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"I don't give a damn about your war with Abstergo and I don't care how my actions go against your Creed. I am going to make them suffer for what they did and nothing will stop me, certainly not you"
―Lee to an Assassin
Lee Williams
Biographical information

March 13, 1985

Political information

United States Army
Assassins (reluctantly)

Real-world information

Lee Williams was a former Delta force operator who served for multiple tours of duty in the Middle East and Africa. He would have been content living out his life as an operator and dying in service to his country, but during one operation while he was partnered with members of the CIA his team was set up and killed. After some time he found information linking a company called Abstergo to the orders his team was given which led to their deaths. Lee then began his own personal crusade against the company.

It was during this campaign that he ran into the Assassins who after a bad first meeting tried to recruit him. But he refused after concluding that they lacked any formal military training and would impede his actions. He did however agree to have a working relationship with them in order to gain access to any new information about Abstergo that he might have missed.


Early Life[]

"I don't hate people because of race, religion, sex, or class I taught myself better than that. I hate them because they are greedy, currupt, self-centered, and care nothing for others or the greater good"
―Lee reflecting on his early life and view of humanity

Lee was born in the United States to unknown parents and spent most of his childhood running away from various foster homes while attending schools under false identities. He constantly wanted to be free from the foster system and lead what he felt was a normal life. While attending school, he developed an aptitude for foreign languages and a love of history. While studying history he learned of various instances in history when humans had used and abused each other. It was through history lessons that he developed his own views of humanity. He felt that humans were only rarely capable of 'good' but he also noted that 'good' was a point of view and that all things in life depended greatly on a persons own point of view. Lee also developed his own moral code and valued honor above all things. This led him to join the military as soon as he was of age.

Military Carrier[]

"I wanted to defend what the country stood for not what it is. I despise what it is but I will still die in order to maintain the lie that it gives. The lie is hope, hope that no matter who you are and where you are from you will be accepted and can have a good life"
―Lee on why he joined the military and his thoughts regarding the United States

Lee enlisted in the Army after he finished high school under a false identity. However he had a fairly easy time enlisting as not many questions were asked about his background. Lee assumed this was due to the Army's need for more troops. After completing basic training it was found that he was highly intelligent and so he was sent to officers school. He finished at the top of his class but had no intention of being what he considered a 'paper pusher' and so went through airborne training and was transferred into the 75th Ranger Regiment. Lee completed two tours before he and his Rangers saved the lives of two Delta Force operators. During the rescue Lee caught the eyes of the operators. They were impressed at his rock solid calmness and ability to give orders while under fire. In the next few months he passed selection courses and became an operator himself. As an operator he led numerous successful raids and hostage rescue missions throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Mission to Morocco[]

"You're telling me that you dropped us into a hot zone so we can link up with the spooks and retrieve some relic?!"
―Lee on a radio speaking to his superiors

After a long history of successful hostage rescues, HVI extractions, and raids Lee and his team caught the eye of Abstergo as being a possible asset. So when rumors reached Abstergo that a Piece of Eden was located in Taza, Morocco they used their influence to have Lee and his team be sent to find and retrieve the piece. At the same time Abstergo had Templars from the CIA have orders to link up with Lee's team once they were on the ground. And when the piece was recovered they were to kill Lee and the other members of Delta.

Before the mission Lee and his team were angry that they were working along with the CIA. And when the order came that they were after a relic Lee became enraged. He informed his superiors that he and his team were not going to risk their lives for some antique. After hearing this exchange the Templar agents decided that Lee and his team were of no further use and should be eliminated. They planted a bomb on Lee's extraction helicopter and once Lee and his team were airborne blew up the chopper. While Lee barely survived his whole team was killed.

Hunting the Templars[]

"Ok either you're a crazy cultist or your whole company is part of some crazy cult. Which is it? (pause) You know I will gladly start cutting into your body again if you don't start talking soon"
―Lee interrogating one of the CIA agents who killed his team

After recovering from his wounds Lee hunted relentlessly for the ones responsible for planting the bomb on his team’s helicopter. By bribing, blackmailing, and interrogating many people Lee discovered the identities of the four CIA agents who had been working with his team. Now knowing who the agents were and that they were currently indefinitely stationed at Langley, Virginia Lee spent two months following them and learning as much as he could about them. During his observation he noted that he was not the only one following one of the agents. A man and women were also following one of the CIA agents. Curious he allowed himself to be viewed three times in the unknown pursuer’s surveillance photos. Thinking that if the pair following the CIA agent was any good they would eventually see him in their photos. After two months of surveillance Lee struck and succeeded in kidnapping each of the four CIA agents who had worked with his team. Over the next month Lee tortured the agents and questioned them about who it was that ordered his team to retrieve the relic in the first place.

After a month Lee was discouraged. All he had been able to find was that the CIA agents worked for a large corporation called Abstergo and that they took orders directly from a member of the Abstergo board of directors. He also believed that either the agents had been cultists or the whole of Abstergo was some sort of cult as the agents continued to speak of Templars and Assassins, even accusing Lee of being an Assassin. Frustrated and angry Lee finally executed them feeling that they were of no further use.

Poor First Impressions[]

"These guys are more useless than reservists in the National Guard"
―Lee commenting on his view of the Assassins and their lack of field experience

With the CIA agents dead Lee decided it was time to find the identities of the other people who had been following the CIA agents. So Lee who had kept tabs on the pair followed them back to their homes and broke in. After searching the homes and finding nothing he left invitations for them to meet him at a public restaurant in Norfolk Virginia. He also left pictures of himself with an explanation that if they looked over their surveillance photos they would see him.

Lee knew full well that the pair would likely try to kidnap him so the public area was a surveillance nightmare full of places he could slip in and out of. And sure enough a trap was sprung yet Lee easily saw it coming and noted that those after him were extremely sloppy and would barely pass any organized military standards. Lee easily created a distraction and slipped away in the confusion.

Afterwards he followed the woman from the original pair back to her new home, as she had left the one that Lee broke into before, and once he was certain she was alone kidnapped her and brought her to the place where he had tortured and killed the Templars. There he told her what he had done and questioned her about who she worked for. And she like the CIA agents spoke of Assassins and Templars. Annoyed and thinking that she was also crazy Lee asked to meet with the Assassins leader. She told Lee that she would not let him meet with her 'Mentor' but would set up a meeting with another high ranking Assassin named William Miles. Lee agreed deciding to meet with William.

Meeting William Miles[]

"I will help you if and only if you can supply me with information regarding the Abstergo corporation. If you can't then you are of no use to me"
―Lee on meeting William Miles.

Through a secure email network Lee and William spoke and arranged a meeting. Lee agreed to bring the female Assassin with him if William came alone. William agreed and together they arranged the meeting. Hours before the meet Lee was scouting the area ensuring that the meeting would be secure. Leaving a burner phone at the meeting point Lee waited for William to arrive.

When he did arrive Lee called and had William travel for several blocks into a crowded park in order to lose any possible tails. There Lee approached William along with the female Assassin. Before either of the Assassins could speak Lee told them both that he had a suppressed .45 and could draw and drop both of them in less than five seconds if they took action against him. William acknowledged that Lee was in control and asked what was to happen. Lee responded by asking for an explanation regarding what Assassins and Templars were.

As William spoke Lee carefully examined both of the Assassins searching for any sign of deception. He could find none, but he was careful to word his questions to avoid giving away any information about himself. William explained the history of the Assassins and Templars to Lee. While Lee was not sure if he believed the whole history of this struggle he did believe what William had said about Abstergo. William informed Lee of just how powerful Abstergo really was and that they had controls over a vast number of countries and other corporations. Lee was not surprised to hear this. After he had interrogated the CIA agents he searched for information regarding the Abstergo Corporation. To the casual eye it was merely a large corporate entity but Lee knew better. With its vast size and numerous different sub companies he knew that Abstergo was far more powerful than its public appearance would suggest.

After Lee had gone silent, absorbed in thought, William asked what Lee’s interest in Abstergo was. Cautious, Lee said that it was personal. William then asked if Lee would be interested in joining the Assassins in fighting Abstergo. The female Assassins began to protest but William silenced her. Lee agreed the idea seemed ludicrous but he considered, if these two organizations had been involved in some kind of ideological war for years than the Assassins would most likely have valuable intelligence about Abstergo. Reluctantly Lee agreed to have a working relationship with the Assassins. But he warned the pair that if they could not provide him with reliable information he would have no reason to work with the Assassins.