"A good Assassin, is a dead Assassin"
―Loïc threating a Brittany Assassin, 1782
Loïc Babineaux
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May 1755


May 1789

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Templars (ally)

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Assassin's Creed: Changes

Loïc Babineaux was a Templar-mercenary operating some time before the French Revolution. He was being employed by the French Templar Édmound-Louis Bourienne.

Born and raised by wealthy nobles in the city of Brest, Brittany, Loïc was a problem-child from young age. While his parents had spent their life to climb the social ladder, Loïc was born into luxury – creating his lifestyle thereafter. Loïc was used to have money all around him, although he spent them on women and wine – quickly ruining his and his family's reputation. By doing so, he witnessed his own father taking his life, due to misery and economic ruin; his mother was later being sent to a mental hospital in Paris – suffering of traumas of her husband's suicide. Loïc's siblings blamed him for the parents' condition, so he was being banished from the family of Babineaux.

Short time after the banishment, Loïc traveled to Calais with a ship – taking job as a hitman, though a bad one. The few of his victims, was found in a bad condition, however. Because of his way his victims were found – with their bodies unrecognizable – Loïc was soon taken to attention by the men and women in the Council of Calais. The Council sent one of their contacts, Absolon Noir, to deal with him – and so he did. Absolon told Loïc to travel to Paris and offering his services for the Templar Édmound-Louis Bourienne – in exchange for money. Loïc's reputation had reached the Templar long before the future mercenary reached the city – and when he did, Bourienne gladly accepted Loïc as one of his personal guards and mercenaries.

As a mercenary, Loïc's task was to make sure his employer did not run into ghosts of the past or future threats. His base of operations was soon in Calais and sometimes in the city of Rennes. In 1782, Loïc and other mercenaries working for Bourienne was sent to Rennes: Bourienne was to carry out some transactions for the Templar Order, but some Assassins seemed to wait for him. Loïc and several of the mercenaries would get paid a lot of money in order to remove the threats. Killing the Assassin-leader, Loïc would be stationed in Calais with much money to go with. In the city, he would work alongside the Droit-siblings and a monsieur Bélanger, where they would be the leader of the mercenaries.

During Loïc's time in Calais, he and his associates became known with the leaders of The Turk, an organization established by the Templars: Shamar al-Djin and his Board. Through one of the lieutenants of al-Djin, Loïc and the mercenaries were allowed to stay at a pub. From there, the mercenaries would eliminate enemies of The Turk, carrying out work for them also. As a mercenary, Loïc's loyalty lay were the money was. This lead to his downfall. Loyal to both The Turk and Bourienne, Loïc and his associates stayed at the pub where lieutenant Murat ruled – even after her death. A few days later, an Assassin entered the locals. Loïc and the other leaders of the mercenaries took an interest in him, and later they followed him out of the building. After threatening the Assassin, the man turned around quickly – shooting Loïc in the head. After killing him, the Assassin soon killed the other mercenary-leaders. By removing Loïc, Bourienne lost his eyes and ears in the city of Calais.

Trivia Edit

  1. Loïc is a Breton form of Louis.
  2. Babineaux is a form of Babin
    • Babin come from the given name Babin, a medieval diminutive of Babylas.
  3. Loïc was a Templar ally – aware of the Order's presence, but not capable of, or willingly, to join the Parisian Rite of the Knight Templars.
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