Captain Liam Monro Cormac was the youngest son of the Grandmaster Templar Shay Patrick Cormac and half brother to American Assassin Haytham. Liam was a Templar that joined the U.S Navy shortly after the death of his Father at the hands of the Assassin Achilles "Dyami" Kenway in 1805. After 4 years serving under Samuel WIlson on his ship, The Abstergo Liam, he became a privateer and Captain of the Morrigan II.

Liam "Monro" Cormac
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Biographical information

1780 Paris, France


1847 London, England

Political information


U.S Navy(1806-1811)

Crew of the Abstergo(1806-1809)

Crew of the Morrigan II(1810-1811)

Knights Fleet(1806-1811)

Real-world information

History Edit

Liam was born in 1780, France where his father and mother were forced to stay until the war in the colonies had ended. After the war was over, they spent 4 years in France until 1784 when his father took him and his mother to live in America.

Induction into the Order Edit

When Liam turned 16, his father Shay had told him all about the Templar Order and their greatest enemies, the Assassins. Liam wasn't officially inducted in the Order until 1801.

Death of his Father Edit

Later in 1805, he, his father, and other Templars were meeting in his father's manor in New York. Shortly after the meeting had ended, he left with Samuel Wilson to take about a possible career in the U.S Navy. When he returned to the manor, he found his father, Shay Patrick Cormac, lying dead on the floor. Liam, thinking that the Assassin Connor had something to do with it, vowed to take revenge on the old Assassin.

U.S Navy Edit

Shortly after his father's death, he joined the Navy in 1806 serving under fellow Templar Samuel Wilson aboard his ship, the "USS Abstergo". But after serving under him and the navy for 4 years he became a privateer and Captaining his own ship which he named the Morrigan II in 1810.

Revenge and Desertion Edit

In 1811, Liam was tasked with protecting a merchant ship but ultimately disobeyed orders and set sailed to the Davenport Homestead to exact revenge on the Assassins. Once he had arrived in the Homestead he fired Motors at the harbor damaging the Altair  but once the assassin Achilles "Dyami" Kenway had gotten the Altair all out naval war broke out. After a long intense battle the Morrigan II was badly damaged so Liam had to beach the ship in the shallow waters. Liam esaping with his crew ran for his live but as he ran he saw the Assassin Connor chasing after him. Liam with the training of his father Shay was nearly successful in killing the Assassin Mentor. But was ultimately saved by his son Achilles. After Achilles wounded Liam he was saved by his crew and ran with his live. The Assassin Mentor Connor had sent a tip to the military that reveled where Liam was heading. He was arrested and not soon after he was schedule to be hang but with his connections to Samuel Wilson and John Starrick and with the War of 1812. He was only imprisoned for 8 years after the war.

Later in Life and DeathEdit

When Liam was released he left the Order and moved to Great Britain where he had a family, spending the rest of his days doing his best to avoid the Templar-Assassin War. In 1847 avoiding the war did Liam no good because he was killed by the Assassin Ethan Frye who had still thought he was a Master Templar because of an old message that was sent to his father years ago.

Trivia Edit

  • He is named after Liam his fathers formal friend when his father was a Assassin and he also named after Master Templar George Monro who was like a mentor to his father when he was betrayed by the Assassins in the Seven Years and was the man who inspired him to become a Templar.
  • Liam's and his half brother's names are ironic because Liam is a Master Templar and is named after an Assassin while Haytham is a Assassin named after the first Grandmaster Templar in the Colonials.


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