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The Knight Commander (full title: Knight Commander of the Danish Templar Army, or simplified title: Commander of The Army) was a position granted to the leader of the Danish Templar Army – and later a title worn by a member of the Dane-Norwegian Templar Council.

Danish Templars

Danish Templars

When The Army was first established around the 1270s, the Knight Commander was chosen by the most skilled fighter of the Templars' army. The rank garnered a large amount of respect from other members within the Order and indicated individuals who possessed uncommon skill and talent, most often in the arts of fighting, manipulation and strategy. A Knight Commander was meant to not let the Order's reputation fall in a battle with Assassins or other nations.

Today, the Knight Commander are being held by Bodil Laurinzen. She have decided to find a Piece of Eden in ordrer to defend the Templars in any attack – and in this way win over the Assassins in combat.

Recorded Commanders Edit

  1. Sivert Bjerg (1300s)
  2. Jokum Vallon (1700s)
  3. Bodil Laurinzen (modern day)
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