Kojiro no Umon
Kojiro no Umon
Biographical information

December 1 1042

Kyoto, Japan


October 1090 (aged 48)

Saika, Japan

Political information


  • Japanese Rite
Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Heritage

Kojiro no Umon (1042 - 1090) was the Grand Master of the Japanese Rite of the Templar Order until his death in 1090 of the Japanese Heian period.

In 1071 he killed the Master Assassin Kurosawa no Takeshi attempting to find the Source of Eden. In 1090, he finally located the Source of Eden and briefly wielded its power until he was killed by the Assassin Kurosawa no Rōnin, the son of Kurosawa no Takeshi.

In the Modern era, he was an inspirational figure to the Templar Order and his daishō was displayed at the Abstergo Industries facility in Ontario, Canada.

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