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Keris Taming Sari was a dagger weapon (keris) of immense power, most famously belonging to the Malay hero Hang Tuah. The weapon, named after the previous owner before Hang Tuah named Taming Sari, provided the wielder with invincibility apart from powers actively harming opponents. The keris was in fact a Piece of Eden called The Master Key, a device that could unlock total control over the Earth's entire biosphere.

Hang Tuah's possession of Keris Taming Sari.[]

Taming Sari, Assassin and guardian of a Piece of Eden.[]

Before Keris Taming Sari was wielded by Hang Tuah, the weapon was owned by a great number of different personalities. Earlier in time, the Assassins managed to retrieve the Piece of Eden and safeguard it, passing it down to a new guardian as the previous perish. The earliest known name of a guardian of the Keris Taming Sari was a fearsome Majapahit warrior by the name of Taming Sari. Taming Sari was a long time member of the Nusantaran Assassin Order and after his master handed him the weapon before he died, Taming Sari wielded the weapon and defended it from use by the wrong people. Unfortunately, Taming Sari, angrily dissatisfied by the Assassin's Order's inaction in the attacks against Majapahit by neighbouring kingdoms, planned to use the Keris Taming Sari to wipe out Majapahit's enemies.

In a diplomatic mission by the Malaccan Sultan, Datuk Laksamana Hang Tuah, the Sultan's Lord Admiral and ambassador, escorted the Sultan to meet with Majapahit's king to discuss regional conflicts and common interests. The night they arrived in Majapahit, Hang Tuah was ambushed in his tent by three members of the Nusantaran Assassins.

The Assassins asked for his help, to retrieve the Keris Taming Sari back into the Assassin's hands. The Assassins informed him of Taming Sari's plans to use the powers of the Keris Taming Sari in a one-man campaign to eliminate Majapahit's enemies. The Assassins withheld all other information to Hang Tuah, only promising to inform him once he has retrieved the weapon.

Although Taming Sari will most probably hold back from using the weapon since it was too powerful to be wasted on one normal man, he himself is a formidable fighter not to be reckoned with.

Hang Tuah acquires the Keris Taming Sari.[]

Following the Malacan Sultan and his envoys inside the Majapahit King's palace, Hang Tuah was greeted by traditional dances and the hypnotic plays of musical instruments. The king sat on his high and mighty throne, surrounded by court ministers, royal family members, and great warriors from all over the kingdom, with the one standing at forefront being Taming Sari.

To honour the strength of the two empires, a duel was to be held. The Majapahit King as host held precedence over choice. He chose his greatest warrior, Taming Sari, to fight on Majapahit's behalf. He gave Taming Sari the pleasure of choosing his opponent. Rather than looking at the elite warriors the Malaccan Sultan brought with him, Taming Sari challenged one the most highest members of the sultan's court, the Lord Admiral himself; Hang Tuah. Although surprised, Hang Tuah sees this as making his task of retrieving the weapon easier.

The battle was fierce even from the start and, as the Assassins predicted, the Keris Taming Sari was kept sheathed at all times. Taming Sari used another weapon, a machete (keris panjang) while fighting against Hang Tuah. They fought gruellingly for hours without rest and each were tired and beaten. In a desperate clamour for victory, Taming Sari became reckless and made a single tactical mistake that was used by Hang Tuah in his favour.

With Taming Sari killed in the middle of the Majapahit King's palace court, Hang Tuah was declared victor. The Majapahit King asked Hang Tuah for what gifts he wanted for defeating his best fighter, to which Hang Tuah pointed to the weapon still tightly kept in Taming Sari's belt;

"Your Majesty, I wish to have Taming Sari's keris, truly a noble weapon for noble men".

-Datuk Laksamana Hang Tuah

And so Hang Tuah acquired the Keris Taming Sari. That night, he was visited again by the Assassins. The Assassins asked for the weapon, to which Hang Tuah answered he will only relinquish once the Assassins stayed true to their promise.

The Assassins revealed everything to Hang Tuah; the First Civilization, the Assassins, the Templars, and so on. Everything that needed to be known was made known to Hang Tuah. With all this knowledge, Hang Tuah was satisfied and wished to give the Keris Taming Sari to the Assassins. One of the Assassins then also revealed that he was the Nusantaran Assassin's Grandmaster and that he wanted to recruit the hero into their ranks for he would be an invaluable ally in the order's quest to protect freedom and the fight against those who wish to put an end to it. Hang Tuah graciously declined, saying;

"Although I believe all that you say is true, and I truly do wish to fight alongside you, my loyalty is to the sultan and to the sultan only. That was and still is my true calling. That is who I am".

-Datuk Laksamana Hang Tuah

However, Hang Tuah will be there if they were in need of assistance and told them to send message to him any time. Hang Tuah, still wishing to give the Keris Taming Sari back to the Assassins, was stopped halfway. Although it was quite a shame that Hang Tuah decline to join the order, the Assassin Grandmaster found no other worthy guardian for the Piece of Eden than Hang Tuah, quoting his virtue as the primary reason.

The Malaccan Sultan tries to obtain the Keris Taming Sari.[]

In a tale some time after Hang Tuah's acquirement of the Keris Taming Sari, the Sultan of Malacca ordered the Prime Minister (Datuk Bendahara) to arrest and execute Hang Tuah on accounts of treason. The recorded reasoning of this was that the Sultan caught wind of rumours suggesting that Hang Tuah was having an affair with one of the court stewardesses (dayang). The real reason however was that the Sultan of Malacca actually caught wind of the power that the Keris Taming Sari, Hang Tuah's weapon, actually had and that he must have control over it. If he doesn't, he fears that Hang Tuah would have more influence than himself and that if they did not agree on certain decisions in the future, Hang Tuah might use the weapon to usurp him. After Hang Tuah's arrest, his court clothing (persalinan hulubalang) and the Keris Taming Sari was confiscated.

The old Prime Minister, the one given the task of executing him, did not do so. Instead, being a long time friend and mentor to Hang Tuah, the Prime Minister helped him to contact the Nusantaran Assassins and planned his escape to a remote region in Malacca where they would meet.

Hang Jebat, Hang Tuah's closest childhood companion, became angry at the Sultan who betrayed Hang Tuah's loyalty. He assaulted the palace and raided the armory to find Hang Tuah's possessions. He took Hang Tuah's court clothing and Keris Taming Sari with him. In a fit of rage thinking about the cowardly Sultan hiding in his chamber, Hang Jebat unsheathed the Keris Taming Sari and a luminous and blinding light engulfed him. Now under the influence of immense power by the Piece of Eden, Hang Jebat ran amok in the palace, killing all those he found.

The Nusantaran Assassins met with Hang Tuah and the Prime Minister, although unfortunately the Grandmaster was unable to come due to illness. The Nusantaran Assassins wish to attack the palace quickly and retrieve the weapon, killing anyone who stood in their way, much to Hang Tuah's dismay. Hang Tuah informed them that he will travel back to the palace to explain everything in the Sultan's court. The Assassins however are welcomed to spectate in hiding and, if the negotiations fail, do as they see fit.

Hang Tuah travelled with the Assassins back to the Malaccan royal palace, only to find destruction and chaos. Hang Tuah, rushing inside, found his friend murdering the court ministers with the Keris Taming Sari in hand. The glowing, white power of the weapon surrounded him. Hang Tuah, enraged by Hang Jebat's murderous rampage and disloyalty to the Sultan, fought Hang Jebat, who explained to him that he did all this because of the injustice that the Sultan had done.

The battle between Hang Tuah, aided by the Assassins, and Hang Jebat, wielding the immense power of the Keris Taming Sari, lasted for seven days. Seven days of which the harbours held no outside ships, the markets were closed, and the streets were empty. In some accounts, people were said as to have seen pillars of light rise in all directions towards the heavens from the ruined palace during those seven days and their nights.

Hang Jebat was finally defeated on the seventh day. The palace was empty, save for the fearful Sultan and some others hiding in his chamber, many of the Assassins died, and Hang Tuah lost his closest friend who he had spent his entire life up to that point with. He held on to Hang Jebat's lifeless body in his arms for a long while, the bloodied Keris Taming Sari still in his companion's hand.

After the event, the Sultan, with nobody actually finding out his original intentions, granted full amnesty to Hang Tuah for saving the Malaccan Sultanate from utter demise and gave him back the honoured position of Lord Admiral. The Assassin's, never losing faith in Hang Tuah, let him continue protecting the Keris Taming Sari. Hang Jebat was buried in a grave in the middle of the Malaccan capital.

A few days before the Assassins left Malacca, Hang Tuah while resting with them said;

"As powerful and as unbeatable the awesome power of the Keris Taming Sari is, it is an accursed and monstrous thing that no man or djinn should ever have even a second of holding".

-Datuk Laksamana Hang Tuah