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Kyriaki Megalos

Kyriaki Megalos was a Greek Assassin operating on the island of Cyprus, years before the establishment of the Mediterranean Templars. She was the younger sister of Nikoleta Megalos.

After the fall of the Greek-Turkish Templar Hacer Stavros, the Greek Assassins Maria Nomiki and Sofia Sanna established an Assassin guild, and was pointed out to leaders of the guild – and the growing colony of the Greek Brotherhood. Kyriaki was one of three Assassins that was sent to Cyprus in order to support the two lovers.

Arriving at the island of Cyprus in 1734, Kyriaki was quickly sent out on a mission. While Maria and Sofia purged the city of Kyrenia for Templars, and hunting down a man known as Orhan Demir, Kyriaki was to bring down a Greek Templar: Pachis Filippos. Locating the man in the city of Dipkarpaz, Kyriaki quickly removed him and his siblings. By doing so, the Cypriote Templars' lost their control of their income. Pachis had rigged the races, sending the money to the Order – with him out of the picture, the Templar now had to look for other ways to obtain money and influence on Cypriot merchants. In order to not make the Templars regain power in the city, Kyriaki stayed there.

At some point after the fall of the last Templar of Cyprus, the Assassins discovered the Sense of Eden, a necklace left behind of the First Civilization. It was brought to Kyrenia for further study by a Templar turncoat named Antonis.

During a Templar-campaign in 1736 lead by Constant Lavoie and Philippe-Hugues Bertas – and supported by Orhan Demir – Kyriaki had to flee to Kyrenia. The campaign had murdered several of the Assassins, and Kyriaki was no exception. In Kyrenia, the Brotherhood was in full disarray. After some negotiating between themselves, the Assassins agreed on that Maria Nomiki's son, Khayri, was to bring the Piece of Eden out of the city while the Assassins would keep the Templars busy. While preforming the leap of faith – in order to initiate the attack – Stylianos was hit by a bullet; disturbing the acrobatic stunt, Stylianos was killed by the impact when he hit the ground.

Short time after Stylianos' death, Kyriaki and her sister met with Antonis. They found some of the mercenaries and they fought their way to an artillery. At the place, Constant, Philippe-Hugues and Orhan was to be located. The Assassins attacked. Orhan quickly ordered the soldiers to fire the cannons. The cannonballs flew through the air and destroyed the tower of the Assassins. As a signal, several snipers come out in the windows and pointed their guns at the Assassins – the mercenaries was either killed, busy fighting other or supporting in the Assassins' attack. Several of the Templars' soldiers came up from the sewers and surprised all of the Assassins and their acolytes. 

Craving to know where he could locate the Templars' library and the Sense of Eden, Constant asked Maria for the answers. He killed each of the remaining Assassins, one by one – starting with Antonis, followed by Kyriaki, ending with the last sibling.