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Kristine Virginia Eklund
Biographical information

Stockholm, Sweden


Copenhagen, Denmark

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"Not many people get this opportunity. I am one of the few."
―Kristine Virginia Eklund when getting initated in the Assassin Brotherhood.

Kristine Virginia Eklund (1785 - 1815) was a Swedish Assassin during the Napoleonic Wars. She was the Swedish Mentor up until her death in 1815. She was a descendant of Askr Freyrson.


Early life[]

Kristine was born on February 14th 1785, as the only child of Magnus and Charlotte Eklund. Her mother died from fever, when Kristine was 7. Her father was a succesfull buisnessman in Stockholm, who, after the death of Charlotte, did all in his power to raise Kristine as a fine lady. She grew up in the middle class district of Stockholm, with very few friends. She was a very disliked girl, due to her masculine habits, including climbing, fistfighting, fencing and a very large interest for pistol-shooting.

Life as an Assassin[]

In 1804 Kristine, now 19 years old, fled from her home in Stockholm, and worked as a rigger on a ship to Denmark, aiming to travel further down in Europe to fight the French. Her only belongings at that time, were her grandfathers sabre and pistol, her clothes, and some money she had taken from her father. Upon arriving in Denmark, she was attacked by a group of bandits. In the beginning, she fought them off, but slowly they regained the upper hand, outnumbering her. In the last minute, she was saved by the danish Assassin Ludvig Knudsen. Ludvig took her to the danish Mentor, and after a few months of training, she became initiated in the Order.

Her services amongst the Assassins included: Killing Templar leaders on both sides of the war (Mainly french and british), steal confident documents, and sabotage gunpowder storages.

After returning to Sweden, she established an Assassin Bureau in Stockholm, and became the Mentor of the swedish Assassins.

Late life and death[]

Kristine died in 1815, right after the end of the war. She was shot in the chest by a french soldier, with whom she was fighting. She slashed his guts open, and with his dying breath, he fired his musket at her chest. She died in the age of 30, with no spouse and no kids.

Personality and characteristics[]

Kristine was very short tempered and was known, as a kid, to fight other kids. Also she was very traumatized by the death of her mother causing her to find it difficult to form relationships. She was very of a strictly lutheranian family, making her more religious than other at the same time.

Equipment and skills[]

Kristine was a very skilled swordfighter, and was adept with her sabre. Also she was a fine shooter, and wielded her pistol with expertise. She also wielded a hidden blade, and was known to use hand-thrown grenades as well.

She was very good at freerunning, climbing and swimming. In addition, she gained sailing experience while working as a rigger.

Romantic life[]

Although Kristine never got married, and never had any kids, she was known to have been romantically involved with her fellow Assassin and good friend Ludvig Knudsen. Some also speculates that she may have been sexually and/or romantically involved with her old childhood friend Markus Gunnarsson from her old neighbourhood in Stockholm.


  • The name "Kristine" means "christian", hinting to the religiousness of her parents.
    • The name "Virginia" means "maid" or "virgin".
    • Kristine's surname "Eklund" comes from "ek" meaning "oak", and "lund" meaning "grove".