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Laura Elya
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Biographical information

5th of November 1973


22nd of January 2014 (41)

Political information

Assassins Templars Abstergo

Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Bow Down Assassin's Creed: Vengeance

"You Assassins are just rabbits scampering through a field as the Templar Order picks you off, then when you're all gone we'll have a nice meal and have some peace." -Laura speaking to Jesse Vernado.

Laura Elya (1973-2014) was born in 1973 in Oklahoma. She was born into the creed and raised inside the Oklahoma Training Camp. She began her training in the Creed when she was of suitable age, 7. She learned quickly and fought well, that is when she was inducted into the creed in 1985, at the age of 12.

By the time she had eliminate a Master Templar, Clyde Vernado, with the help of William McLeod she headed off to Southern Australia to survey the Training Camps of the area. While she was here there was a boy in a town, one year younger than herself, that began to try and date her, his name was Benjamin Laurence.

Much later, when she was 18, she defected to Abstergo while hacking into their systems with Clay Kaczmarek. During The Great Purge she filled in Daniel Cross' blanks by willingly informing them of the Oklahoma Training Camp and several in Australia. Though, despite being informed of the locations, Abstergo didn't attack the Australian Training Camps as Doctor Leon Stephano informed them that doing so may disrupt his tracking down of the Piece of Eden located in Southern Australia that he has been researching since 1998.

Laura climbed the ranks of the Templar Order to the point of reaching the prestigious rank of Master Templar. During her time as a Master Templar Leon Stephano tasked her with an operation to located the Piece of Eden and execute the Australian Brotherhood, this was dubbed 'Operation Vengeance' by the new CEO of Abstergo, Alan Rikkin.

Laura was ultimately killed during Operation Vengeance by a young Assassin known as James.

Early Life[]

"I've trained long enough! Just let me drape my hood and kill some bastards!" -Laura begging to be inducted into the Order.

Laura was born in 1973 to Stan Elya and Magret Elya, both were long time members to the Brotherhood. She was born on the Oklahoma Training Camp and raised mainly by her mother. Her father continued to carry out missions under his prestigous rank of Master Assassin.

When Laura was 7 she began her training into the Brotherhood, and in 1985 was inducted into the Order.

In the Brotherhood[]

Laura: "Do you think some pretty boy like you can just take my hand and kiss me on the lips?"

Benjamin: "Yeah, why not?" -Laura speaking to Benjamin in Kilmore

Laura was an Assassin from the ages of 12 to 18, during her time in the order she eliminated a Master Templar, met Benjamin Laurence, and snuck into Abstergo's database.

First Assassination[]

When Laura was 13 her father flew to Edinburgh to eliminate a notorious Master Templar, Clyde Vernado. News reached back to her in March that her father had died protecting the Training Camp and William McLeod from Abstergo attackers.

Laura was filled with rage and rebelled against the Brotherhood's order to allow a more experienced Assassin to get him. Laura disobeyed the Order and at night from April to June she snuck out of her mother's cabin and hacked into the Assassin's database to dig up what they knew on Clyde.

On the 25th of June she escaped the camp and using her stealth skills snuck aboard a commercial flight to Edinburgh.

When she snuck into the Abstergo office building in Edinburgh she was quickly restrained by an unknown opponent, after she broke free she realised it was William Mcleod. As William clenched the gash across his face that Laura had imprinted on him during her struggle he demanded that she fall back. She disobeyed and ran filled with the want of revenge to where Clyde was located.

As she ran across the hallways guards spotted her and chased her, William would grab the guards and trip them up as he pursued her. Laura made it into Clyde's office where he was discussing plans of how to deal with Assassin Influence in Scotland with Jeremy Kaultz, She grabbed a lage kitchen knife that erected from a cake that the two were eating on and jumped up on Clyde's desk and pounced on him impaling him with the knife.

William met up with her and imapled Jeremy, who called for security, in the neck with his hidden blade. William then quickly grabbed Laura, who was still slicing at the already dead Clyde, and ran from the scene.

To the Land Down Under[]

When Laura returned to the Oklahoma Training Camp she was greeted by her unhappy mother. On the other side of the spectrum though, the mentor of her training camp was astonished by her ability to sneak into their database and found out what she did about a classified target.

She was later sent to Victoria to do surveys on the Training Camps, nothing much of importance happened while she was on that location except for her notable meeting with Benjamin Laurence where he showed romantic interest which led to him being inducted into the Order.

In the Belly of Beast[]

When Laura was 18 she was sent to spy on Abstergo with Clay Kaczmarek. She was given a 5 year span to spy on Abstergo but by the third a Templar by the name of Max Jacobson discovered she was an assassin, though Max didn't report this to his Templar commanders. Max was interested in Laura and rather seduced her and then during a section of their love making Max whispred into her ear that he knew about her Assassin affiliations and Laura replied she'd rather be a Templar

In the Order[]

"Now, hand over the Piece of Eden" -Laura demanding the Piece of Eden.

During her time in the Templar Order Laura continued her relationship with Max, until he attempted to escape the Order where Laura took his life with a pistol. She later continued to climb the ranks when during the Great Purge she gave the location of the Oklahoma Training Camp, resulting in Benjamin's death.

She was blessed with the prestigious rank of Master Templar and took out the orders of Doctor Leon Stephano in Operation Vengeance. She died in the First Civilization Temple that held the Piece of Eden.

Tough Love[]

When Laura was 32 she had held a strong relationship with Max to this point, but Max wasn't very sure of something. Max had been unsure of his place in the Templar Order for five years, being disgusted by the actions that the order had commited in the Great Purge. Max during 2005 attempted to flee the order.

He escaped the Abstergo office building and was being tracked down by Laura Elya whos was accompanied by a experinced Abstergo agent, David Kautz.

This Abstergo agent was unaware of the Templar War that shrouded over Abstergo, and it was revelaed to him by Laura before his supposed death. They attacked Max as he was escaping through the highway, David slid open the van door and opened fire on the car that Max drove. This led to Max losing control and swurving in front of the van causing a side-on collision.

Laura escaped the van as Max stumbled from his car, flames engulfed the wreckage and David had been trapped and killed in the collision. Laura pulled out a pistol as Max limped away and shot a bullet straight through the back of his neck, killing him.

Operation Vengeance[]

Operation Vengeance was formed by Doctor Leon Stephano to finally secure the Piece of Eden he had been locating in Southern Australia. Laura Elya was assigned with the task of finishing off the search and eliminating the Australian Brotherhood.

She mostly responsible for planning attacks and training the Animi Training Program subjects. Her most notable orders were her orders to siege Greensborough Training Camp, to ambush Mason Stephano outside of Sydney, and to follow Jesse Vernado, Eve Laurence, and James to the First Civilization Temple.

She became physically involved when she ambushed the team at the First Civilization Temple, revealing herself to be responsible for the attacks and demanding the Piece of Eden.


"All this violence and killing must end, we both stand here today under the roof of those who came before, I nor you will leave" -James giving Laura her last rites.

It was the 22nd of January, 2014. Laura stood in the First Civilization Temple where she demanded the Piece of Eden, only to have James clench it with his hand. James then turned to face Laura where lights broke from the Piece of Eden illuminating the temple with holographs, that is when James told Eve and JJesse to run for their lives. Laura attempted to pursue the escaping Assassins, but found herself locked into place by the powers of the Piece of Eden. She returned a panic look at James as the Abstergo agents rose their weapons and commited suicide to the will of the Piece of Eden. James then gave Laura her last rites as the Temple crumbled upon them, killing them both.

Personality and Characteristics[]

Laura was at first a rebelious child who did not listen to the order of others, but when she fell in love with Max she changed. She began to follow order and listened to those that held higher authority, but with this she quickly climbed the ranks gaining order herself. When Max was killed Laura began to lose respect for all those that surrounded her as all she had cared for had now died when she turned to the Templars. Laura became a ruthless commander and emotionless shell of what was once a human beign, this is what makes Laura's story so tragic.