Kyle North
Kyle North
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August 12 1988

Oxford, United Kingdom

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Abstergo Industries

Sigma Team (until 2017)

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Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Source (modern day)

Assassin's Creed: Salvation (modern day)

Kyle North (born 1988) is a former mercenary and now a Master Templar and a former member of Sigma Team. He participated in the Animi Training Program in 2012 and was inducted into the Inner Sanctum in 2017.

In 2017, Abstergo discovered Kyle North's high count of Isu DNA and was able to access the genetic memories of Horatio Pierce's ancestors and was assigned to hunt down Pierce and Hayley Yasutake.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Little is known of North's early life except for the fact he was born in the United Kingdom in 1988. At some point, North became a British mercenary and gained enough notoriety to gain the attention of Abstergo Industries.

In 2012 he was approached by Warren Vidic and offered a chance to join the Animi Training Program which North accepted. North participated in the program although he did not gain entry into the Inner Sanctum, Abstergo was impressed with his skills and abilities that they deployed him onto Sigma Team under the leadership of Juhani Otso Berg.

Becoming a Templar Edit

In 2017, North took part in a mission to detain and capture an Abstergo Entertainment intern; Horatio Pierce. A month later, Horatio Pierce and an Assassin Hayley Yasutake escaped Abstergo.

Alexandre Bacque had retrieved a blood sample from Pierce and were looking for individuals who would relive the genetic memories of Pierce's ancestors. North volunteered to do this and it was discovered that he had a high count of Isu DNA due to him being to able to access the genetic memories of Kenneth Ravensdale with no issues.

Because of this, Abstergo immediately made North a Master Templar, inducted him into the Inner Sanctum and gave him his own task force division to hunt down and kill Horatio Pierce, Hayley Yasutake and her team.

Hunt for Pierce Edit

While reliving the genetic memories of Kenneth Ravensdale and his son, Osyka. North was pulled from the Animus, Bacque informed North that Abstergo had discovered the whereabouts of Pierce and Yautake. North gathered his team and headed to the coordinates in Minnesota.

North and his team tracked Pierce and Yasukate on a rooftop in the city. North ordered his team to flank them, which they did, Pierce and Yasukate fought the Abstergo agents which eventually led to North having to enter the fight. North attacks Yasutake, Yasutake proves a formidable opponent her speed and skill compensates for her lack of strength although North manages to knock her down, as he is about to kill her he is attacked by the younger Pierce. Pierce is efficient but his skills are sloppy, North can tell that Pierce is fresh from the Animus and is getting used to the Bleeding Effect, North managed to defeat Pierce although he was stabbed in the shoulder by Yasutake. The two escaped.

Upon returning to Abstergo in Ontario, Bacque was angered by his failure but stated he could not punish North due to him being an asset to reliving Pierce's ancestor's memories. North continued reliving Osyka's memories.

Personality and characteristics Edit

Kyle North is a cold and hardened man. He makes little time for forming emotional attachments and focuses on the task at hand. North is also a determined individual and doesn't allow anything to stop him from achieving his goals whether they be enemies or allies.

Equipment and skills Edit

As a former member of Sigma Team and a former mercenary. North possesses a diverse knowledge of melee and ranged combat, due to being trained in martial arts. After joining the Animi Training Program, through the Bleeding Effect his skills improved greatly. North is a profecient enough fighter to the point he was able to subdue the Assassins Horatio Pierce and Hayley Yasutake.

North also has a form of Eagle Vision.

Trivia Edit

  • Kyle is a unisex English-language given name, derived from the Scottish surname Kyle, which is itself from a placename (from the Scottish Gaelic caol "narrow, strait").
  • Kyle stands at 6'2" and weighs 200lbs.
  • It is hinted that Kyle North has both Assassin and Templar ancestry.
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