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Lady Sophia Oakley Sussex (commonly known as Lady Sussex or simply Sussex) was a British noblewoman that was influenced by the Assassin Order during the Caribbean Purge. She was a supporter by the Assassins in Kingston, standing in the way between the Templar Order of Caribbean and the Assassin Order. As long as she ruled, the Assassins got money to carry out transactions and continue to rule.

Lady Sussex was killed by Quentin Blaise during a masked ball in 1771.

Sophia Oakley Sussex
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Biographical information

January 1720


November 1771 (aged 51)

Political information

Caribbean Assassins

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Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Purge

Voice actor

Nathalie Toriel


Early life []

Born and raised in the county of Sussex, Sophia was raised as the only child by wealthy merchants. Her uncle was a banker, and decided to bet his trading on ships in the Caribbean. Sophia's father was the one who led the ships that was sailing all around the globe, while her mother stayed home and taught Sophia in etiquette and mathematic.

Passing some years, saying no to everyone of her suitors, Sophia ended up with being an outcast in the high society. She was therefore sent to a convent as punishment for not having 'fulfilled the purpose that is set for a woman'.

In 1743, at the age of 23, Sophia grew tired of convent life and the way it conflicted with her own personal beliefs. She left the convent, leaving behind a statement nailed to the door in which she spoke about life as a nun being "earthly" and sterile. She concluded her letter with a brief description of her own beliefs: "only in partnership with another can one truly enter the arms of God".

That very same year, Sophia opened a brothel in the city of Dover. Here she took the name lady Sussex – but those close to her called her Sussex. The brothel was staffed solely by former nuns with similar ideals to those of lady Sussex. The brothel was eventually shut down in 1750, when she was 30 years old. The one responsible was a man named Richard Brave-Stone. He sent Sussex to jail, and took the prostitutes for himself and abused them. The money that had been earned however, was hidden in a building of an old friend, David Évinore.

Imprisonment []

Living in the jail for four years, Sussex became known with a man named Aiden Gorm. He was a few years younger than herself, but Sussex found him attractive and clever – it seemed a bit strange for him to be so mature for his age. Aiden told Sussex that he was an Assassin and told what she thought on being one too. Sussex did not understood, and Aiden told the purpose of the Assassin and Templar Order. Sussex found both factions attractive. But she thought that the Assassins was not entirely wrong. So, she said that she would not join their ranks – but she would take the man's words with her.

Sitting in her cell, Sussex found it strange that Aiden had trusted her that much. He should know that he should not explain all unless she vowed her life to their cause. As things was now, she knew of the Order – but she did not want to join them, neither the Templar Order. During the following weeks, Sussex found a friend in Aiden. One night, when Aiden was asleep, Sussex came into his cell. No prisoners used clothes when they slept. Sussex wakened the prisoner Aiden, and they two shared a night of passion. This was not only one night, it was going on for several weeks. When it was not possible to hide the fact that Sussex was with child, she was set on a ship that would bring her to Caribbean: the prisons in England had enough of prisoners already.

During the passage to the Caribbean sea, Sussex knew her plan had worked out well. She had plans of escaping the prison from day 1. Now she had managed to do so. Aiden was just a tool. Seduce Aiden was nothing to talk about: he had been clumsy in the bed, and it needed several times for him to actually do it. Aiden was just another one in the row. She had manipulated him in doing her pregnant. She would be transferred to another jail in Caribbean. The King's ship was never spared by pirates. And if the Assassins truly existed, their ships would attack this ship and free the prisoners.

One month passed, and when the ship had Jamaica in their spyglass, the ship Sussex was transferred on was attacked by a group of ships. All of the attackers sailed under an orange flag. The frigate Sussex was on, was being escorted by a Man O' War. The frigate had no cannons, since the space was to be used for prisoners. Also, if the ship was sunk, the prisoners was just criminals – and it was no point in rescuing them. Less money would be spilled. The Man O' War soon lied dead-in-the-water. The attackers' frigate was boarding the flagship while the brig had course for the frigate. The naval ram stunned the frigate and its crew. The attackers grabbed their hooks, swords, guns, knives and went on attack of the King's soldiers. Screaming shots of pistols was to be heard. Everyone of the prisoners screamed for help. One man pushed Sussex. She fall to the floor with her face facing it.

The hatch was opened and the ones who came down was men and women dressed in orange and brown robes. All of the prisoners was released from the chains and they all fled to the deck. A pair of the attacking crew-members saw Sussex laying on the floor. Blood was covering all of her body. No one had heard her screaming. The crew-members walked up to Sussex. She was still alive …

Supporting the Assassins[]

Create a new life[]


Lady Sussex was healed from her wounds and was placed at the manor of the now deceased Laurens Prins. The owners were now the Assassins and their gang. She was placed under the guidance and help of a man named Songui and his son: Ranner. The two men nursed her with the help of an old voodoo-shaman. Weeks was passing, and Songui spent his time in helping Sussex become herself in many ways: accepting people around her, trusting in one another, walk alone. The two grew a close relationship. Despite their colors and the rules of this, Sussex went to bed with Songui. After this, Sussex left the house.

Buying herself close to the Kingston parish church in early 1755, Sussex soon got the attention of the priests. She had not forgot old prays and her charm. She now used this to get a seat in the Clergy in Kingston. She had charmed herself all the way to the top, and now controlled the life of every man and women in Kingston by words. One in the congregation was her old friend from England: David Évinore. One Sunday, Sussex heard knocking on her door. She placed her son on a chair. He was playing with some wood-toys. When Sussex opened she was surprised to see David. She throw herself into his arms. David reciprocate the hug. Sussex invited the man into her house, and David thanked. When he saw the little boy, he lifted one eyebrow. "Who are this?" Sussex replied by saying: "He is my son. Don't think of his colors. I call him Quill." The black boy did not scream when he saw David. On the contrary: he laughed and wanted to play with the man. David took the boy in his arms. "How beautiful he is." "I know. I only hope he will have a good life." David coddled a bit more with the boy before Quill cried for his mother. "Actually, I have come here for a little talk with you," he said. Sussex, still happy to see her old friend, was surprised by the serious tone. "Well, what is it?" David told Sussex to sit down – and he took a chair himself, too. "Your parents are dead. As you were gone, they had no one to send the money to. But they knew they could trust on me. So, they gave me the money, and I have also protected the money you earned yourself with the brothel. I live here now, and I brought the money with me." Sussex stopped him: "Why would you bring the money here?" David smiled a little before saying: "A little bird told me that lady Sussex was to be sent to Kingston, working as a slave – or live in prison. I have the money in my house. I would like to ask you if you can borrow me some."

Sussex was stunned. Not only had her parents suddenly died, but she had inherited their money – and her own. David came like a saving angel. Yet, she lived quite and easy. She liked it. But the thought off all that money. She could buy a more respectable house and turn it to a brothel. Back in England, she could blackmail every man who wronged innocent people. She could do it again. "I want to see how much money I have before I borrow some." David smiled and nodded a little: "Certainly. But then we have to go to my place. It is far too much to carry at once. My valet, Mr. Hopps, guarding the money for the time – so they are safe while we walk."

Upon the return of David's house, lady Sussex was surprised to see how many men and women who stood in a line outside. "I own a medical-shop. It also functions as a little second-tier market." When the people saw David approaching the house, the crowd immediately began to talk: offering him goods, or telling him what they needed. The door to the house opened, and a man broad-built man was filling it. "Thank you, Mr. Hopps," David said. "Would you kindly escort lady Sussex to the chamber." "Certainly, sir. This way, madam." Sussex followed Mr. Hopps. What chamber was it talk about? After walking down a little hallway, Mr. Hopps showed Sussex into the chamber. He gave her a set of keys. Unlocking the chests, Sussex almost dropped her son. The first chest was filled to the edge of golden coins, the same with the second and the third. How could David managed to get so much money? Each chest was approximately 1 meter in height, length and width. Each coin was on the size of her thumb. It was so many! The little loan to David was nothing. With all these coins, Sussex could buy whole three luxury brothels!

Caribbean Purge[]

Courtesans working for lady Sussex

Lady Sussex was operating in Kingston as the owner of three brothels, just as she had planned. She had placed her son to liv with David Évinore, in fear for the boy to be affiliated with prostitution. Lady Sussex knew she had cast a shadow over life by using prostitution as a living – but that was the only thing she knew. But she refused to be separated from her son, so she visited him several times in the week. She did not want to be forgotten, but David learnt the boy what he needed to know about banking. Mr. Hopps also told the boy not to bow for anyone – especially because of his skin color.

One day, in 1765, when lady Sussex was counting the money she had earned from the brothels, an employee was entering the room, stating 'a Brit – with the name of a Frenchman – was seeking to talk with her ladyship'. Lady Sussex told the employee to show the visitor into the room. David was entering the room, and lady was partly glad, partly shocked to see him here. Glad because she had not seen him since he traveled to Havana past two weeks for a contract; shocked because his reputation would be harmed if someone was seeing him entering a brothel. "What are you doing here, my friend?" David Évinore took her hands: "May I ask you something?" His voice made him sound like a melancholy man. "Out from your tone, I found it very serious. What is it?" "My contract in Havana ended deeply bad. I need money. I bet huge money on my trip to Havana – and now I have lost many." Lady Sussex trusted him with her whole heart, and his eyes did not betrayed him either: he was talking truthfully. "How much, my friend?" "500,000 reals." In pounds this would be something like 50,000. "That was a bit. David – generous as I am – I would grant you these money. But I cannot do so without some sort of guarantee for not losing them." David nodded and continued: "I completely understand, but I will pay you back." Sussex was looking on him with a strange look: "How will you do that?" David counted in his head for a while before saying: "Give me a year, and you will have everything paid back – with twenty-five percent interests." "Okay. You will get the money at the end of the week." David thanked his friend.

One year later, David had kept his promise. Sussex had helped a friend in need, and now he asked for her help anew. He needed a partner for carrying out a transaction to Príncipe, Africa. Sussex granted the money, and she got repaid in money. David asked for her help again in 1767, asking for money for a group of scientist that was to be sent to Príncipe. She got repaid in gold from Africa. Later same year, David asked for money in order to track down a counterpart named Eugiène Blaise. Sussex granted a small amount of money – not wishing to be a part of a conspiracy. She got repaid with pearls and ivory. In mid 1768, David asked for guns and other armory he could send to Príncipe. Sussex gave him money to buy it for himself. David repaid his friend at the end of the year with the exact amount of money.

Quentin Blaise

When David asked for another loan in 1769, lady Sussex hired a man to investigate what David actually was doing in his business – and how it went. But for not be under suspicion, Sussex granted David an amount of money – a few thousands under what he requested. When the hired man returned with the information, lady Sussex could not understand why David asked her for money: he had so much money to spent. Every transaction had gone well, so what was the problem? Why did he ask for so much? In 1770, Sussex was approached by a man named Quentin Blaise. What happened on the meeting is unknown, but a large amount of money was granted to him – and some weeks later, Cozumel Providenca was reported dead to the Assassin Council. In 1771, Sussex granted David money for a little expedition to Príncipe with some cargo.



  1. No one knows what happened to lady Sussex's son, Quill.
  2. Sussex had a co-worker who ran her brothel after her death: Matthew Finnegan.



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