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Lin Ke (林克), style name Ziying (子鷹) (231-315 CE) was a Chinese Assassin during the Three Kingdoms period. Like many Assassins during that period, Lin Ke served under the Sima clan. Best known for being an advisor To Sima Shi, he carried out the assassinations of Cao Shuang and Xiahou Xuan. He was also a participant at many of Sima Shi's campaigns, such as the Gaoping Tombs Incident, and the Battle of He Fei. He also participated in many skirmishes with the neighboring Shu Kingdom. At one battle, known as the Skirmish of Tianying (田營) he lured 300 Shu soldiers into a forest ambush where he and five other Assassins killed all 300 men. After this he became known as Sēnlín rèn, or Blade of the Forest.

After Sima Shi's death at the hands of Templar Wen Yang, Lin went into hiding for three years as the Templar began gaining power back. He later learned that the current leader of the Chinese Templar was Eastern Wu official Sun Hao. He then fought under Sima Zhao, Sima Shi's brother, but kept his public involvement to a minimum. Eventually, Sima Yan nephew of Shi, conquered all of China.

Lin Ke was active as an Assassin until the year 306, the tail end of Rebellion of Eight Princes, where he retired.

Early Life[]

Lin Ke was born in Shouchun, a place he would frequently visit throughout his life. His Father was Lin Gui, style name Zhongfeng. His mother was Zhuge Yin. He was their only child. His father was a member of the Assassins and a junior official in the Wei court, his mother was a villager near the monastery that served as the headquarters of the Assassins. Lin Ke was raised a Confucianist. In the court he made friends with Li Kai, grandson of Li Dian and Deng Zhong, son of Deng Ai at a fairly young age. Li Kai would join him in becoming an Assassin, later in life.

Entry into the Order[]

Lin Ke was trained in Chinese martial arts at the Taoist monastery near Shouchun. What he did not know is the monastery was in actuality, an Assassin base.

When Lin Ke was eleven he was officially inducted into the Order of the Assassins. Soon afteris family moved to Luoyang after on orders of the Assassins to aid the Grand Master Sima Yi.

Ke continued his training in Luoyang under the guidance of Sima Shi and his brother, Sima Zhao. Ke respected Shi something Shi would reciprocate later into life.

Early Assassin Activity[]

"Just focus, Ke. Let the blade guide you, not you guide it." -Sima Shi convincing Lin Ke

Lin Ke's first target, was an officer known as Kou Fei. He accomplished this with two other Assassin recruits and Sima Shi, who was observing. Lin Ke from an aerial advantage, watched as the others led a direct assault on his guards. While they were distracted Lin Ke performed an aerial assassination. Although initially frightened by having to kill, he was convinced by SHi it was for a better cause.

From 245-247 Lin Ke carried out small deeds for the Assassins including carrying messages and assassinating some Templars in the Wei government. In 248 he began doing more notorious assassinations

Gaoping Tombs[]

Lin Gui had recently passed due to Malaria leaving only Lin Ke left. In 249 the Sima clan planned on taking power for the Assassins, in the court. Cao Shuang, a Templar, and his allies controlled the court. So Sima Yi, Shi and Zhao planned to seize control while Shuang was on a hunting trip.