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Logan Garrett
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Assassins, Templars, British Army

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Assassin's Creed Rogue, Assassin's Creed III

Logan Garrett was a Assassin who betrayed the Order and became a Templar, active during the Seven Years' War in which he helped the brother Shay Cormac, to hunt down the Assassins.

Early life[]

Born in Edinburgh in Scotland, Scottish father and English mother, still young Logan moved to Boston in the United States of America. Logan had a normal childhood even if spent much time to get drunk in a tavern named Aud Tavern and getting into fights with other citizens and for the road to the inn. Being the father of a navigator, Logan followed him many times by sea and became an expert sailor. In one of his trips to New York City, Logan knew Liam O'Brien and Shay Cormac with whom he made friends. Often the three combined trouble making jokes at guards often ending up in prison. Logan learned to perform acrobatics running, climbing, stealth and pickpocketing. At some point in his life, Logan, Liam and Shay were lost all three of view and Logan began working as a stevedore at Albany doors. He could not imagine that everything would change in 1748.

Joining The Assassins[]

In 1748, a Logan 18 years after a few months after his father's death he had received a letter from Liam O'Brien who invited him to come to some Davenport Homestad. Logan could not hear Liam for many years and was unsure what to do because they did not know what he wanted Liam to him. In the end he decided to go to Logan Homestad and arrived there a week after the journey on horseback. Logan arrived at the Homestad and was greeted by Liam and Shay. Logan saw that both Liam andShay wore strange clothes with hoods which bore a strange symbol. Liam and Shay brought in the Homestad, Logan and presented to a man of about forty named Achilles Davenport. Liam and Shay spoke to Logan who were both joined parts of a group called Assassins and said some of their principles. Logan found himself in agreement with a few principles even if others did not accord them he did not see his two friends. Achilles added that he was their mentor in the American branch of the Brotherhood and another group that fought against the Templars. Liam asks Logan if he wanted to join the Brotherhood and Logan after thinking a while 'he nodded his head. That same night Logan was taken to a subterranean under the homestad for initiation rite around the other assassins: Kesegowase, Hope Jensen, Luois Joseph Chevalier, Shay and Liam. Achilles did take the oath in Logan, and after it was done to him marked it the symbol of the Assassins on the right ring finger.

Assassin Training[]

Until 1752, Logan would work out at length with fellow Assassins, Kesegowase and hope. Logan's days were spent training in fighting, running, climbing, stealth, and shooting and eventually started to wear clothing from Assassin. These boosted up goal of Logan with his guns and style of fighting with the sword and dirk. Logan proves an able and unpredictable ruthless serial killer with great Achilles complacency which proved very fond of Logan. March 1752 Liam, Shay and Logan were commissioned to accompany the brother Chevalier de la Vérendrye to a meeting with smugglers in Port-Menier. While Shay and Liam spent the entire mission in a hunt, Logan remained with Chevalier. At one point, the group was attacked by the soldiers of the British Army. Logan killed 5 soldiers with sword and dagger, but the rest of the captured soldiers of the smugglers with whom Logan and chevalier were trading. The return of Liam and Shay, logan put them aware of what had happened. Shay suggested that he and Liam would release the smugglers on one side as Chevalier and Logan on the other side. So while Shay and Liam freed camp, Logan and Chevalier thought to another. Chevalier shot him in the head a soldier from about 6 meters and the other 5 soldiers attacked him. Logan passed him from behind and after freeing the smugglers, murdered two soldiers with sword and dagger. Chevalier went up on the British ship anchored while Logan killed the last remaining soldiers. Logan after a while 'boarded the ship and saw Liam, Chevalier and Shay standing on the bridge with the corpses of dead British soldiers. Taking advantage of the ship the Morrigan, the four killers destroyed the boats of the Royal Navy stationed in Port-Menier. Finally they returned to the headquarters of the Brotherhood to the colonial relationship to Achilles. In March of the same year, he came to seal the Caribbean Assassin Adewale: an old friend of Achilles. The legendary Assassin brought news of how his Haitian brothers had worked to rehabilitate the island after the great earthquake that struck three years ago and how the Templars had withdrawn from the local Mentor François Mackandal two artifacts of the First Civilization: the box of precursors and the Voynich manuscript. Achilles received the request for help Adewale, providing some resources to help his brothers in Haiti and commissioning Shay and Liam to recover artifacts. Logan set out to help them turn Achilles but confessed that he had another assignment for him. Logan was curious to know what task he had left for him, and Achilles did not let him to wait long for June 1752.

Support at Haitian Assassins[]

Logan was commissioned to go to Haiti to help local Assassins to kill the Templar master of this island. Logan so he set out for Port-Au-Prince and arrived there 20 June 1752. Following the directions of the slaves of a plantation, Logan discovered the hideout of the position of the Assassins, Templars constantly attacked by soldiers. Once arrived in the hideout, Logan heard the sound of fighting and saw the French soldiers fight with the Maroon and Assassins. Logan killed two soldiers with concealed blades and two others with throwing knives. After being helped to repel the assault, Logan showed up at François Mackandal. Mackandal Logan explained to the difficulty of the situation that the Assassins on the one hand had to help the local population to recover from the earthquake and the other to fight the Templars, he added that for about six months had reached a Templar master named Pierre La Croix that he was constantly attacking the Assassins. Logan said that he had come there on purpose to help them kill La Croix, François thanked him and introduced him to a man named Babatunde Josephe assassin and told him he would help him find and kill La Croix. After two months of investigation, the two assassins after he overheard a conversation between two guards discovered that La Croix was hiding in a villa just outside the city. After some hours of walking the two arrived at the villa and once inside, over the wall crept through the yard, killing the resistance they encountered. Logan climbed a tree and from there murdered a guard who had the keys to the back door. Upon entering the villa, Babatunde used his eagle eye with which spotted La Croix to the upper rooms. Logan impaled La Croix for one of the villa's corridors, and in the last moments of life of the temple asked him what he was doing. Logan replied that he was only preventing the Templars to do harm. La Croix laughed and said he really thought that the assassins had not done it on purpose to trigger an earthquake. Logan stabbed again La Croix throat along with Babatunde then left the house and returned to headquarters. Mused at length on the words of La Croix and deduced that perhaps had a point, Logan could not imagine that those words would have done betraying the Brotherhood.


After greeting Babatunde and Mackandal, Logan returned by Assassins Americans to help Shay and Liam in search of artifacts. in May 1754 Logan, Liam and Shay went in search of the schooner Smith, the Equitas: located her in the middle of a glacier and after a naval battle, Shay forced his target aground. Logan gave a hand in the bombing, using a Puckle gun cannon, severely damaging the Equitas. Shay Logan and Logan went down on the island and told Shay that while he would distract the soldiers he would kill Smith. So Logan attacked the troops while engaging them saw their shoulders Shay kill Smith and steal the artifact. Finished the other soldiers the two killers returned to the ship. In July of the same year, Shay asked for help Logan to find a way to turn the manuscript and Logan, Shay and Hope Jensen went to Albany. There he killed the Templar Shay James Wardrop which withdrew the last artifact and the three assassins went to Benjamin Franklin. Posing as affiliates of Johnson, the three assassins convinced the scientist to conduct his experiment electrification of the box. To do that, however, they had to retrieve the wires that the army had confiscated in Franklin. Shay and Logan reached the place where they were the conductors, after killing the guards the two killers brought them to Franklin. Therefore, after completing the experiment, the box was activated and opened a map of the ancient temples: among many, Shay acknowledged Lisbon.


Reported the sensational discovery of Achilles, Shay was given the task to travel to Lisbon, find the temple and to recover any of Eden inside. Logan knew that if Shay knew it would happen the same thing that had happened in Haiti. Logan realized that the assassins sent their agents to temples to make shake the earth and cause many deaths. Logan warned Shay but it did not give much weight to what Logan said. In September 1755, Logan had decided to abandon the Assassins. Therefore, he packed up and turned to leave his room when the door popped up Liam. With gloomy face Liam asked Logan where he was going and he put Logan with as many who went only one hand. Liam said that Logan was betraying them and Logan replied that it would be better for everyone if the assassins were stopped. Liam snapped your hidden blades and started to hit Logan but he blocked his arm and led him to the back. Liam said scornfully that they would kill him and that he could not escape, Logan said that in the name of their friendship would not kill him, and said that it slammed against the wall and left the room. As he left the Homestad, Liam felt raise the alarm, and ran. Logan was attacked by an Assassin who tried to assassinate him in flight, Logan fell to the ground but it was just in time to block the hand armed Assassin and throw him to the side. Logan kept running for feel but was also there attacked by a Hope Jensen and other 4 assassins. Logan managed to defeat them all with his bare hands and stun Hope, once that is done Logan kept running through the forest avoiding possible attacks by assassins. Eventually Logan reached the cliff overlooking the bay of then chased Logan holding up the edge of a cliff, where the Assassins still tried to calm him down and bring it back to their side, Logan without saying a word he executed the leap of faith and disappeared into the surrounding waters, Logan came to the beach, and from there made his way to Boston.

A New Creed[]

For about three months, Logan in Boston passed them without a clear idea of what to do. Logan had attempted to join the Templars but did not know if he could trust them. One day in January 1756 he received a visit from William Johnson who said he wanted to talk to him. Logan did not know what to expect and to be sure he held the knife hidden in the arm. Johnson told Logan that he had learned of his betrayal and that the Templars were offering him a new chance with him, Logan said that if he would join them because he was wanted peace for the colonies. Johnson said that if that was his thought was also the Templars, then Logan decided he would become a Templar. Johnson told Logan that when the Grand Master Haytham Kenway was temporarily returned to Europe for some personal business and brought other Templars including: Benjamin Church, Thomas Hickey, John Pitcairn and Charles Lee. To prove his loyalty Logan had to kill an Assassin boss of a Boston neighborhood. Logan began boobies tracks Assassin and spotted criminals affiliates of its target and followed convinced them that would lead him straight to the headquarters of the gang, in fact it was so. Logan from above a roof spotted his target and stood by careful not to identify, after approaching Logan did enough to hit the Assassin by the sword, but it turned rolling to the side as well dodging the blow and immediately drew his sword. The Assassin executed a lunge and logan managed to parry and dodged the sword on one side. Seeing a gap in his defense, Logan hit the Assassin in the stomach with the dagger and soon after with the sword. When both drew their weapons, the Assassin fell down dead and came two criminals on the spot. Logan killed both with concealed blades and escaped from the area. The same night it was introduced in the order, and he was made to say the words of initiation. Therefore Logan changed his dwelt raising his cap and putting the coat of arms of the Templars.

Friend found[]

In June 1756, Logan discovered that Cassidy and Barry Finnegan held a dying Shay Cormac at home. Logan cost that Shay had probably betrayed the Assassins, Johnson said that for him it would be better if he died but George Monro said he would have come in handy and Logan confirmed what he had said Monro. Shay when he recovered, he learned that Logan had freed Christopher Gist and he once more took the Morrigan. In addition he had recently killed an ally of the Assassins called The Chasseur. Since returned to New York, Logan met with Shay, reunified. Shay Logan asked if he wanted to become a Templar and Shay replied that for the moment would only supported them. The two came to know that the bands were led by a woman who understood immediately be Hope Jensen. Besides that the criminals were preparing new types of poisons, and very effective weapons. In these projects he was working on none other than Benjamin Franklin, while not knowing what they were destined end. Logan and Shay reached the house of the scientist and Logan killed the guard criminals and saw from afar Shay talk to Franklin, who handed him a prototype launcher. so while Shay destroyed some gas deposits with launcher, Logan turned to the other deposits. Working on it a bit 'Logan an air gun could have him also has also a the launcher. After devastated deposits, Shay met in Gist and Monro who presented him with Jack Weeks and William Johnson as Logan went back to his house. In August 1757, Shay received a package from Colonel Monro containing the Voynich manuscript, which he had lost when he was kicked out of the Brotherhood. To it he had attached a letter in which the colonel told him his membership in the Order of the Templars and how he knew his origins from Assassins. After she described the situation of his regiment at Fort William Henry, where the French General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm had devastated his regiment later alliance Native American tribes present Marais Rocheaux. Shay obviously sought help from Logan who denied it to him. They are routed to the river area and along the way became illustrate by Gist some information on the situation of the Templars. Arriving near the Marais Rocheaux, Logan and Shay reached the colonel and his regiment finding it busy fighting with the Assassins. Logan killed three assassins with the sword and dagger as Shay and the soldiers did the rest. The group went on the road to get to the Morrigan and they journey, they were attacked by a team of assassins led by Kesegowaase. Also won this battle, Logan and Shay killed any snipers on the path leading the way to the Monro regiment and taking them safely to Morrigan. After that Logan returned to New York to prepare for the decisive battle at Albany.

Attack on Albany[]

Logan began traveling to Albany; He reached the place in November, noting as Fort Frederick was already under siege of the Assassins. A few days later on November 3 was hit by Shay. Shay told Logan to help the British soldiers to deal with assassins while he would reach Monro. So Logan began to fight with all he met assassins, killing as many enemies as he could. Logan had never participated in such a battle, and wherever he turned, seeing the uniform of assassins he attacked and killed. At one point in the melee Logan saw a hooded figure running on the roofs as if he were chasing a person. Logan pointed his launcher and fired a grenade that exploded two meters in front of the figure. The man fell forward from the roof and Logan ran his sword and dagger. The man took off his cap and turned out to be Liam. Although initially the two had a shock after recovering Liam attacked Logan forcing him to fight. In the clash that occurred Logan attacked continuously from one side of Liam, but it always managed to ward off the blows or avitarli. Eventually Liam kicked him in the stomach, sending him to Logan legs in the air. Logan stood up and saw Liam go away run to Monro. In a second Logan he realized that Monro had the manuscript and that Liam was hunting down for this, Logan raised his gun to shoot at Liam but at that moment an Assassin soldier gave him a kick in the face. Logan saw the assassin who raised his sword against him, and then he heard a gunshot and Assassin face that was full of blood. Logan got up and vomited for nausea and all the blood he had seen. Logan continued to fight for a while 'and to try to find Liam but without finding it. At the end of the battle, Logan realized that Monro had been killed by Liam who had took the manuscript. Logan felt responsible for the death of Monro and swore that he would pay what the Assassins. In 1758 Shay was officially introduced in the Order of the Templar Grand Master of the colonial ritual Haytham Kenway, and during the ceremony attended Logan.

Hunting the Assassins[]

Adewale's fall[]

A Logan was given the task of helping Shay killing the assassins. In fact, the two began just from Adewale. So they went to the outpost of Louisbourg where they knew that the Brotherhood was plotting something; they arrived in June, and the occasion of the battle that would follow Logan would rule a ship named USS Phoenix while Shay would use HMS Pembroke. The battle proved very difficult, partly because of the intervention of Adewale aboard his' Experto Crede alongside the French; the legendary Murderess but escaped after having tested the power of the British fleet, which won the decisive battle. Deciding to kill Adewale, Shay, Haytham and Logan began his search, locating it in Vielle Carrière. So Shay walked into the camp decided to kill Adewale. At the sight of the temple, however, the Assassin took to sull'Experto escape and believes the Templars rushed after him. After a hard naval clash did aground the Experto Crede on a lake, so while Haytham and Logan engaged the assassins, Shay would have to kill Adewale. Logan stabbed in the throat with a dagger assassin spun and kneeling struck with the sword in the side of another assassin, swinging the sword killed another assassin and soon after fired at two others. After Shay killed Adewale, Haytham and Logan joined him and returned to the Morrigan.

Assault in New York[]

In 1759, Logan rested a bit 'for the work done for the Order, and met a native woman with whom he had a relationship from which a son was born. But in October Shay sought help from Logan to storm the headquarters of Hope Jensen and kill her. The two Templars infiltrated the house mercilessly killing the resistance they met, in a criminal case against 6 Logan shot the first two and swinging his sword right and left killed the other four. While Shay was seeing Liam and Hope see map Holographic box, Logan busied other 10 criminals. The templar killed 4 enemies using the rifle, drew his sword and dagger and killed 3 others killed the last with throwing knives and darts by rope, Logan saw that Shay was gone. He arrived at the door saw Shay out of a window and hunting Hope. Logan followed Shay and killed all potential assassins that tried to attack him, after Shay killed Hope the two Templars took their journey to stop Liam who was going on another site.

Final battle[]

By the last words of Hope, Shay discovered that Chevalier was already en route to the temple of the First Civilization. Thus exploiting the marine hooks that Murderess boasted, the Templars contacted Captain James Cook to try to find his target. He went to the fort on the advice of Anticosti British admiral, Shay stole the maps that de la Verendrye had traced to the temple as Logan waited for him outside the fort. Bring the maps Cook, the latter could lead Shay and Logan Chevalier along the route; the latter held out their ambush in an ice storm. After a naval battle, Shay and Logan boarded the Gerfaut. The two went suffered attacked by four assassins, Logan killed the first with the hidden blade and other committed them using short blades, while Shay to kill Chevalier. Shay reached when Logan told him that Achilles and Liam had already gone to the true temple of the First Civilization in the North Arctic. The two immediately informed Templar Grand Master Kenway discovery. Then immediately they set en route to the temple; once they arrive, Shay, Haytham and Logan decided to go alone. They found an encampment of assassins in front of the temple and once evaded the guards entered the site. Along the way there were small roadblocks and three Templar killed all the guards at every block. Having penetrated into the main chamber of the ruins, the three Templar saw Achilles and Liam before the artifact that held the earth; Assassins had just realized that what was said by Shay years earlier was true. After a short dialogue, Liam, blinded by his thirst for revenge Liam tried to shoot the traitor; the shot was deflected by Achilles, which sent him against the element causing a new earthquake. In the chaos done, Liam tried to escape and Shay rushed after him, while Logan, Haytham and Achilles came out of the temple. Logan and Haytham began to duel with Achilles who initially succeeded in defeating Logan but was in turn defeated by Haytham. Shay arrived and saw Haytham, which in turn was about to kill Achilles. The Templars, however, chose to save the Mentor in the belief that it could not undermine his plans. With the death of Liam and the defeat of Achilles, the Templars decreed the defeat of the colonial branch of the Brotherhood and their total control over the colonies. Gathered on Morrigan, Haytham informed Shay and Logan that his brother would take care to eliminate the residues of the Assassins spread across the territory; In fact, the Great Teacher asked Cormac to retrieve the box of precursors which Chevalier de la Verendrye had failed to hide just before Shay would find him in the Arctic. While acknowledging the considerable difficulty of the mission, the young Templar accepted, Logan asked him if that was the last time he'd see them and Shay said no then the two friends embraced.

Time a Master Templar[]

After the Arctic mission and the departure of Shay, Logan was promoted to the rank of Master Templar and was instructed to hunt down the remaining assassins. Logan himself greatly to becoming a ruthless hunter and driving many attacks on bases of assassins throughout North America, in fact in 1763 the last colonial assassin was left Achilles. According Logan had been a mistake to leave alive the mentor but he did not see the Grand Master Kenway, with whom he worked for about 10 years. In 1767 Logan exchanged a few letters with the sister Medeleine d'Isle, which spoke of the plans of the Templars to find the site of the precursors in Mexico and Assassin Aveline de Grandpré. With the return of Shay in the colonies the two former assassins began to train the new recruits of the Templars in training assassins. Between Logan and Shay trained recruits a young Templar named Callum Kerr. The March 5, 1770, Logan was in Boston where the Templars wanted to trigger an uprising. In a corner of Logan recognized Achilles Davenport talking to a young Indian, the Indian followed the Templar who had attendant to give away to revolt. Charles Logan to safety he put Lee on the opposite roof to let off a shot with blanks, Logan saw the Indian kill the agent and Lee activates firing blanks, British soldiers fired on the crowd, and the Templars had the desired effect. Logan at the end of the day he reported to the Grand Master of what he had seen but Kenway said he'd think about him.

Assassination at Paris[]

Logan observing Charles Dorian

Shay in 1772 left for the search for precursors box and Logan decided to accompany him in the search. After four years of hard research the two Templars they located the box in Paris, Kingdom of France in possession Assassin Charles Dorian. Entrants in Paris in December 1776, Shay and Logan began to plan a plan to get closer to its new target and steal the box. They knew that the scientist Benjamin Franklin had been chosen as the colonial ambassador in France and by virtue of their friendship, they tried to ask him a direct access to Versailles warranty. However the Templars discovered that some French bandits were searching the renowned scholar; then after killing three of them and have saved Franklin by others who held it near Notre-Dame, he brought him to the house of his family to rescue him. Logan followed the distance scene by killing all potential French brigands nearby and stealing a pair of pistols. Logan went in front of the home of Franklin and saw Shay talk to the scientist, Shay told Logan that he had gained access to the royal palace, implying only as you experience a "friend". On 27 December 1776, the two Templars accompanied Franklin to the royal palace, and after greeting him began on traces of their target. While Shay killing Dorian and took the box, Logan remained on the door to alert Shay if something was to go wrong. Therefore, once he was joined by Shay, the two Templars left the palace, and also met with their French colleague François de la Serre.

Time of War[]

Shortly after the assassination of Dorian Logan told Shay that he would go to London and there he waited for the end of the Revolutionary War, Shay said in turn that he would have even traveled to Europe in search of any of the piece of the Eden steering clear from the colonies. Logan not lived up to what I said to Shay fact in 1779 he returned to New York. The city was one of the few still under the control british and Logan did what he could to help out. He found that the Assassin Connor Kenway had killed most of the Templars except Charles Lee and the Grand Master Haytham Kenway his father. Logan one day in 1780 he was in Boston as undercover when he was stopped by a man with the French and Canadian accent and a German man both armed, as if they were waiting for him. The German raised his bat and started to hit Logan, the Templar swerved aside to avoid the blow and immediately parried a French Canadian man lunge with his hidden blade. Logan gave him a kick in the belly to the German and drawing his sword attacked the French Canadian, after a few seconds of fighting came another man with a gun who tried to shoot Logan, thinking quickly Logan grabbed the Canadian and used as a human shield . The bullet went to hit the French in the shoulder instead of killing him and Logan dodged side, he ran to the rifleman and landed with the sword. German PROCO to re-attach the Logan shot him in the leg and fled. After Logan cost that had been attacked by a team of assassins precisely Stephane Champeau, Jacob Zenger and Clipper Wilkenson. Logan continued to serve the Templars, but in 1781, Haytham Kewnay was killed during the siege of Fort George by the son Connor. Logan began to serve under Charles Lee Grand Master of a decadent colonial branch, Lee was assassinated a year later by Connor and the Templars were destroyed and no power except Logan the whom he did not know what to do if you do not re-create the ritual of colonial Templars.


Logan's death

At the end of the war in 1783, Logan is settled in the Valley Kanatahséton that had come under the domination of the Americans and there settled the general camp recruiting men like Templars. Logan knew that Callum Kerr was working to become Grand Master and came together to rebuild the colonial branch of the Templars. In May 1784, Logan sent a letter to Shay in which informed him of what he was doing. The August 25, 1784, Logan was at his home in Kanatahséton when she heard strange noises coming from outside then took his sword and dagger, and left. Logan saw Connor Kenway stand that held the tomahawk as if he was waiting. Logan without a moment attacked him with a lunge that the assassin parried with tomahawk. The two dueled for a few grueling minutes, at one point Logan kicked at Connor's stomach, sending him against a hut making him break through. Logan entered the tent swinging smashed the dagger but Connor ducked the blows and was able to face him. Connor injured knee at Logan who fell to the ground, Connor started to hit him in the face with the tomahawk but Logan dodged to the side, avoiding the blow, again standing Logan lunged on Connor's stomach, leaving a space free. The Assassin took advantage, parrying his sword with his Hidden Blade, Connor hit Logan alongside with tomahawk, mortally wounding him. Logan fell to the ground clutching his wound with his left hand and looked silently Connor in the eye, the temple said to Connor that he had done a good job ruining the opportunity to give peace to the country. Connor said that it had given him the freedom, Logan laughed bitterly and said it was one stupid and immediately after it obscured the view.