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Knights Fleet
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Organizational information

Shay Patrick Cormac

Leader's title

Commander of the Fleet

Historical information
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Additional information

The Templar Knights Fleet or simply the Knights Fleet was a secret Templar fleet within many Navies.


The Knights Fleet was founded by Grandmaster Templar and Captain of the Morrigan Shay Patrick Cormac who made this fleet after an assault on the Assassin Homestead. Over the Years the fleets influence spreading across the Seas reaching many Templar sailors of many Navies. They managed to destroy the Assassins Fleet in 1796.

War of 1812[]

Known Navies[]

  • U.S Navy (1789-1815)
  • Royal Navy (1791-1815)
  • French Navy (1793-1799)
  • Spanish Navy (1790-1803)
  • Austro-Hungarian Navy (1790-1794)

Known Ships[]

Known Commanders[]

Shay "Patrick" Cormac the founder and first Commander of the Fleet

  • Shay Patrick Cormac (1789-1799)               
  • Samuel Wilson (1799-1815)