"La Daga is a tavern where you wouldn't like to be a wrong-sided Templar. The innkeeper is nothing but a Templar puppet; her friends, however, are either allies or members of the radical Templar-branch themselves. "
Madeleine de Bullion to Adler Klieger, July 1778
La Loco Daga
La Loco Daga
Vital statistics
Type Tavern
Level Three
Location Santo Domingo, Spanish Empire
Inhabitants Varying
La Loco Daga was a tavern that served as a headquarter and juncture for Spanish Templars and their allies before the Purge of Assassins. The innkeeper, Cristina Corona, was a Spanish settler that had inherited it when her uncle, Pablo, died in 1739.

History Edit

The tavern was built from November 1721 to October 1722, and from 1743 onwards, La Loco Daga was a meeting place for the delegates of the Spanish Templars, after Silvia Moreno's arrival to the Caribbean. Later, it turned in to

In 1776, the tavern was bought by the Caribbean Templars and renamed La Cruz Roja (The Red Cross); since the sign above the door was still a dagger, people kept using the La Loco Daga name. Cristina stayed on as the innkeeper until her death in 1781.

During the Caribbean Purge, the tavern was frequently visited by the radical branch of the Caribbean Templars, namely the Rockmail-brothers and Silvia Moreno, as a place to plot and conspire, earning the tavern the nickname of the "Headquarters of the War" on the Templars' lips.

In his search for Agnes Lootbox, Adler Klieger briefly visited the tavern to interrogate one of Lootbox' henchmen into revealing his target's location during the Orpheus-conspiracy.

The building was demolished in 1809.

Trivia Edit

  1. La Loco Daga is Spanish for The Crazy Dagger
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