Lady Concord
Concord - Assassin 2
Eleonora F. V. Concord
in her lady-outfit
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August, 1752


August, 1776 (aged 24)

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Caribbean Templars (formerly) Caribbean Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Purge

Assassin's Creed: Changes (mentioned)

Assassin's Creed: Revenge (mentioned)

"Tactic is for the empty-headed; I handle now – or else you will never live, you will just think forward. "
―Lady Concord's journal, 1776
Eleonora Frontier Victoria Concord, aka Lady Concord was a Templar-turncoat from The Bahamas. She was the daughter of a slave named Bastienne and a slaver named Rodrigo Frontier. When she was sold to another slaver, Eleonora was soon introduced to the Templar Order, and worked as an informant and assassin.

Later she turned to the Assassins and was supported by the successors of Rhona Dinsmore, Antó, Opía Apito and Upton Travers – their sons and daughters: Delaware Dinsmore, Songui, Condor Apito and Ruby Travers. As a new Mentor, when Claude Dimanche died, lady Concord made sure the Templars' presence was reduced – she was killed by the Scottish Templar Callum Kerr in 1776 as a 24-year-old, however.

In 2012 and 2013, her genetic memories were suggested to be used as an Animi Avatar by the Abstergo Entertainment under the pseudonym of the Hunter, but was replaced by William de Saint-Prix.

She an ancestor of Zachariah Oneco through the paternal line.

Early life Edit

Lady Concord was born under the name Eleonora Frontier at a plantation in Caribbean. Her mother, Bastienne (1709–1752), was a slave from her first breath – and was that to her death. Eleonora was also a slave from her first breath, and nothing pointed that she would be something else than that. Eleonora's father was the slaver of the plantation: Rodrigo.

As a 7-year-old, Rodrigo sold her to a man named Mr. Prudence, whom was a Master Templar. The man told Eleonora that given her size, Eleonora would soon be a thief with the right training. Mr. Prudence hired a friend of him, Frederick Weatherhall, to help Eleonora in her quest to be an informant of the Templar Order.

Mr. Prudence showed little sympathy for the Templars' puppet. Eleonora was nothing but a tool, and Frederick knew this. He did therefore told Eleonora that she had to go with him to England, and she accepted. In 1764, Frederick bought Eleonora out of the hands of Mr. Prudence. He sent her to New Orleans in Louisiana. In New Orlean, Eleonora was raised by a female Templar named July Concord – a noble widow.

Eleonora was introduced to the Order as a 15-year-old and served as a diplomat. With the guidance of July, however, Eleonora would soon learn how to use her charm and stealthy ways to climb in the ranks and be a Master Templar, and soon an assassin of the Order. July Concord was English, and did therefore renamed her adoptive daughter to lady Victoria Concord.

Templar-affaires Edit

Concord - Templar

Concord as a Templar Hunter

As an assassin for the Templar Order in New Orleans, Concord was tasked to locate two Assassins and kill them. As soon as she had killed them and a Templar turncoat, Concord would be granted the rank of Master Templar. Her first victim was a Swedish officer named Victor Jensen – the brother of the Assassin Hope Jensen. Victor was the crime-maker in Kingston, and Concord was sent here as an 18-year-old. She boarded the Morrigan along with Christopher Gist.

Victor Jensen Edit

"The Officer would soon feel the pain he have caused the innocent he had harmed in his way to his so-called freedom"
―Lady Concord's journal, June 1770
Victor Jensen was the brother of Hope Jensen, who was killed by Shay Cormac many years ago. Victor was just as violent and scheming as her sister. He paid men and women to control Kingston. Upon her arrival in the city, Concord was soon accompanied by the Templar Shay Cormac himself. The Assassin-turned-Templar told Concord how to trigger a sense that could discriminate people to civilians, enemies or her target. He called this Eagle vision, and that if she used it right she would locate Victor in no time.

Victor Jensen, The Officer

Shay and Concord could soon locate a lieutenant who led a sort of gang in Kingston. The gang would use arms and diverse weapons to create trouble in the city. Victor's lieutenant had occupied the old mansion of Laurens Prins, and used this as his and the gang's hideout. Shay and Concord infiltrated the stronghold, and asked the lieutenants what he knew. He told that Victor used the arms to supply a slaver. He was stopped by a sniper. The sniper had shot from a great distance but had shot the lieutenant. The shot alerted the guards, and they stormed the room where the lieutenant had been. Shay told Concord to follow the sniper, he would handle himself. Concord jumped out of a window and killed three gang-members before locating the sniper.

Concord followed the man to the shore that crossed to Port Royal. Concord used her throwing knives to hurt the sniper's knee. Concord sat on the man's chest and bended down to the sniper's face. "Where is Victor Jensen?" The Assassin answered he was the officer of the Fort Charles. "Thank you." Concord ordered the man to row her to the Port Royal, and the Assassin obeyed. As soon as the two people had come to Port Royal, Concord used the Assassin to show her way to the fort. At the entrance, there was no British guards, only gang-members. The Assassin told he had some "company" along with him, and the members laughed horny and whistled at him and Concord.

Inside Fort Charles, the Assassin told a fellow gang-member that he wanted an audience with The Officer. Soon the officer came to the courtyard, accompanied by four gang-members. Concord used her Eagle sense to locate The Officer. Victor wanted to know what all the fuss was about, but in the same second Concord threw the Assassin aside and drew her sword out of her sheath and stabbed Victor. The same second, Concord used her weaponry to flee the Fort, but with gang-members in her heels – plus five Assassins. When Concord reached the shore, she was accompanied by Shay and a few of Templars and Morrigan crew-members. They did all managed to fight the gang-members and Assassins off. Shay tasked two Templars to guard Kingston with their lives, and turn the city in the hands of the Templar Order.

Jackie Charlotte Edit

"The Bounty-Hunter hid herself in a tavern, but could not hide herself from me and Shay. We found her, and we fought her together, but it wasn't easy to do so …"
―Lady Concord's journal, July 1770
With the downfall of Assassins in Kingston, Concord and Shay traveled to Nassau. Here they could find the Caribbean Assassins' secret weapon: The Bounty-Hunter. She organized everything of crime in the Caribbean. She was a black marketeer in the Bahamas and the chief fence/supplier for the many pirate crews of New Providence Island. That was also the reason for her codename: she sought a bounty and was also a hunter after goods.
Anne Bonny

Jackie Charlotte, The Bounty-Hunter

Concord and Shay anchored the Morrigan outside Nassau and disguised themselves: Concord as a man, and Shay as a simple sailor with a large coat. Concord's suit was large enough to hide her four pistols, two swords and her smoke bombs – the last given from Shay. The two Templars was accompanied by Christopher Gist and three other Templars – of whom one of them was a brute. At the beach, Gist – dressed as a captain – paid the harbormaster and asked for a woman named Jackie Charlotte. The man laughed and said that "not even that whore could manage six men at one time!" Gist took notice and asked again. The harbormaster showed them way to a building that was partly a brothel, partly a sort of public office.

Marie and Anne

Marie and Anne

The owner presented himself as Mr. Pee. The old man asked what the men wanted, and Gist answered that they wanted a "special" job. The man thought they wanted a mission from the Bounty-Hunter, and fetched Jackie Charlotte. The woman was standing protected by two prostitutes named Marie and Anne. "What do ya want?" asked the Bounty-Hunter. One of the Templars did immediately drew his pistol and tried to shoot the woman. Marie was fast to think however, and placed herself in front of Jackie. It did come to trouble immediately. Mr. Pee was knocked down by Concord; Gist shot a guard that was on his way against them; Shay used his sword and dirk to kill Assassins dressed as prostitutes; the fellow Templars used their weapons to make their way to Jackie and Anne.

Inside the office where Jackie executed business and transactions, Anne grabbed a sword and killed one of the Templars from the Morrigan. Jackie used her legs to kick one of the Templars out of a window – and out to the ground outside. The last Templar used his blunderbuss to shoot at them both at same time. Anne was killed, while Jackie was wounded. The Templar – of whom was the brute – took Jackie down to Concord, Shay and Gist. The old Mr. Pee had been shot. Jackie came to herself, but wished she was dead when she saw the Templars in front of her. Concord took her pistol out of her holster, but faltered for a moment. She saw disappointment in Jackie's eyes. Shay told Concord to pull the trigger, and so she did.

Shay told the Templar-brute to take control of the network Jackie used. The brute was tasked to use this as an outpost in the Bahamas. The American people mumbled – soon something would happen – and the Templars needed all the protection and influence they needed.

Mr. Prudence Edit

"Old Mr. Prudence … I will enjoy to see his name at the gravestone!"
―Lady Concord's journal, August 1770
Mr. Prudence was a Master Templar, but at some point, he had turned to the pirate-life and lawlessness. He killed innocent men and women – all in the name of the Order. He was also a smuggler that gave the Assassins weapons and provisions. He had to be stopped one time for all. He had a long criminal record, and Concord was the one to take him down; she knew him: His weaknesses and all that. Now would Mr. Prudence meet his Creator.
Mr Prudence

Mr. Prudence, The Turncoat

When the Morrigan anchored outside Saint Pierre, Martinique, Shay told Concord that she would only get Gist and another Templar to help herself: Not all things could be solved with violence – something needed a bit more discretion. Gist, the Templar and Concord made their way into Saint Pierre. In the dark of the night, Concord and her associates walked inside a tavern, and Gist did soon learned that Mr. Prudence just had arrived with a very "delicious" cargo; Gist was not a fool, and knew it was talk about slaves. The same second when Gist had told this to Concord and the fellow Templar, Mr. Prudence come into the tavern. He was evidently drunk, but his eyes was on guard all the time. Under both of his arms, Mr. Prudence had a prostitute – though they looked more or less sober.

Concord felt hate growing inside her body. Her childhood had been on a field of cotton, and when she was sold to Mr. Prudence, she had also been sexually assaulted by the man. She hated him! He had token her virginity when she was only ten years old! Concord took her hand to her waist, making ready to drawing her pistol: shoot him in broad daylight. Let the man be an example: a pedophile who takes little girls virginity! A man who lives by ruin other men and women's life. Concord wanted the man to suffer: not let him get his last joys in the world!

Instead of following the order of Shay, Concord marched up to Mr. Prudence. He was a traitor! He had been a Master Templar! He should have been a more wiser man. Instead of raping younger girls, Mr. Prudence should have worked for bettering the lives of those who lived poorer than himself. Instead of using his position to his own sexually thoughts. Concord's pistol was made ready and pointed the pistol at Mr. Prudence's head. As soon as the former Templar heard the footsteps and turned, his eyes became wide open. He recognized Concord and yelled. The lady's pistol fired, and the cerebral matter was spread all out of the nearby walls and floor.

Gist grabbed Concord and brought her out of the tavern. The Templar that had accompanied Concord and Gist, protected them As the brute he was. Outside the building, Gist told Concord that killing a man in broad daylight was the Assassins business. Concord said that the Templars had killed Jackie Charlotte while creating trouble in Nassau. Gist said that this was beacuse she would have killer them and was a woman that needed to be maked an example of for other black marketeers; in The Officer's occasion it was that he was the gang-leader and needed to be killer in a way that would scare the other gangmembers; Mr. Prudence was a slave-trader (Terrible? Yes, but discretion was nessecary). The Templar that had accompanied Gist and Concord, made himself way to an abandoned mansion.

Back at the Morrigan, Gist told what had happend, to Shay. Concord was told to wait at the deck, guarded by the Morrigan's crew and Templars. Her fate would be sealed this night. What would happen to her? The mightiest of the Assassins' footsoldiers was removed. After half an hour, Concord was brought into the cabin of the Templar-brig. Gist and Shay told her that Concord was too reckless to work as a delegate, but she could work as an informant and assassin for the Templars. Concord accepted, and did then swore the Templars' oath: she was now a Templar, harbinger of a New World.

Deleware Dinsmore Edit

"She ran into the jungle – away from Havana – as the coward she was. I would have stalked her, but she was done for anyway: the Assassins in Havana are all dead, and she cannot leave Cuba without the Templars noticing"
―Lady Concord's journal, March 1772
Now as a Master Templar, Concord served under the codename The Spy and assassin. She was sent to all parts of the Caribbean to find information for the Templars. With the expertise she had been given by Shay Cormac, Concord was stationed in Havana and was given the task to protect the governor from the Assassins. Delaware Dinsmore – the daughter of Rhona Dinsmore – was still active, so Concord was also tasked to find and kill her. Along with her, Concord was given the help of two Templars named Pedro and André. The two males was on patrol when they one day was attacked by Rhona and her gang. André was killed by the Assassin, while Pedro managed to flee to the mansion where Concord lived with the governor.
AC4 Assassin Bureau

Assassin bureau in Havana

As soon as the news of André's death came to her ear, Concord did immediately told the governor that he had to give her a little army of the Spanish soldiers. The governor accepted, and Pedro and Concord marched to the Assassin bureau in Havana – where Delaware and her fellow Assassins planned to take down the Templar presence the capital of Cuba. The soldiers was armed with guns, rifles and canons. When the Templars and soldiers approached the bureau – which had the appearance of an abandoned barracks – all looked quiet and dead. Just the seagulls could be heard, along with the normal sound of a city. It was too quiet. Pedro and Concord told the soldiers to be ready of an ambush, and started to investigate the place. Concord had her sword ready; Pedro had his dual pistols. Suddenly they heard a squeal, like an eagle: Concord knew what it meant. Pedro was stabbed down by a woman that jumped from the rooftop of the bureau. A man in white robes tried to kill Concord, but she used her pistol to shoot the aggressor. The sound of rifles fired, and approximately seven guards fell to the ground: either wounded or dead. A battle broke out, and the bureau's Assassins used their weapons to fight the Spanish troops.

D Dinsmore

Delaware Dinsmore, The Devil of Havana

Concord drew her sword and dirk; she saw Deleware pulled out her hidden blade, and found a pistol from a sheath that laid on her waist. The two women fought long, until Concord used her sword to harm Deleware's left arm – just like her mother. The Assassin used her pistol to shoot the Templar's shoulder, before fleeing the bureau. When the Assassins was dealt with, Concord told the soldiers to burn down Delaware's hideout; she told two other men to bring the fallen Pedro to the governor's mansion – here he would be put in a tomb with other Caribbean Templars.

With the success of bringing the Assassins in Havana to their knees, Concord wrote a letter to Shay Cormac and Madeleine de L'Isle. In the letters she told each of the Templars that Havana was in control of the Templars, and since all of the Assassins used the city as a symbol of their power in Cuba, they would now flee the island – but not without losses: Pedro and André. The response from Madeleine was that it was time for Concord to take down a man named Claude Dimanche – the Assassin Mentor, who had took over after Ah Tabai died, furthermore Madeleine told Concord that she would soon send more Templars that could defend Havana, along with Concord. The letter form Shay said that he was proud of her, and wished her good luck in her fight. For the moment, he trained a Templar named Callum Kerr.

Claude Dimanche Edit

"Dimanche is the last man between me and the rank of Grand Master"
―Lady Concord's journal, April 1772

Carlos Vázquez

Madeleine kept her promise: Carlos and Isabelle Vázquez – brother and sister of Diego Vázquez – arrived in Havana along with a large number of fellow Templars from the New Orleans Rite. Madeleine herself did not arrive in Havana, but she had sent her husband Philippe instead, promise Concord that she would soon be granted permission to control of Caribbean on her own – and in that case be a Grand Master of the Caribbean. Philippe would settle down for some months in Havana while doing some business for the de Grandpré company. Isabelle Vázquez would protect Havana while Concord was out on the mission to take down Dimanche. Carlos was supposed to aid Concord on her hunt for the Assassin Mentor.
AC4 Great Inagua

The cove of Great Inagua

Caribbean Templar spies had located Dimanche at the island Great Inagua, and lived in a manor. Concord was given the control of a Man O' War named Jeanne d'Arc, along with her sister-ships: Belle and Martinique. Concord and Carlos did not hesitated, and left Havana the coming week. The crew on the ships had been sent by the New Orleans Rite. Carlos was happy to aid Concord, he was 21 years old and very attractive. During the week that had passed, and the coming week on the travel to Great Inagua, Concord and Carlos became close and intimate friends.
Claude Dimanche

Claude Dimanche, The Mentor

At the coast of Great Inagua, Carlos told Concord that he was a 1/3 Spanish, 1/3 English, and 1/3 French. His mother was Spanish, his first father was English – but he died in a war when Carlos was 11 – his second father was French: Carlos could therefore speak Spanish, English and French fluent. Concord was impressed, and told that her mother, Bastienne, was Haitian, her father was Spanish – but she had been "adopted" by an Englishman. The two shared a passionate kiss before the quartermaster said it was time to execute orders; Concord agreed. The bay of the Assassins' hideout was big enough to all the three ships: Martinique had to anchor up a bit outside, however, to not hit a rock. Jeanne d'Arc fired canons at the town, and destroyed it completely. The Man O' War anchored up at the docks, and soon Concord and Carlos made their way through the burning town. They were attacked by countless Assassins, but Concord protected Carlos with her life. The two Templars made their way to the manor, where Assassins waited for them. The two Templars was soon assisted by Jeanne d'Arc's quartermaster and the ship's crew.

During the battle of Great Inagua, Concord saw an Assassin in special robes flee the manor. The woman followed the man immediately, aided by Carlos. At the top of the place where Edward Kenway had built a guest-house, Concord did now lifted her sword. The Assassin pulled down his hood. "I want you to see the Assassin that will kill you, Templar; the Mentor: Claude Dimanche." With those words, Concord and Carlos made their way to the Assassin. During the battle, Carlos hit in the head and blacked out. Concord fought well, and in the end, she used her pistol to fire into the Assassin's knee. Dimanche fell down to the ground, but as Concord was supposed to deliver the deathblow, the Mentor grabbed her leg and made her falling to the cliff. The Templar did not fall from it however; the Assassin ran to her with his hidden blade ready to kill. Concord's pistol was out of range, so she used her pouch of throwing knives. Five knives had to be delivered before Dimanche fell down to the ground. Concord grabbed her sword and walked up to her enemy.

  • Dimanche: "Help!"

Concord deliver the deathblow by placing her sword in the stomach of Dimanche.

  • Dimanche: "Help…"
  • Concord: "Who will help you? Your pathetic fellow-Assassins?"
  • Dimanche: "Templar-dog! Who are you? What are you?"
  • Concord: "I am the HUNTER of Caribbean!"
  • Dimanche: "Ha ha ha ha. You are the one who have killed my followers and harassed Rhona Dinsmore! How amusing! I wanted to find and kill you: I thought it was a man, but no. Why? Why are you doing this? For your Templar-friends? For honor? For glory?"
  • Concord: "You Assassins are anarchists!"
  • Dimanche: "What are you talking about? Look on what you Templars are doing: You are killing people because they want to do something."
  • Concord: "No! We remove the people who stands in the way for Order!"
  • Dimanche: "What is order put up against freedom? When you have got your order, what will become of the humanity? Will they be happy? Will they be satisfied? No! With the Templars pulling the strings, no man or woman can live in peace. They will live in fear: afraid for the people who controls the sosciety. Look on what the Templars have done throughout the ages!"
  • Concord: "We have created the world: you Assassins have us to thank that you have a world to live in!"
  • Dimanche: "I've heard those words before. Take this key. Go to the library under the Kenway Manor: there you can read what the Assassins have done for humanity. I prey for you: please turn from this path! It's not right!"

Dimanche succumbed to his wound.

  • Concord: "I will forfill your will, Mentor Dimanche. May the Father of Understanding guide you."

Concord closed the eyes of Dimanche and took the key around his neck.

AC4 Great Inagua Manor

Kenway Manor

Concord walked up to Carlos, leaving Dimanche's corpse. She shake him some times, before he opens his eyes. "Where is – " He stops when he see the body of the Caribbean Assassin Mentor. The attack ended in the Templars' advantage: the Assassins either fled into the jungle or was executed by the crew of Jeanne d'Arc. Carlos and Concord went into the Assassin Manor that Dimanche had called the Kenway Manor – whoever Kenway was. Carlos found a bedroom with a four-poster bed, and went to sleep: he had terrible headache from the hit had been given by Dimanche. Concord found her way to a door which she unlocked. She went outside to the quartermaster and told her that she did not wanted to be disturbed, and told him to furthermore save the rest of the town: the man obeyed. Concord went inside the manor again and walked down some stairs. She ended up in a large cave with gold and books. Concord grabbed one of them and started to read.

Templar-Turncoat Edit

Betraying the Templars Edit

"The Order was my family, now they are my enemies. Why? They have seduced me; hoodwinked from the truth."
―Lady Concord's journal, June 1772
In the books that was discovered under the Kenway Manor on Great Inagua, lady Concord soon understood. The Templars was the cooperation of men and women who used their influence to manipulate and control every pillar of society. They reached their goals by removing their opponents: just like Concord had been taught to do. Concord and Carlos lived together at the Manor for a long time. They discovered things the Assassins had on the Templars: previous targets, the Order's puppets, the Templars' high-ranked members, threats to the Brotherhood. Carlos grabbed everything, making his way to The Watchman – a ship Concord had captured after the attack on Great Inagua. She would leave the island for Havana, restore the power of the Assassins.

When Lady Concord returned to Havana, Delaware Dinsmore was sure that Concord was still a Templar – making ready the Taínos. As The Watchman docked in Havana, and Concord and Carlos Vázquez made their way to a carriage that was supposed to take them to the governor's mansion, they were attacked. Delaware and her fellow-Assassins attacked with deadly outcomes, making the Spanish citizens flee from the harbor. Carlos drew his sword, ready to protect himself; so did Concord. Four Assassins made their way to the two Templars – this was observed of Delaware from a rooftop. In the smoke from some bombs, Delaware did not see what was happening. But a fleeing Concord was able to see. Delaware followed Concord from the rooftops, making her pistols and hidden blades ready. In an alley, the Templar seemed to wait for something. Delaware made sure her shadow was not visible, ready to deliver the deathblow on Concord. She jumped, aiming for Concord's neck. The lady dodged, making the Assassin miss.

The former Templar convinced the Assassin that she was only wishing well for the Assassins. Delaware did not believed her, thinking Concord was trying to let Delaware lower her weapons. She was trying to fight Concord, but she was trained in the Assassins' way of attack, and decided to use her hidden blade and pressing it against the throat of the Assassin. Concord used her right arm to keep down the blade-hand for Delaware. Concord's left arm was used to pointing her hidden blade at Delaware. Concord told that she had left the Order, after some discoveries in the library of Great Inagua. She would leave Havana in control of the Assassins, if Delaware swore allegiance to her and her new Brotherhood. Delaware accepted.

Caribbean Brotherhood Edit

"Now with Dinsmore in my pocket, it is time to restore what I have destroyed. "
―Lady Concord's journal, June 1772
With Dinsmore supporting her, Concord sent Carlos to Nouvelle Orléans to deliver the message that all of the Assassins in Caribbean was removed. She lied, of course, but it was needed to do so to remove him. He had been acquainted with his sister's death, and was happy to know that her murderer (Delaware Dinsmore) was dead – a lie. While Concord lived in Havana, she asked Dinsmore about if it was any Assassins left after the purge. She wanted to make things good again: she had been seduced by the Order's attractive goals and ideals. A former slave who had been sexually assaulted by a man like Mr. Prudence did also had problems by trusting an other man. Dinsmore told Concord that she had to be trained in an Assassin's way of approaching, but Concord replied by telling her she had been trained by Shay Cormac. Dinsmore told furthermore that during her time in exile, she had been known with the Taínos' chief: Songui – a man trained in martial arts and ready for a fight in any time. Dinsmore created a meeting between the former Templar and Songui.

October 1772, Songui was convinced to meet Concord. In the meantime, Carlos had been sent to Great Inagua to establish a mining-port on the order of Madeleine de L'Isle. Concord sat on her bedroom in a nightgown at the the passed-away Governor's mansion when a servant showed Carlos into her room. He had a bottle of wine with him, along with some sweets; his clothes was nothing more than a nightshirt. Concord did not know what to do, so she put down her papers: papers telling her which men and women was skilled people, ready to be Assassins. Carlos didn't notice, but placed the wine and the sweets at the bed. Concord knew what came. He wanted to be with her: he still thought them to be Templars, but she had left them – not officially, anyhow. If she accepted his advances, she would betray the Assassins. She looked at Carlos – pretending to be surprised: "What are you doing?"

"Aren't we lovers? Aren't we partners?"

"NO!!" Concord shouted. Even if it hurt her much, they could not be together. He was a Templar: she an Assassin. She walked up to the bed – Carlos being perplex. She took his hands in hers, and said that she had turned from the Templars for good. She had joined the Assassins: she had been known that the Templars destroyed every individual's freedom, and it was up to make the peace stand. Carlos just thought her to be joking, albeit his eyes said something else. Concord told Carlos that she had been attracted to him since the first day she met him, but after their mission to take down Dimanche earlier in 1772 she was convinced. The Templars needed to be stopped. What had the Templars done while she was in their service? Killed an officer who tried to establish a gang that was supposed to protect the people in Kingston, referring to Victor Jensen; taken down a Bounty-Hunter that only tried to give people work, referring to Jackie Charlotte; destroyed the trading in Saint Pierre by killing Mr. Prudence (although she wasn't sad to have killed the man); the man that made sure these people stayed on the right course. Carlos protected the Order by saying each one of the mentioned individuals made anarchism in Caribbean, and making people like Madeleine de Bullion have trouble to make their lives, dreams and goals to be achieved. The two persons defended their causes, ending by Carlos leaving the room with the statement that he would leave for another destination. He would let her live this time. It wold not be a second time; Concord would not chase him, and would let him go.

The following day, Concord was borught the Assassin bureau. She met Songui, and the two people agreed that Songui was too old the Mentor. Concord had been known with the Templars' way of acting, and now she would join the Assassins. Concord would soon create a network with Assassins in Caribbean: Delaware was to live in Havana, bringing her mother's legacy further; Songui was to lead the Taínos on Cuba, and train them as the Assassins' soldiers; Ruby Travers – whom was to be located on Cat island – ran operations for the Assassins by smuggling, and support them with weapons and food-supplies; Condor Apito was to be located on Misteriosa island – protecting the remains of Ah Tabai and other Caribbean Assassins.

Death of a flame Edit

"Carlos, I prey it's not you"
―Lady Concord to herself, 14th February 1773
With all of the Assassins recruited into the Brotherhood, Lady Concord could now focus on how to liberate the people she had enslaved to work for the Templars. Firstly she used Ruby to locate the Templar in Nassau. New Providence had been under British control for many years. Ruby managed to find the Templar, but could not kill him. The man was well guarded in the fort – with an Assassin-like person guarding. Ruby was not strong enough to take down the man and the fort herself.

The Templars had sent Eric Johnson to guard Nassau when Jackie Charlotte was killed

Upon her arrival in Nassau, along with Condor Apito, lady Concord – dressed in her Assassin clothes – located Ruby in the swamps. She had established a camp, guarded by a group of smugglers employed by Ruby. They were mercenaries, ready to attack at any time. Concord thought this should be enough to take down the worst men so she could take down the Assassin-like person and the Templar. Ruby defended her by saying despite her faith in the Creed and it's followers, she would not risk the life of her employers – unlike the Assassins. Concord lectured that since Ruby was a part of the Brotherhood, she now needed to follow the Creed literally – meaning she had to go to her death.

That night, lady Concord and her associates made their way to the fort. Ruby and Condor followed their Mentor, while the mercenaries began to attack the gates of the fort – make the distraction go here. The three Assassins lurked in the bushes while soldiers passed away them. They ran up to some trees and followed the branches to a tower, and they began to climb. Up on the tower Ruby pointed out the Assassin: another turncoat seemingly. She told Ruby and Condor to stick together and take down the Assassin – a man dressed in white robes.

Lady Concord dropped down to the grounds: the Templars would rather die as a martyr than flee. Opening the door to the place where the Templar hid himself, Concord expected to see a man robbing the chests – making him ready to flee with his riches. Instead, the turncoat found her lover, Carlos in the building: waiting for her. Concord did not understood: Shay had placed Eric Johnson to guard Nassau, where was he? "Eric has left for the month," Carlos said. He drew his sword, and Concord hers. The two persons fought a duel that lasted long and far. Concord used her hidden blade to wound the Templar; Carlos used his hands to choke the turncoat. The Templar did then grabbed a candlestick, throwing it on Concord – who dodged. The woman used the table to hurt Carlos, and did then disarmed her enemy. The Templar grabbed the plate on the table and used it to hit Concord's temple. Carlos jumped over the table, and out of the window. Lady Concord ran out of the door, and drew her pistol. She aimed on Carlos' back. For some seconds the pistol just pointed at him, but in the end, Concord gave the shot – sending Carlos to the ground. Concord threw the pistol to the ground, and walked up to her love. She activated the hidden blade, and held it in front of the Templar's throat. "DO IT, TRAITOR!" The cold steal of the hidden blade went into the warm throat of Carlos Vázquez, ending his life.

  • Carlos: "Well, it seems the fate never meant to make us a pair."
  • Concord: "Carlos … I … I didn't want to do this."
  • Carlos: "What did you expect? That I would just leave Havana without plotting how I could take you down? Of course, I gave you my word that I would not harm you that day – but I would someday. I sent Eric on a mission to help Madeleine de Bullion, with orders to hunt you – a turncoat and traitor of the Order – down. And now, the true Grand Master of Caribbean will use every second of her life to kill you."
  • Concord: "What you Temp- … What we did was wrong. I told you in Havana that killing those people was not the right thing to do."
  • Carlos: "Oh, Concord, I thought that you – a Templar, a turncoat, even – would understand that the Assassins' goals are the reason the Templars fighting them. We cannot let them win this part of the world. They will give people freedom, yes, but just look on how Nassau went when Edward Kenway did the same decades ago. We are fighting them because they give the life to other people: the humanity needs architects to guide them. This is the meaning of Templars: enlighten those whom minds have been darkened or corrupted."

Carlos succumbed to his wound.

  • Concord: "I hope your enlightenment will guide you on your last trip, my friend. May the Father of Understanding guide you."

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Callum: "Finally the Caribbean will be free from the Assassins' anarchism"
Lady Concord: "I am sorry you feel it that way"
―Callum Kerr to lady Concord before the last flees, 1776
Lady Concord lived secretly, and managed to kill any man or woman who supressed the Assassin Order. Although, this was until a Templar named Madeleine François de Bullion started to be a throne in her side, and started to kill all of her associates throughout Caribbean with the help of a Scottish named Callum Kerr.

One day, lady Concord and her fellow-Assassins saw a fleet of ship entering the cove – of which one of them was the famous ship La Grande Gazelle, sailing under the flag of France and the Templars. Concord armed herself with the Assassin-outfit and its armory. La Gazelle destroyed everything the Assassins had built, and when the French Navy anchored in the harbor, they killed every pirate that still lived there. Madeleine and Callum ran to the mansion, where they located lady Concord – with many Assassins. Callum wanted Madeleine to wait for the soldiers, which she did not agreed to. She followed Callum into the gardens of the Assassin's mansion – which had seen it's better days. Callum knew where the Assassins hid – with the help of Eagle vision – and Madeleine shot them.

Inside the manor, Madeleine and Callum was attacked by lady Concord and three skilled Assassins. While Callum fought against the Assassins, lady Concord managed to escape – Madeleine followed her. At the cliff where the guest house was located. Lady Concord drew her sword, and Madeleine her's. The fighting went on for minutes, with the one lunge more lethal than the other one. At the same time, La Gazelle roared. She shot mortars up to the mansion and to the guest house (the crew did not saw Madeleine fighting up there). The result was that lady Concord was hurt, and Madeleine grabbed her. Before Concord managed to kill Madeleine, the Templar sat her sword in the chest of Concord.

  • Concord: "Well, it seems this is the end."
  • Madeleine: "You was a glorious Templar! What in earth's name changed your mind?"
  • Concord: "Enlightenment."

Concord succumbed to her wounds.

  • Madeleine: "May your Creed guide you to your rightful place."

She dragged the woman to the edge of the cliff, where she threw the Assassin down. An Assassin's life had ended, a Brotherhood had ended – just like it did 6 years ago. Then, however, the Brotherhood in Caribbean was rebuilt – this time, it would not. Caribbean had fallen to the hands of the Templars.

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Trivia Edit

  1. Concord's surname is coming from a town in Massachusetts
  2. Lady Concord killed her former lover on the lovers' day: 14th February
  3. Lady Concord killed the slaver Robert LaGouze in 1771 for Shamar al-Djin. This is not said.
  4. Concord had a son with her ally and friend Eric Rackham.
  5. After her death, her robes were at some point inherited by Iona Moartz, although how she obtained these robes are unknown.
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