Leopold II of Belgium
Leopold II of Belgium
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April 9,1835 Brussels, Belgium


December 17, 1909 (aged 74) Laeken, Belgium

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Leopold II was the second King of the Belgians, and is chiefly remembered for the founding and exploitation of the Congo free state. Born in Brussels the second (but oldest surviving) son of Leopold I and Louise of Orléans, he succeeded his father to the throne on December 17, 1865, reigning for 44 years until his death, the longest of any Belgian monarch.

Assassination attempsEdit

  • The Belgian Assassins attempted to kill leopold on the date of November 17, 1857, however, they were soon cought by Templar spies who were protecting Leopold from any harm, they were soon arrested, and were soon executed, and they had there bodies burned.
  • On November 15, 1902, Italian anarchist Gennaro Rubino had attempted to assassinate Leopold, as he was riding in a royal carriage from a ceremony in memory of his wife who recently died, Marie Henriette. After Leopold's carriage passed, Rubino fired three shots at the King, However, the shots missed Leopold and Rubino was immediately arrested.


On December 17, 1909, Leopold II died at Laeken from an unknown reason. However, three years later, it had been discoverd he had been poisoned by Belgian Assassins, who attempted to kill him many times, the Assassin's were never found, however, Leopold was then burried at The Church of Our Lady of Laeken.

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