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"Well it's about time things got more interesting. I was starting to worry this would be too easy."
―Logan to John Wheeler

Logan Taylor, is the current leader of the Blades of White Light, and a descendant of Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad and Luciano Ernesto.

Early Life[]

Logan was born to Assassin parents, Maria and Sam Taylor, on June 14, 1995, in Santa Ana, California. Logan was very spirited, and was very acrobatic, even at a very young age. He was fast, had incredible endurance, and was stronger than other kids his age, and some older. At the age of 5, his parents told him of his heritage as an Assassin. Logan didn’t know what they were talking about at the time though. Logan began his training as an Assassin when he was 6, being mentored by both his mother and father. He was trained in various assassination techniques, as well as combat with various weapons, as well as had-to-hand, free running skills, and firearm skills among other things. As Logan grew, his skills improved exponentially. By the time he was just 10 years old, he could already best his father and mother in a fight or race. When Logan was 11, his parents were kidnapped by Abstergo Industries. Logan was nearly caught but escaped using the skills his parents taught him. Logan went into hiding, traveling from city to city and eventually ended up in Orlando, Florida. There, three Assassins found him, and took him to the Vatican. There, they traveled through secret tunnels and catacombs, and arrived at the hideout of the Blades of White Light, far underneath the Vatican, well hidden from the Templars. There, Logan met the leader of the Blades of White Light, Edward Hardin. A man of 65 years.

The Blades of White Light[]

Edward continued Logan’s training as an Assassin, and taught him more Assassin techniques, new and old. Logan eventually became close friends with the rest of the group, and trained with them. Logan easily bested all of them in free running, fighting, and stealth. This resulted in a friendly rivalry between Logan, and the formerly best of the Blades, Tristen Ordin. Logan earned his right to a hidden blade at 13, and constructed his second at 15. Logan learned most of what Edward knew, and was fully initiated as an Assassin of the Brotherhood at 13. Then, Edward fell severely ill. The entire group used their time to care for Edward for two years. Before he died, he told Logan of the Pieces of Eden, and how to find them. He died shortly after naming Logan the new leader of the Blades of White Light.

The Leader[]

After Edward’s death, Logan spent most of his free time between training conversing with other Assassins via email and researching the Pieces of Eden. He continued training with the others, racing through the myriad of tunnels underneath the Vatican, and practicing stealth, assassinations, and combat. Logan eventually hooked up with Lucy Stillman, another Assassin who had a lot of information about the Pieces of Eden, and the Templar’s plans. Logan and Lucy worked together (including Logan going into the Animus) and shared their research and findings. In the Assassin Order, he is now at the rank of Master Assassin, making Logan one of the youngest Assassins to achieve the rank. 10 years after the death of the Mentor, Logan was requested to become the Mentor of the Assassin Order entirely. He declined, saying that his place was with his friends, and he continued his role as the leader of The Blades of White Light.


On June 21st, 2012, Logan lead an assault against Abstergo Industries to rescue several Assassins being held Logan at the Abstergo assault. Added by Ishimura Elite there, in Chicago, Illinois. Logan provided sniper support from the rooftops with Dylan by killing several guards inside the building as Serenety, Lucy, and Jason assaulted the inside. They then covered them as they fought their way out of the building and got into a van, which they used to get away. Logan and Dylan used the rooftops to escape and met up with the rest of the team at a redezvous point. They then returned to an Assassin's hideout near Chicago where they dropped off the four Assassins they rescued to be returned to their sectors, and they booked a flight back to Rome.


While Logan also searched for the Pieces of Eden, he also secretly spent time tracking down the man responsible for abducting his parents. He traced leads he obtained from hacking into parts of the Abstergo mainframe and found the man. William Hockler. In his reports it stated that he had found three Assassins, and that he successfully captured two of them, the other escaped. It also noted that after his parents had been tested they were immediately killed. Logan continued searching and found that William would be holding a meeting with some of his associated in planning a way to find the rest of the Assassins. Logan discreetly booked a flight to Albany, New York, where the meeting was being held. Logan found the building the beeting was being held in and snuck past guards around the complex to the meeting room. There, he kicked the door open, sprinted across the long table to where William was sitting, and assassinated him. Logan then fought his way out of the building, stealing an assault rifle from one of the guards, and killing only the guards who shot at him. He booked another flight back to Rome and returned to the catacombs, where the others had wondered where he went, to which Logan told them the story. Lucy was quick to scold him for sneaking out and killing someone outright, but in the end it struck a major blow to Abstergo, and Lucy figured it was a good thing Logan had done that.

The Sword of Eden[]

At some point. Logan Taylor visited the statue of Zeus at Olympia out of instinct. In finding the secret passage behind the statue, he walked down a flight of stairs to a circular room with a pedistal in the middle. Logan walked up to it and placed his hand on the pedistal. The pedistal began to glow, as well as all the markings around the room. Logan then, out of instinct, recited the password. (Luciano's memory of the password and the vault were repressed and could not be accessed). Sulle ali della fede, si sale per la pace. A large door on the wall opened and Logan stepped inside. He found there the 25th Piece of Eden. Logan pulled the sword out of it's pedistal and quickly rushed out of the temple, people keeping their distance from Logan and the sword. Logan found just outside the Temple, multiple armed Abstergo guards, and a major Templar, John Wheeler. John explained how they had stationed a Templar agent there every day knowing that the vault could only be accessed by an Assassin. The agent had contacted Abstergo once Logan had arrived and they quickly arrived as Logan was in the vault. As the guards opened fire, Logan plunged the sword into the ground, creating a barrier blocking the bullets. Logan brought the sword up and slashed at the air, creating an invisible blade that cut all the Templars clean in half. As people started running away screaming, Logan ran away and traveled by land back to the Vatican.

Hunting the Defector[]

After some time, Logan picked up on the fact that the Templars had access to top secret Assassin files, listing out the locations of certain Assassin hideouts and scheduled assaults to free other Assassins among other things. Logan investigated this by hacking into the Abstergo mainframe, and he figured out that an Assassin had defected from the order and was helping them by giving them important information. Eventually, through extensive hacking through Abstergo's systems, he found the defector's main base of operation. An Abstergo building in Hanhattan. New York. Logan travelled there and snuck into the building. Through eavesdropping on two guards, he figured out the room he was in and headed that way. Once he got to the door to the room, he pulled open a vent grate and climbed through. He peeked through the grate in the room and saw it was an Animus room. There he saw an Abstergo official and the defector. After the official left, Logan opened the grate and confronted the defector. After a brief conversation, the defector revealed his name. Dominic Taylor. Logan's long-lost brother. Logan had very vague memories of him, but apparently he had run away when Logan was very young. Dominic then attacked Logan. Dominic and Logan both fought with their hidden blades. Dominic was also extremely skilled in martial arts, as Logan was, but he was some years older than he was, thus was stronger. He proved to be a tough opponent for Logan, regularly throwing Logan off balance or throwing him to the ground. Logan didn't really want to fight his brother, so he wasn't fighting at full strength. Finally after some fighting, Dominic lunged in for the kill. Logan then decided he didn't care for his brother, and would have no problem killing him. He dodged Dominic's blade and attacked with his own. As they fought, Logan quickly gained the upper hand, showing extreme speed, finesse, and strength. Logan then managed to land a right punch square in the face, which knocked Dominic off balance. Logan then immediately plunged his left hidden blade through Dominic's right eye. Logan then spun him around once and with momentum, threw him out the top floor window. Logan then quickly escaped through the vent as guards poured into the room, and exited the building. Logan then travelled back to the Vatican.

The Shroud[]

After much research into historical events, and deciphering a few ancient texts, Logan was able to locate the location of an ancient Assassin library that could contain books that could reveal the locations of Pieces of Eden. The library was located under the ruins of Tenochtitlan. Logan traveled there with the rest of the Blades and discovered the library. There, the team discovered that the entire library's contents had been stolen, most likely by Templars, hundreds of years ago. However, using his Eagle Sense ability, Logan located a secret hidden door, and there he found a single book. In this book was the exact location of a Piece of Eden, The Shroud. Logan decided to go alone to the ruins of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, under which were large catacombs, which Logan carefully navigated through to find a central chamber. In the center of the chamber was a box, which held the Shroud of Eden. Logan took the box and pulled a lever, making the platform he was on ascend, bringing him back up to the surface. Logan then traveled back to the Vatican by air to secure The Shroud in Assassin protection.


Logan is around 6 feet tall, and has black hair, short in front, longer in the back, and has hazel eyes. He always wears jeans and a white jacket with personalized Assassin style hood and a red undercoat, and wears black work shoes. Sometimes he wears a kevlar vest for heavy firefights. He is Caucasian in race, and possesses the Assassin brand on his left ring finger.


Logan is strong willed, and extremely loyal to his friends. He loves to make people laugh, and loves to laugh himself. He is polite and kind, but can be extremely serious when the time comes. He is stubborn at times, and is extremely knowledgeable. He is a master of persuasion and manipulation by words or by force. He loves to free run through the catacombs under Rome and always wants to explore. He envies getting lost and finding his way back. He likes training with his friends and will race anyone any time. He is always willing to help others if he can. His cocky and sharp-witted attitude sometimes lands him into trouble, but he usually tries to avoid confrontation, save for the people he thinks really deserve a beat-down.


Logan is extremely agile, fast, and acrobatic. He is also stronger than average. He has extreme dexterity and endurance, and has incredible free running abilities. He has an incredible sense of perspective and has a sort of sixth sense that allows him to percieve the world around him through hearing, and feeling. He has the Eagle Sense ability. He is extremely adaptive, and can adjust to any situation in a split second. He can sense the feelings of his friends and can always tell if something is wrong, and it effects his mood as well. Logan has mastered most forms of martial arts, and is an extremely adept swordsman, creating his own style of fighting in a mixture of all the types of martial arts he has learned. Logan is an extremely skilled marksman as well, having mastered many forms of ranged combat, from the longbow to the modern age sniper rifle. Logan is very deadly in gunfights, and mainly used pistols, SMGs, and assault rifles when needed. Logan can withstand more punishment than the average person, to the point that it is superhuman, being able to fall from heights as much as 5 stories and coming out unscathed. He is ambidextrous.


Logan uses two custom built identical hidden blades, which he later upgraded to be hookblades, and has a silenced HK-23 holstered to his right leg. He also has 2 customized Mini UZIs, a P90, M4A1, Cheytac Intervention, and a Steyr AUG, on a gun rack in his room. He also has a collection of swords and short blades, as well as the armor of Assassins from the past. He currently has possession of Luciano Ernesto's Helmschmied Drachen Armor, as well as his sword and short blade. He also found Husam al Din's legendary armor, the one crafted by Altaïr, deep within the ruins of Masyaf. Logan also found the Sword of Altaïr, and even his assassin robes, both of which took years for him to find. Logan is currently searching for the Armor of Altaïr, Ezio Auditore's Assassin Robes from Rome, the Armor of Brutus, the Dagger of Brutus, the Armor of Ishak Pasha, and many other artifacts valuable to the Assassin Order. Logan has made it a life goal to find and preserve the greatest pieces of Assassin history.