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The Leader of the Cross (full title: Leader of the Cross of Danish Templars, or simplified title: Danish Cross-Leader or just Leaders) was a position granted to the second-in-command of the Dane-Norwegian Templars. Laer it also became a seat in the Dane-Norwegian Templar Council.

Danish Templars

Danish Templars

When the Leaders was first established around the 1270s, they were chosen for their loyalty and ideological believes to the Templar Order – and acted as the Grand Master's second-in-command. The rank granted a large amount of respect from other members within the Order and indicated individuals who had the permission to read – and interpret – the most sacred texts of the Templars. During a battle, and the Grand Master fell, the Leader of the Cross would be the next ruler – although a such thing have not been recorded.

Today, the seat of the Leader of the Cross are being used by Xiulan Clausen. With this seat, she has control of the whole Rite – alongside with the Grand Master. She spend her time with locating and hunting down Danish and Norwegian Assassins.

Recorded Leaders Edit

  1. Lotte-Mari Bjerg (1300s)
  2. Urban Vernersen (1700s)
  3. Xiulan Clausen (modern day)
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