxurious life.

Until the age of six, in 1751. Kenneth's family manor was ransacked by Templars due to Reginald Birch learning of Kenneth's existence and wanting to kill him to avoid complications with Richard. Angela told Kenneth to flee and find Miko, Kenneth only knew him as his mother's friend at the time, Angela died making sure Kenneth would escape.

Kenneth found Miko and told him of what had transpired, an enraged Kenneth wanted revenge for his mother's death. Feeling pity for the boy, Miko decided to take him in and train him as an Assassin until Miko was killed in 1754 by the Templar Haytham Kenway. This would lead to Kenneth having a deep hatred for the Templars as they had killed two important figures in his life.

Kenneth continued his training until he was fully indoctrinated into the Brotherhood in 1764.

Hunt for the Source Edit

The British Brotherhood was in serious decline as of 1766, the current Mentor of the British Brotherhood at the time had been hearing rumors about the Source of Eden and believed that it could help the Assassins restore their control in Britain and had tasked Kenneth with retrieving it. In 1767, after acquiring various leads and tidbits, Kenneth discovered that the Sources last sighting was in the Colonies. Kenneth boarded a passenger ship and took to the Colonies.

Kenneth arrived in the Colonies in the year 1768. Kenneth met with the former Mentor of the Colonial Brotherhood, Achilles Davenport, initially Achilles refused to speak with Kenneth. Unaware of the Purge of the Colonial Brotherhood, Kenneth demanded to know why, Achilles angrily told him of the Assassin Purge. Sympathizing and empathizing with Davenport, Kenneth told Achilles of his own Brotherhood's decline in England. Hearing this, Achilles allowed Kenneth to stay in his homestead for a while. Over the past few months, Kenneth had been hearing rumors that a Choctaw tribe had discovered an artifact but wouldn't disclose it to the colonists, Kenneth went to find this Choctaw tribe. In the Frontier, Kenneth discovered some Choctaw slaves being transported through the forest, not standing for slavery, Kenneth immediately jumped in and killed the slavers and freed the Choctaw slaves and also freed a young Choctaw warrior named Coahoma.

She thanked Kenneth for freeing her and Kenneth sarcastically said that she could repay the favor by telling him where the artifact was, Coahoma informed Kenneth that the slaver Paul Birch had taken the artifact from her people and that she was tasked to get it. As Kenneth was about to leave to retrieve it, Coahoma stopped him and told him that she already tried that but was captured due to his camp being heavily guarded. Kenneth asked what she suggest they do and Coahoma came up with the idea that they weaken his operation across the Colonies.

Over the course of several months, the two did exactly that and began freeing many Choctaw slaves and weakening Paul's operation. During this time, the two developed feelings for each other and entered a relationship because of it. In December 1769, Kenneth and Coahoma conceived a child, worrying for the child's safety as well as his lover's he asked her to stay in her village while he went to kill Paul Birch to which she agreed.

Meeting his father Edit

Kenneth went to Paul's camp in Boston to interrogate him and then assassinate him although when he arrived, Paul was already dead. Kenneth investigated the scene but before coming to his conclusion he was attacked by a Templar and the two engaged in a duel. Kenneth realized that the Templar was in fact his father, Richard Ravensdale, and Richard also recognized Kenneth. The two traded verbal blows before realizing they were both looking for the Source, Richard then went on to suggest they form a temporary truce and search for the Source together. Despite hating the Templars, Kenneth longed to meet and know his father and therefore agreed. Before leaving, Kenneth went to Coahoma and told her that he had to leave for a while to which Coahoma kissed him and told him not to miss the birth of their child.

Kenneth and Richard then boarded the latter's ship, the Banshee and headed for Cerros in the Caribbean Sea in December 1769.

Acquiring the Source Edit

At sea, while on the Banshee, Kenneth and Richard had the chance to get to know each other. The two discussed the Assassin and Templar philosophies which actually lessened Kenneth's hatred for the Templars and had a better understanding for them, though he did not agree with him. Kenneth also informed he had met and fell in love with a Choctaw woman and that she was carrying his child, Richard congratulated him as he was sincerely happy, Kenneth told Richard of his plans to marry her upon returning to the Colonies.

Richard soiled the subject by telling Kenneth that he had told his mother not to get him involved with the Assassin-Templar War, which triggered Kenneth. He angrily stated that his mother told him nothing but that when Richard's Templar Brethren attacked his home and killed his mother, he had no choice but to involve himself in the war. Saddened by this news, Richard had apologized as he did not know but he reassured Kenneth that the man who must have ordered it, Reginald Birch, had died.

Kenneth and Richard arrived at Cerros in 1770. Due to the island being mostly empty, the two used their intuition and travelled to the ruins of Cerros. The two scaled the Temple and entered it to find a man holding a glowing rock, the Source. The man introduced himself as John Burroughs Hopkins and that he was a Sage longing to use the Source of Eden to reunite with his beloved, Juno and that he wouldn't let the petty squabble of the Assassins and Templars get in his way. John used the Source to blast Kenneth and Richard out of the ruins, Richard managed to break his descent into the ground by grabbing a ledge, Richard managed to save Kenneth before he fell to the ground by grabbing his arm.

The two returned to the ruins to combat John, he proved a strong foe due to the Source. Kenneth and Richard were an excellent team and managed to hold John off, Richard managed to disarm John and Kenneth kicked him to the ruin's ground level. The two went to look for the body but they could not find one leading to the notion that John survived his fall. Realizing what had to be done next, Richard would go on to apologize to Kenneth and stated that if it weren't for the Assassins and Templars maybe they could have had a better relationship. Kenneth lamented this fact and drew his rapier, Richard proceeded to attack Kenneth. The two fought for what seemed like hours, Kenneth managed to disarm Richard, Richard tackled him into the ground and began to choke him. With no other way of escape, Kenneth activated his Hidden Blade and stabbed him in the jugular. Before dying, Richard told Kenneth he was proud of him.

Kenneth approached his father's body to give him his last rites only to suddenly be knocked out from behind. After Kenneth came to, he found that the Source had been taken. Kenneth returned to the Banshee immediately and saw that the crew were all dead, a frustrated Kenneth realized he was back to square one. Kenneth took ownership of his father's brig and returned to the Colonies, and to Coahoma's village. The two greeted each other with a kiss and she then introduced him to their newborn son, Osyka. Kenneth immediately felt a deep love and urge to protect his son but knew he had to go, Kenneth returned to the Davenport homestead where he met the young Assassin Connor. Kenneth told Achilles of what had transpired and that he will be staying with the Choctaw for the rest of the time being, Achilles and Connor wished their brethren luck on his journey.

Kenneth spent the next year searching for the Source in the Colonies, in the meantime he bonded with his son Osyka. Although in January 1772, Kenneth had heard that the Source had been seen in another country, Kenneth told Coahoma he must go to which she understood and so, Kenneth gathered a crew and took the Banshee across the world to find the Source.

Return to America Edit

Kenneth spent nineteen years searching for Hopkins and the Source but to no avail. During his search, he discovered several precursor Temples across the world and at some point garnered the attention of the Coyote Man.

In January 1789, Kenneth travelled to Cuba to investigate a sighting of Hopkins. Unaware that the Coyote Man was following him, he entered the Temple alone although his son, Osyka, who had been hunting the Coyote Man saved Kenneth from dying at his hands. Osyka found his father trying to interfere with the precursor technology, Osyka called out Kenneth's name. Kenneth turned around and recognized his son almost instantaneously, the two stood at a distance for a few moments before walking fast paced into an embrace.

After reuniting with his son, Kenneth commented on how proud he was of Osyka growing into a fine young man and was shocked to see he had joined the Assassins which led to Osyka stating he joined because of Kenneth. Kenneth went on to brief Osyka on the Source and told his son that for nearly twenty years, he'd been following lead after lead regarding the whereabouts of the Source and every time he'd be too late to find Hopkins.

Osyka suggested they return to America and talk to Connor about it to which he agreed. A few days later, the two arrived at the Davenport Homestead in their respective brigs and informed Connor of what had transpired. Connor stated that he would call upon his contacts and see if he can't find anything but the two would try to find leads while they were at it.

Osyka and Kenneth spend a year tracking leads, only for them to be dead ends. In May 1790, Connor informed Osyka and Kenneth that his contacts had discovered that the Sage John Burroughs Hopkins has an associate by the name of Theodorick Bland Jr who was also a Templar. Osyka volunteered to go alone and find Bland and in the meantime, Kenneth would reunite with his wife and love, Coahoma. June 1790, Osyka assassinated Bland and returned to Kenneth and Connor and briefed them that Bland confessed Osyka that Hopkins was travelling to various precursor Temples, using equipment to build his own Piece of Eden with the Source to resurrect his wife Juno and told Osyka that the last location Hopkins was located at was in the North Atlantic.

Death Edit

In 1791, Kenneth and Osyka discovered an Arctic Temple in the North Atlantic. Believing Hopkins to be in the Temple, the two investigated the Arctic Temple and discovered Hopkins. Hopkins lamented why the Assassins and Templars won't leave him alone, Osyka stated that the Source must be destroyed and that no one should get their hands on it. Hopkins proceeded to attack Kenneth and Osyka, Osyka quickly retaliated by shooting Hopkins with his bow and arrow and destroys Hopkins' proto-Piece of Eden. Angered by the destruction of his prototype Piece of Eden, takes the Source and attacks Kenneth and Osyka once more which triggered the Temple to collapse.

Kenneth and his son chased down Hopkins throughout the Temple, his son began to outrun him and catch up to Hopkins but is suddenly stopped when he is frozen by the Source of Eden. Hopkins, took out his flintlock and was going to shoot and kill Osyka but before he could do that, Kenneth jumped in the way and sacrificed his life for his son's. Suddenly the precipice under them gave way and Osyka and Kenneth fell through it giving Hopkins a chance to escape.

With Osyka injured from the fall and Kenneth near-death. Kenneth lamented at the fact that he never got a chance to see his son grow into a man and pondered that their family wouldn't have been as dysfunctional if it weren't for the Assassins and Templars but nonetheless, he couldn't hold resentment to the only life he had ever known, before dying he told Osyka that he loved him.

Legacy Edit

In 2017, some of his genetic memories were relived by his descendant Horatio Pierce until the conception of his son Osyka in 1769.

During the same time, the Templar Kyle North explored some of Kenneth's genetic memories until the conception of Osyka.

Personality and characteristics Edit

Kenneth started out as a vengeful young man and despised his Templar heritage. Kenneth trained thoroughly in attempts to negate his heritage. Growing up, he became less vengeful and hateful but still held a grudge against the Templar Order for the deaths of his mother and father-figure, Miko.

Kenneth was a firm believer in the Assassin cause but did not blindly follow the Brotherhood. Like his father, Kenneth hated inequality and would drop all things to help someone in need, an example of this is when he attacked a slave cart that was transporting Choctaw members through the Frontier. Kenneth was also deeply loyal to his loved ones and was an emotional man seeing as when he first met his father, despite being a Templar, he agreed to ally with him due to a longing to meet his father since childhood.

Equipment and skills Edit

From the age of six, Kenneth was taught to use a sword, freerun and stealth by Miko. After Miko's death, Kenneth continued his training but it is believed if Miko were still alive, Kenneth would be an even deadlier Assassin than he already was.

Unlike his father, Kenneth was born with Eagle Vision and learned to master it growing up.

Trivia Edit

  • Kenneth is an English given name and surname. The name is an Anglicised form of two entirely different Gaelic personal names: Cainnech and Cináed. The modern Gaelic form of Cainnech is Coinneach; the name was derived from a byname meaning "handsome", "comely".
  • Kenneth stood at 6'0" and weighed 145lbs
  • Kenneth's robes were a replica of Duncan Walpole's.
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